Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New installed carpet stair runner

YAY!!! It's done!!!
A quick little project that ended up taking a little over a week.
(only due to the fact that I had torn out the runner last Saturday and
then got really sick and had to go to the E.R. and then a death in the family.....etc....You get the picture)

This was what the steps looked like after I tore out the old runner on a HORMONALLY  charged Saturday afternoon last week. :)  We had put the original runner up over 10 years ago and
it was getting worn and starting to pull away so it was getting a little dangerous.
So like I said...OUT it came...while the hubby was mowing the lawn...AND he had NO idea....:)

Then it sat like that for a week. We had plans to rent the carpet staple gun all week....
But like I said...wasn't meant to be.

So this past Saturday, while it was cold and rainy..(which it still is....BLECH)
My hubs, rented the gun. It wasn't bad at all..$13 for the day and $2.50 for the amount of staples we needed.

Here is the runner that I bought 2 Saturdays ago.  Only $70...which I thought was great since we paid that 10 years ago for the old runner.

Here we are trying to get it into the right position to start installing. There were a few swears during this time..(don't worry I sent the kids to the basement....even though when their Dad swears its made up swear words. We always laugh because he either makes up a word or just doesn't finish the sentence)

Well, once it was almost done, Hubby finally let me at it. Can you say CONTROL FREAK  :)
He knew I couldn't screw it up. I had planned on doing the whole thing myself but once he got started he said he would just keep going....I wasn't gonna argue...:)

I just love how it turned out.

I just love the classic style of a runner on the wood steps. I also really love the fact that is black but still neutral enough to go with any color should I ever (when I do) Paint the walls..
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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