Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Updating Husbands Plain Dresser to a Fabulous French Beauty

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Vintage beat up old dresser Makeover Chalk paint, Mineral paint wax and distressed before and after
Welcome back my Beauties.
I'm jumping on real quick to show you how I quickly I transformed my husbands old dresser.
I had painted it way back in 2012 and it stayed this way until now.
Vintage classic white dresser makeover with espresso stained top chalk mineral paint wax and distressed shabby chic farmhouse style

You can see my Husbands Dresser Makeover HERE
You can see there how I took it from the beat up old state it was in to the simple white and dark stained top.
It worked great for us, but my husband wanted something a little more masculine and something with more that 3 large drawers.
When I found a piece that worked for him,
I figured I would just put this in my booth and sell it as it was.
But recently I discovered a fun new thing and decided this was the perfect piece to use this new thing on. :)
The NEW THING of course would be these fun colorful 
Furniture Transfers.
Redesign by Prima vintage color transfer for furniture Makeover before and after diy blogger

Like I showed you in my last makeover of this vintage Farm and Floral Dresser
Once I found out about these transfers I was hooked.
If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you will see me playing with them and putting them on my furniture as I work along. 

Mme Boileve Vintage inspired color transfer french dresser makeover diy
It takes patience but its worth it in the end.
I love how just adding this totally transformed the simple piece of furniture.
redesign by prima vintage french postal dresser makeover before and after diy
I love the subtle colors and vintage script so much.
You can see all the different types by clicking HERE

transforming a dresser with a vintage graphic redesign by prima french transfer
I was so happy to discover them!
Plus I am happy to add that I brought this beauty into my booth and she is now sitting pretty in someone's home!
I hope you enjoyed this quick little makeover.
It warmed up and I have been back out in the garage working on more before the snow flies.
I hope to be back soon with another fun one!
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day! 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Persian Blue Vintage Farm and Floral Dresser Makeover

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BEFORE Vintage LL may and Co farm and floral guide IOD transfer for dresser makeover

Welcome back my Beauties! 
I have a super fun makeover for you guys today!
This was an on a WHIM makeover that actually re-ignited my 
love of makeovers.
With everything going on in my life, and after having done this for many many years I was starting to get a bit burned out.
Don't get me wrong, I still love what I do;
but I just hadn't had the UMPH I was usually getting 
when I was making old things pretty again.
In the beginning I used to put original artwork on my furniture.
But most of the people around this area, didn't want to pay the price for ARTWORK and Furniture.
So I went back to just painting the furniture and selling the artwork separately. 
I painted lots of furniture and sold many paintings,
and I was very happy.
But sometimes a girl still needs to be creative.
And this piece and what I used allowed me to still be creative,
while not putting OVERTIME into my pieces.
Let me show you how! 
BEFORE DRESSER Vintage LL may and Co farm and floral guide IOD transfer for dresser makeover
First things first....PREP..
Wouldn't you know I was cruising along prepping the dresser and I get to the LAST knob and that sucker is LIQUID CEMENTED on.
I had to pull out my HACKSAW and cut that baby off.
Once it was off, I could lightly sand the whole piece.
It had lots of fun stickers all over it, and even though I got all the adhesive off, I wanted to make sure there wasn't any residue anywhere. 
Vintage farm and floral guide dresser makeover painted with general finishes milk paint in persian blue
After the light sanding I wiped it down with a damp cloth and pulled out my General Finishes Milk Paint in Persian Blue.
Persian blue general finishes milk paint dresser makeover before vintage color IOD transfer

I gave it two coats and let it dry.
IOD L.L.May and Co. Farm and Floral Guide vintage advertisement color transfer for Furniture dresser makeover
Now here is where the inspiration and creativity kicked in.
I have been watching for WEEKS while people were using these fun color transfers. So on a WHIM, I decided to order one from Amazon to see what they were all about.
I ordered the Iron Orchid Designs Farm and Floral transfer.
The BIGGEST one they made.
You can see here on INSTAGRAM me applying the transfer.
That was it...I was hooked.

