Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We are off!!

My kids still don't know it yet, but we are leaving in a few hours for a short little overnight to an indoor water park. Soooo as you can imagine...I don't have anything to put up today:(...It feels weird ....But rest assured I will be using this time to try and get lots of inspiration. I am hoping..(if I can convince the hubby) to stop along the way at some small little shops.....( I can hear his eyes rolling all ready..:)) and maybe there will even be a couple road side rescue stuff for us to pick up....Last week we passed about 20 yard sales on the way to a destination and we couldn't stop. He told me I was like a dog scratching at the window to get out of the car every time I passed one......IT'S TRUE... I was..:)
Anyway, wish me luck on finding treasures or inspiration...
Have a beautiful day!!