Monday, December 1, 2014

Mid Century MOD IKEA Rast HACK dresser

Good Morning my BEAUTIES!
Its Monday Morning MAKEOVER day and do I have an
awesome Makeover for you today!

A few months ago I was contacted by a local company
asking me to show how Different HARDWARE can make a HUGE difference
in the overall look of a piece of Furniture.
They asked if I would HACK this plain old Ikea Rast dresser.
I have never done a hack before so I was quite excited.
But I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do.
I thought and thought about WHAT I could do 
to totally overhaul and change the plain square look of this 
basic PINE BOX.
Well I had just finished up working on my Mod Desk Makeover

(you can see the full transformation HERE)
and that was when inspiration HIT!!
I was going to do a MCM Hack on this Ikea dresser.

The Hard part was figuring out HOW to do it. :)

I started by assembling the dresser.
To say that Ikea furniture is not a fave of mine to put together is an understatement.
Coloring inside the lines has never been a strong suit of mine, therefore following such
strict instructions usually give me the shakes....
BUT I did it;.................................
All by myself!!
Normally I have to call in my Opposite brained husband to do these things but 
I wanted to prove to myself I could in fact do it if I put my mind to it.
It actually went really well of course until one of the very last screws in which
the improviser in me simply used a HAMMER instead of a screw driver....

Once I had it together I could figure out HOW I was going to INDEED HACK it.
I knew I wanted some MOD legs. 
I went to MENARDS bought a simple Pine board to close off the bottom.
I knew I needed something to attach legs to, and the bottom of this dresser is open.
So I attached the board to the bottom and then found these awesome MOD
legs from Menards.  You buy the legs and then the brackets to attach them with.
You can buy angled or straight. I chose the angled brackets so the legs would point out.

This is how it looked once they were attached.
I couldn't believe how just adding the legs changed the whole look.
Now it was time to decide on a design.

Going with the MOD look I knew I wanted part of it to be wood.
Since it was pine I decided to condition it first so it would take the stain better.
I conditioned it and when that was done I stained it with provincial stain, giving it a rich even color.

Once the drawers were stained I decided to paint the base with a gorgeous 
Maison Blanche Creme de Menthe.
It seemed to be the perfect MCM color for it.
I used a stencil I had laying around to add a simple geometric design a bit off center 
to run down the front.

I used the satin varnish to finish protect the paint and then it was time to add the 
AWESOME new Hardware!

These are the pulls I chose to transform the final part of the Dresser.
These pulls SCREAMED Mid Century Mod to me.!
The geometric design fit to perfection the look I was going for. 

And I think you will agree.....
That the Hardware truly added that MOD feel and 
Changed the whole look of the piece.

They are an amazing improvement to the round pine wood knobs 
that this dresser came with.

I would love to thank BELWITH Products
for providing me the opportunity 
to try my hand at doing

I am so happy with how it turned out.
Totally different than the regular square box that it originally was.
The legs helped give it some height and add to that MCM detail I was going for.


Unknown said...

Great hack! How many inches are those legs you used?