Iron Orchid Designs L.L. May and Co Minnesota farm and floral color transfer on dresser

I mean...look how COOL that looks. 
It had those vintage colors that I LOVE and it added so MUCH to this simple little dresser.
Once it was all on I just used my Americana Acrylic sealer in Matte to seal the transfer.

Iron Orchid Designs IOD L.L.May and Co. St Paul Minnesota Farm and Floral Guide color transfer Vintage dresser Makeover with General Finishes Persian Blue Milk Paint

AIN'T she a BEAUT!!!

Vintage inspired Old Advertisement Color Rub on Transfer Dresser Makeover using IOD and General Finishes by Karin Chudy at Artisbeauty.net

I fell in love with these transfers and plan on using more in my future. (who am I kidding, I have already done 3 more with about 4 more waiting.)
Best of all, my customers love them too!
This baby sold and and is now enjoying its new life, in its new HOME!

before and after Vintage IOD Iron orchid designs farm and floral guide color transfer and General finishes persian blue dresser makeover
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover!
I know I did.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day! 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Roadside Rescue Vintage Bicycle Advertisement Dresser

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roadside rescue dresser before given vintage advertisement stencil makeover

Welcome back my Beauties.
I hope your week has been treating you well so far.
I am working on makeovers and even redoing a dresser for my husband now that the kids are back to their school schedules.
But this dresser I did this summer.
One day my husband was out walking the dog and saw the neighbors had thrown out this dresser. 
I must admit, I have saved many pieces but I was a little nervous about this one.
It was pretty beat up and I almost thought about just not doing it.
But I decided there was no harm in trying to bring this baby back to life.
First things first was I stripped off those nasty stickers stuck to the front of the drawers.
Once I started cleaning off the stickers I realized that with a good scrubbing and sanding the original wood grain was starting to show through. It was almost as if they had used too dark a stain and it just needed a lightening up.
At that point my motivation was in full gear.
general finishes driftwood water based milk paint vintage bicycle advertisement dresser makeover
I decided to use my General Finishes Driftwood gray for the base of the piece. 
The sides of the dresser were beyond trying to sand down and I figured the paint would help the drawer fronts POP
general finishes snow white milk paint vintage columbias bicycle vintage advertisement dresser makeover

Plus I had decided to go FULL VINTAGE on this dresser, with my Vintage Columbias Bicycles advertisement Stencil and figured that would pair nicely.
I used my General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint for the stencil.
After it was all dried I gave it even more light distressing and put the old hardware back on. 
free roadside rescue dresser turned vintage columbias bicycle dresser upcycled recycled pope mfg. co. BOSTON
I LOVED how it turned out!
I had surprised myself that I was able to save it and that 
I actually thought it looked good. :)
vintage dresser makeover before and after columbias highest grade catalogue free pope mfg. co 77 franklin street boston
With the old original wood and vintage advertisement I just felt like it was a match made in heaven.
vintage columbias highest grade bicycle advertisement dresser roadside rescue makeover recycled upcycled stencil before and after veneer
Plus I am happy to say that someone else did too.
It SOLD and I am so happy to have saved a piece from being crushed and dumped in a landfill.
I think I will try to remember that the next time I see a piece sitting on the side of the road and I start to doubt that it can be saved. 
I don't know why I doubt myself?
I mean you can see HERE all the free pieces I have rescued!
You would think I would be used to saving them by now.
I have yet to chuck one in the fire pit, so here's hoping that I can keep up with saving all those stragglers that the husband brings home with the proud little smile on his face. :)

before and after vintage columbias highest grade bicycle advertisement dresser roadside rescue makeover recycled upcycled stencil before and after veneer
Well, I am off to try to work in the garage if the mosquitoes don't carry me away.
Wish me luck!
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

FREE Victorian Gentleman's dresser Roadside rescue makeover

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victorian gentlemans dresser free roadside rescue makeover
Welcome back, my Beauties!
I know I have been pretty sparse on my makeover posts,
but that doesn't mean I haven't been making over things.
I have been working on furniture pretty regularly but mostly been sharing them over on INSTAGRAM stories.  But I was going through some old pics and realized I have a ton of things I never got around to showing you.
As you know I lost my Mom almost 2 years ago at this time.
This piece was one of the pieces I was working on at the time.
I think that's why it took so long to post this.
I remember working on this in the middle of all the chaos.
(You will not the pictures are not the best as I wasn't in the right head space to actually grab my camera and I just took these with my phone) 
But as we approach the anniversary, I decided it was time to look back and finally share this piece.

