Monday, June 27, 2011

Again my LOVE of spray paint

Bet you guys can't guess where I got this baby from..........??????? Wait for it........You got it; my local thrift store. This was one of those deal-eo's that you had to grab before it hit the ground. I just happened to be walking by the little furniture section and one of the workers was just about to set the table down. I have been to the store enough to know that things don't last long. I told him I wanted it before I had even looked at it or seen the chairs; which were still in the back room. Now he is used to this I am sure, as he was not surprised. I told him I would drive around and pick it up. $12.99. Sweet!!!! It was pretty beat up. It looked like it was originally green and sprayed with one can of silver spray paint that didn't quite cover. This table just needed a little LOVE!!

So here she is!!!! After a few coats of beautiful Spray Paint (this time I ended up with orange feet) I got this. Another project I had THOUGHT about selling, but ended up, not being able to part. Is it just me, or are there others like me. I have this with my paintings too...They become part of the family, and its hard to let go!!! Anyhow, ENJOY! Now I have a cute place to sit, and watch my hubby grill me some dinner...:)
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