Wednesday, September 12, 2018

FREE Victorian Gentleman's dresser Roadside rescue makeover

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victorian gentlemans dresser free roadside rescue makeover
Welcome back, my Beauties!
I know I have been pretty sparse on my makeover posts,
but that doesn't mean I haven't been making over things.
I have been working on furniture pretty regularly but mostly been sharing them over on INSTAGRAM stories.  But I was going through some old pics and realized I have a ton of things I never got around to showing you.
As you know I lost my Mom almost 2 years ago at this time.
This piece was one of the pieces I was working on at the time.
I think that's why it took so long to post this.
I remember working on this in the middle of all the chaos.
(You will not the pictures are not the best as I wasn't in the right head space to actually grab my camera and I just took these with my phone) 
But as we approach the anniversary, I decided it was time to look back and finally share this piece.

putting the victorian gentlemans dresser back together again
I remember seeing it listed on craigslist for free.
A "first come first get" post.
This was before my Mom had gotten sick and so I still had time to go on fun little pick up runs. 
I remember grabbing my daughter in case I needed help loading and tearing off downtown.
The picture just showed it was a dresser.
It didn't say that it was in pieces.
But I figured for FREE I really couldn't complain.
We got to the house and they were just dragging out the mirror part to the curb.
I popped the back of the minivan open and my daughter and I loaded it up, piece by piece.
I wasn't to worried since I had a secret weapon up my sleeve at home.

Luckily my Ryobi Airstrike made quick work of reattaching all the unattached parts.
It really was that easy. I don't know how or why the top had been removed, or the bottom. I think they may have planned some odd DIY thing with it and then got discouraged and just gave up.
So I lined everything back up, popped in some nails and screws where I could and it was good to go.

Once it was back together again, I gave it a quick sand down, and wipe down and got down to painting.
I wanted a classic color for this classic piece so I picked
It took a couple coats to cover up that dark streaky black but it did the trick.
victorian gentlemans roadside rescue dresser makeover general finishes driftwood gray
I just loved the fun little candle holders.
All I kept thinking was;
"I wonder what kind of stories this piece could tell"
I mean, think about this..its so old it was used when you needed candles for dressing and drawers to put your gloves in.
driftwood gray victorian gentlemans dresser makeover
I know that it was beaten and battered and worn but I also loved that I was able to save such an old piece.
It's not perfect, but its usable again and able to function in someone's home, even though I am betting they aren't storing gloves or using candles to see while they dress.

I am happy to say that it sold rather quickly way back when I redid it.
I have yet to ever score or see another dresser like this to even redo, which made it all the more fun to do. 

I hope you enjoyed this latest little look back and hopefully I will finally get around to showing you the rest of all those makeovers sitting in my files.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Free Desk Makeover using the Cubano Tile stamp

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free old blonde wood desk with scratched and and damaged finish before painted makeover
Welcome back again my Beauties!
I am on a bit of a roll with makeovers since I was motivated with the last one which you can see HERE!
So I decided to tackle this free desk that has been in my garage for a few months.
The top finish was worn and chipping off.
I was trying to figure out how to fix the top and was suddenly inspired.
I used a wood filler on all the parts that grooved from scratches and then decided on my color scheme.

free desk makeover using general finishes milk paint and iron orchid designs cubano tile

I decided I wanted to modernize this desk since it was so plain.
I grabbed my General Finishes milk paint in Lamp Black and Snow white and started painting. 
I used lamp back on the top and then used a 1 to 1 ratio of lamp black and snow white to make a gray for the base of the desk.
When the top was dried I decided to use my fun new stamp that I bought.
black and white cubano tile makeover for free desk black and white general finishes
Its called the CUBANO TILE stamp from Iron Orchid designs.
I used my snow white paint and a paint roller on the stamp kind of like you use a brayer and kept the paint light and then just stamped away.
desk makeover using Iron Orchid Designs - Clear Acrylic Decor Stamps - 12 x 12 - Field Tile Cubano

Honestly, I even surprised myself with how much I loved this.
The white playing off the black really gave this piece some life.
desk makeover using Iron Orchid Designs - Clear Acrylic Decor Stamps - 12 x 12 - Field Tile Cubano

I am loving the more modern feel of the piece.

free desk makeover using cubano tile stamp black and white desk

I never would have thought a simple stamp and black and white paint would have transformed this piece this much.
free desk makeover using general finishes milk paint and iron orchid designs cubano tile stamp

I am happy to feel inspired again and getting back to work and making things beautiful again.
I hope you enjoyed this makeover and 
I hope you get a chance to make something BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A piece of my heart and Wicked the musical Inspired Library Table Makeover.

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before vintage antique library table turned wicked emerald green and mahogany regal
Welcome back my Beauties.
I know I have been missing for a while but unfortunately it was for many reasons. 
First off, My daughter graduated and that as you know takes up a lot of time. Then we were getting ready for our big trip to England.
Again a lot to get ready for. Sadly right before we left my brother died, so we had that to deal with.
But we dealt with all those things and left for England.
An amazing adventure that was done in honor of my mother who passed a few years ago. 
I swear I will eventually post stuff from the trip as I took a couple THOUSAND pictures. (You can see some of them on INSTAGRAM)
We got home and things slowly settled into place.
Then I got a phone call that hurt my heart.
One of my best friends had died in her sleep.
Yes she had been sick, and dealt with a lot of medical issues,
but she had just rebounded as she had for so many years and we all gave a sigh of relief. 
(We were born in the same hospital 2 days apart and we always celebrated our birthdays together when we got older)
(If you follow me on FACEBOOK you would always see my posts with us out to lunch and getting into trouble around the time of our birthdays) 
So in all honesty it was as unexpected as it can be for me as we had just texted a few days before. 
My world was rocked and I was a mess.
I didn't know what to do with myself.
The first day I cried...
The second day I cried..
and on day 3 I decided I needed to soothe my soul.
I figured I would paint and listen to music.

general finishes brown mahogany gel stain wicked emerald library table makeover

So I picked up this old library table that had been collecting dust in my garage and started working on it.
I sanded down the beat up old top and  cleaned it up and gave it a coat of General Finishes gel stain in Mahogany
brown mahogany gel stain makeover for wicked emerald green library table makeover

I was already loving the richness it gave to the top of this once beat up old table.
Then I had to decide on paint.

