Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Mom

This is the story of a rainy day in Florida!
Since I have been so busy getting ready to go camping
and have not had time to do any projects or paintings,
I decided to share a story about a rainy day visiting my
Mom in Florida.
Of course we drove all the way from Michigan, snow and ice....to get to the
above radar....Nice Huh? :)
Well my Mom, being my Mom, just whipped out
all of her craft stuff for the kids (and me...:))

My Mom is 82 years young and raised 15 kids, of which I am number 13...:)
Lucky number 13....
and I am happy to say that the reason I enjoy painting and projects so much
is because of her joy she always got from these things.
Now she is an amazing seamstress and I cannot sew a pillow cover...
(believe me I have tried)
She has tried to teach me many times...and she always ends up
finishing it for me...:)

But anywhoooo!!!! She is convinced that she is not artistic, even though
my whole life she sewed, knitted, crocheted, etc....(she doesn't think that counts)
She even made my sisters wedding dress...
So I decided to to teach her how to paint Birch trees, with what we had
in the craft closet.
This is how they turned out....She was so happy, and please oh please don't tell
my Mom I put up this picture...:)
we had just got back from the pool and no makeup on, and our hair is a mess,
but I still think she is the cutest Mom ever.
(that being said, she will still KILL me for putting up this pic) ...:)

Have a beautiful day!!!

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Anonymous said...

you mom rocks! looks like y'all had so much fun and your paintings are wonderful :)

Art Is Beauty said...

thanks poindexter...She is a fun lady and I love to hear her giggle..:)