Thursday, July 21, 2011


While camping in Michigan this week my Hubby and I got to go "dumpster diving"..:) Now mind you it was close to 100 degrees outside, but I am so glad we did not pass it up.. The owner of the home was there and getting ready to leave in a few hours. He was basically starting to throw anything out that his family didn't want. This is what we collected.

My darling husband found the old Tonka trucks and metal cars at the bottom of the dumpster. Then the nice man went in  his house and asked me if I wanted this very nice, very old, toboggan; I of course said yes and as I was carrying it out of the house my Husband said..."what are you going to....." and didn't even finish his sentence...:)  I just smiled....:)

Then as my husband was loading up the truck, the nice man asked me if I would also love this old mirror...
My eyes must have been as big as saucers...I kept my cool (yeah right) and said..sure!!!:)
Its already many layers of patina its not even funny...all I have to do is clean it up a little...
I love it..and the nice man was so happy that someone wanted all his junk and that he didn't have to pay to have it disposed of...(we even told him the Tonka trucks were collectibles, but he didn't care)
I guess this was just our lucky day!!!

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V @ Invaluable Valuables said...

Wow what awesome luck ! I scored an old toboggan sometime back from a flea market.. not totally free like yours but my friends gave me the same reaction as your husband almost said !
Great finds - you did hit the jackpot !

Art Is Beauty said...

v, it was so much fun...:) I like making my husband flustered..its my job...:) Thanks for stopping by...Can't wait to check out your site..