Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Orleans Purple Girls Dresser makeover.

This dresser popped up in my memories today.
My daughter still has it and loves it!

Good Day my BEAUTIES! 
Its that time of week again where I show you my latest 
furniture makeover.
This week is a new (old) dresser makeover for my daughters room.

                  This is the what the dresser looked like before! Not too pretty huh. ???
   I had purchased it at Goodwill for about 30 bucks and I knew I wanted to use it for my daughters
                    room. I just had to get up the MOJO to do it.  Well it finally happened....:) 
If you remember about 2 years ago I redid my daughters bedroom. I had done a dresser for her then, but as you can imagine like all kids and stuff, she grew out of it....I mean LITERALLY...I couldn't fit her clothes in the 4 drawers her old one had, so we had to do a new dresser. You can see the post to
to her bedroom Makeover HERE!
Its funny cause when I look at the old post I realize that may have been the last time her room was EVER that clean...she is very creative like her momma and has lots and lots of "stuff"
for creating in her room....:)

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Now, when I started the dresser I knew I wanted the purple to come through but I didn't want the whole thing to be purple so I quick gave it a coat of CeCe Caldwells New Orleans purple.
When that was dry I gave it a couple thin coats of Vintage white. 
I wanted to do more but it was my daughters dresser and she really liked the purple that was showing through.  (not as much as in the picture above. that was a first coat.)
While the base of the dresser was drying I mixed up a little more of a custom purple for the drawers.
They needed a little more smokey color so I mixed in a bit of Smokey mountain to gray 
up the purple a little and to go nicely with her wall color.. When all of that 
was done I distressed waxed and buffed the whole thing. 
I also added these perfect knobs from Hobby Lobby. They went with the
colors just perfectly.

Before and after shabby chic new orleans purple girls dresser makeover bohochic diy do it yourself makeover painted

Needless to say my daughter is ecstatic for more places to put her art work. 
She barely waited for the paint to dry before she was setting up
her artwork on it. :)

Well, thats it for today...
I hope you enjoyed this latest furniture makeover.
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!

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