putting the victorian gentlemans dresser back together again
I remember seeing it listed on craigslist for free.
A "first come first get" post.
This was before my Mom had gotten sick and so I still had time to go on fun little pick up runs. 
I remember grabbing my daughter in case I needed help loading and tearing off downtown.
The picture just showed it was a dresser.
It didn't say that it was in pieces.
But I figured for FREE I really couldn't complain.
We got to the house and they were just dragging out the mirror part to the curb.
I popped the back of the minivan open and my daughter and I loaded it up, piece by piece.
I wasn't to worried since I had a secret weapon up my sleeve at home.

Luckily my Ryobi Airstrike made quick work of reattaching all the unattached parts.
It really was that easy. I don't know how or why the top had been removed, or the bottom. I think they may have planned some odd DIY thing with it and then got discouraged and just gave up.
So I lined everything back up, popped in some nails and screws where I could and it was good to go.

Once it was back together again, I gave it a quick sand down, and wipe down and got down to painting.
I wanted a classic color for this classic piece so I picked
It took a couple coats to cover up that dark streaky black but it did the trick.
victorian gentlemans roadside rescue dresser makeover general finishes driftwood gray
I just loved the fun little candle holders.
All I kept thinking was;
"I wonder what kind of stories this piece could tell"
I mean, think about this..its so old it was used when you needed candles for dressing and drawers to put your gloves in.
driftwood gray victorian gentlemans dresser makeover
I know that it was beaten and battered and worn but I also loved that I was able to save such an old piece.
It's not perfect, but its usable again and able to function in someone's home, even though I am betting they aren't storing gloves or using candles to see while they dress.

I am happy to say that it sold rather quickly way back when I redid it.
I have yet to ever score or see another dresser like this to even redo, which made it all the more fun to do. 

I hope you enjoyed this latest little look back and hopefully I will finally get around to showing you the rest of all those makeovers sitting in my files.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Free Desk Makeover using the Cubano Tile stamp

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free old blonde wood desk with scratched and and damaged finish before painted makeover
Welcome back again my Beauties!
I am on a bit of a roll with makeovers since I was motivated with the last one which you can see HERE!
So I decided to tackle this free desk that has been in my garage for a few months.
The top finish was worn and chipping off.
I was trying to figure out how to fix the top and was suddenly inspired.
I used a wood filler on all the parts that grooved from scratches and then decided on my color scheme.

free desk makeover using general finishes milk paint and iron orchid designs cubano tile

I decided I wanted to modernize this desk since it was so plain.
I grabbed my General Finishes milk paint in Lamp Black and Snow white and started painting. 
I used lamp back on the top and then used a 1 to 1 ratio of lamp black and snow white to make a gray for the base of the desk.
When the top was dried I decided to use my fun new stamp that I bought.
black and white cubano tile makeover for free desk black and white general finishes
Its called the CUBANO TILE stamp from Iron Orchid designs.
I used my snow white paint and a paint roller on the stamp kind of like you use a brayer and kept the paint light and then just stamped away.
desk makeover using Iron Orchid Designs - Clear Acrylic Decor Stamps - 12 x 12 - Field Tile Cubano

Honestly, I even surprised myself with how much I loved this.
The white playing off the black really gave this piece some life.
desk makeover using Iron Orchid Designs - Clear Acrylic Decor Stamps - 12 x 12 - Field Tile Cubano

I am loving the more modern feel of the piece.

free desk makeover using cubano tile stamp black and white desk

I never would have thought a simple stamp and black and white paint would have transformed this piece this much.
free desk makeover using general finishes milk paint and iron orchid designs cubano tile stamp

I am happy to feel inspired again and getting back to work and making things beautiful again.
I hope you enjoyed this makeover and 
I hope you get a chance to make something BEAUTIFUL!