Then I had to decide on a paint color.
I had no idea why my brain was adamant about painting it emerald green. But it was! 
I painted the whole piece as I thought of my friend and then as I finished it hit me like a lightning bolt.
katie and i at wicked the musical
This was our last birthday celebration together.
Katie LOVED musicals! 
I mean this girl could play "Name that show tune"
and win every...single...time.!
I still remember like a recording in my head while we deciding to go or not and She was worried the tickets were too expensive and should we spend the money on them, and then her saying "well we could always go next year when they come again"
I still choke up! 
I said "no way, we are doing this now"
I figured I would be the one "too busy"
or too many kids things that I wouldn't be able to go next year.
Little did I know it was meant to be we went then. 
I still remember sitting during the musical and singing along with her, and of course crying at our favorite line "because I knew you, I have been changed for good" 
She had so many medical issues but honestly she was one of the most caring, big hearted, empathetic people I knew.
Always willing to listen and counsel someone. 
I still cry now because 
"Because I knew HER, I have been changed for GOOD" 
emerald green wicked the musical inspired library table makeover before and after

So here you go Katie.
A WICKED inspired table makeover.
I have been nervous to post because SHE was always one of the first people to comment and tell me how much she loved "whatever" I did; and 
give accolades and basically be the best damn cheerleader ever!

WIcked the musical inspired antique library table makeover using general finishes emerald green
I hope you like it girl! 
I will forever miss you and forever wonder  we never figured out which one of us was GLINDA or Elphaba. <3

wicked the musical inspired antique library table makeover before and after using general finishes emerald green milk paint
So there you go.
 A little bit of a makeover and a whole lotta my heart.
Go out there and have a Beautiful day,
and give your loved ones a big ole hug!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Custom Blue Empire Buffet Makeover

BEFORE beat up empire buffet dresser given a custom makeover with paint by general finishes
Welcome back my Beauties!
Do I have a doozie for you today!
I have been bustin my bootie with my daughters graduation and everything that goes with it and have not had a ton of time to work on projects.
But I decided to join a little blog hop with some friends of mine 

over at Creative Vintage Darlings and that motivated me to get my rear in gear. (If you are a lover of all things vintage, come join us on our facebook page)
It just so happened that I picked up the gorgeous yet very damaged empire style buffet at a thrift shop and it inspired me to drop everything I was doing and makeover this piece.

I know from the first picture it looks like its in pretty good shape, but if you look closer you can see the major amount of damage to the veneer on the drawers.
I swear they used cement on this top drawer and no amount of sanding could budge that ridge they had built up.
I thought I would only be able to save the top since it was the only thing with no damage.

SANDING the top of the buffet dresser with random orbital sander woodwork refinishing diy
Also, as luck would have it, it wasn't attached to the top which made it a little easier to refinish.
The finish was pretty gone so I just used my Sander to take of the old finish pretty easily.
After going through my different grit sandpapers to smooth it out,
I wiped the whole thing with a tack cloth
to pick up any debris left from sanding.

Since the grain was so beautiful I didn't even want to bother with staining it, and chose to just simply use a couple coats of Wipe on Poly to protect it! 
sanded and poly walnut rosewood empire buffet drawer front refinished natural satin poly
After seeing the top of this piece saved I decided to take the one and only drawer without heavy damage and carefully do the same thing I did to the top. 
I was THRILLED with how gorgeous the grain was on these two pieces.

Custom General finishes milk paint coastal blue and persian blue mix painted furniture makeover
As for the rest of the piece I decided on a custom combo of
I used a 4-1 combo of
I reattached the top and all the hardware and put this baby back together again.

rosewood and walnut custom painted empire buffet dresser makeover general finishes
Just look at how that grain POPS agains the blue paint.
Speaking of grain...any expert know the type.
I was convinced it was walnut but the top has me stumped.

rosewood or walnut custom finished empire buffet dresser makeover sanding staining finishing
I would almost swear it was rosewood from
the looks of the refinished top.
I have never seen the grain on walnut like this, but I can't tell if its just the mirror image that they used on the two halves or what?
If you know, let me know so I can finally know; ya know! :)

custom blue empire buffet makeover before and after general finishis coastal blue and persian blue
I am in love and can tell this is gonna be a hard piece to let go of.
My back is killing me from all the sanding and moving it around but I truly believe it was worth it to transform it from something that someone donated all broken apart,

custom color empire buffet dresser painted makeover general finsihes paint
To something that looks like this now!

before and after custom painted empire buffet dresser makeover before and after general finishes
It was just the motivation I needed to get moving on some pieces.
beautiful antique empire style buffet dresser given custom makeover using general finishes milk paint in a custom blue
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and hope you will hop on over to see what other vintage goodies all my other friends have to show off!
Now I would love it if you HOPPED on over to all my vintage friends pages and checked out what goodies they have!
I know you won't be disappointed !
Until next time have a Beautiful day! 

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  CreativeVintageDarlings - Blog Hop