Monday, July 25, 2011

NAUTICAL Ball jar life preserver candle holder

AAAACKKKK!!!! I actually had another AH-HAAA! moment.
So excited that I couldn't wait until tomorrow to share.
While making rosette wreaths from my Goodwill curtain...
(that tutorial will be going up tomorrow)
I started wrapping this flower foam wreath just for fun-zzzies with
some of my left over material..
I had thought I was going to make another wreath..

And then as I was wrapping a little bit of jute rope around it I thought....
HEY!!! I could make a life preserver look for this...
Then I thought...HEY I could make a little candle holder life preserver...

So I started wrapping and gluing...(since I still do not have feeling in my
fingers from yesterday..:))

Then I went and grabbed a bunch of shell that my daughter
had "COLLECTED" that were now outside in a rock pile...:)
Put them inside with one of those battery powered tea lites;

and here she is...
Isn't it just so cute...
I am thinking of making 3 or so as a long centerpiece for
our patio table...

I hope you liked it
Have a BEAUTIFUL day, or night...:)

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