Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So as some of you know, it has been a difficult week here at our house. The new year was starting out great and working on things when everything came to a halt. Our dear friend was here helping us with a garage furnace that he GAVE us (he is so kind and generous) when he got a tragic and horrific call. His brother had committed suicide. They didn't know where he was. In a moment our friend knew. He knew right where his brother would have gone. As he raced off we all just reeled. Nobody knew what to do, what happened and we more than anything were worried about our friend. All the things going through your mind and to have to be the person who has to see what he had to see. You feel so helpless. All we could do was pray and pray and pray. As the day went on your mind races and you struggle with how you can help. Besides praying you wring your hands and walk in circles. The constant need to help that we all feel. Well after a day or so my chance to help came along. Besides making a meal and listening to him talk and cry and praying for God to comfort his heart and mind; now there was some little thing that I could do. A mutual friend of the family had gone through this before. They had started the Todd Waite legacy foundation for suicide awareness . They just happened to be doing an auction and were looking for donations to keep the foundation going. FINALLY another way to feel like I could help. I could do a painting to be donated. No Picasso, I used what I could to come up with something fitting. You see our friends brother was a hunter, and we all know hunters love to sit in the woods and wait. I also know how much hunters love that first snow to track. I thought how perfect to make a forest of white birches with the first snow starting to fall. So here it is. In Memory of CHAD KING for my dear sweet friends Keith and Michelle. I love you and I hurt for you. I hope in some little way you can see your brother sitting in the woods waiting for that buck to cross his path.
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