Sunday, June 26, 2011

before and after Bar stools

Well, my local thrift store came through for me once again, as well as my beloved spray paint..:). I got these babies for 4.99 each (it seems to be a popular price for my thrift store)

Well I had a vision! I needed something to go in my den, that would also match the color scheme of one of my paintings and the color scheme of the room; and wouldn't you know it...My thrift store pulled through for me once again with a salvage bolt of fabric for only $6.99. A WHOLE bolt and it matched. (I am now waiting on my mother who is making me throw pillows, since I can only sew a button on...)
So I get to spray painting the chairs, reupholstering the cushions...(I also LOVE staple guns) put it back together, and here is what it looks like...:)
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