Tuesday, June 28, 2011

F.R.E.E. !!!!!!!

This chair was sitting on the side of the road, once again while the hubby and I were out for a run. It sat sadly on the side of road waiting to be picked up by the trash man. It had seen better days. Well once again I asked the hubby if he would go back and pick it up for me when we got home. Sure enough, he did.

I was able to transform this sweet little chair into a cute little garden chair, with just a couple coats of SPRAY PAINT! :) She now sits on my side yard in a forest of honeysuckles and vinca and adds that little splash of color.
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RitaD said...

So cute - you are very ambitious. I am jealous, but not jealous enough to take on any projects :-)

Art Is Beauty said...

Thanks Rita! You sounded a lot like Mel in that statement..:) LOL