Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Smurftastic Spray painting extravaganza

Here is the story of a cute little craigslist swing that had seen better days. It was tan and starting to rust. So I grabbed my sister; the one who calls herself "my stupid lazy sister who can't manage to finish anything, so I have to do it for her"....I just call her Stacy...:)

Here is a pic of the swing before......

and here is a picture of it after a whole lot of spray paint. It so nice and refreshing looking. My sister is going to get some pillows for it and it will make a great place to read a book or take a little nap.

Now this table.....This table had seen better days. It was starting to rust ........

and it had these Horrible stains on it. (these were not from my sister, she bought the set like this at a huge discount, all because I had a vision)

and this is what that chair looks like now..Isn't it cute???? :)

and here is the whole set, all finished and ready for the 4th of July. It looks so great. All it took was some spray paint, and some sore trigger fingers from holding the button down on the spray can...(and yes, I know they make special things to make it easier, and believe me, I will invest in one...eventually..)

So there you have it...Isn't it SMURFALICIOUS????? (Sorry I think all the blue paint fumes have smurfed up my brain)..

Have a beautiful day!!
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The Smith Family said...

do you remember what kind of spray paint you used on the chairs? I have a set like that but have been afraid to paint the plastic/rubber cross hatch seats, this looks great!


Art Is Beauty said...

Lorie, We got it at Lowes and it was maybe called Mediterannean, but I am not 100% sure. They have lots of great colors there.