Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY black and white giant Photo"canvas" with 2.99 print

So excited that I have seen a couple tutorials on how to do this yourself. I don't know who did the original, but I do know that Michell over at GIRL IN AIR
gave an awesome tutorial, with a couple of the others that I had seen. I had to have one of these for my living room. So I got online to my nearest STAPLES and uploaded my picture that I wanted. It was ready the next morning and only $2.99. Plus to add to that the guy at staples was so nice!! He was so complimentary of the picture. (it was funny that the pic was laying out and I went in my scrubby painting clothes and I told him I was looking for my print out and he had to double take that it was actually me in the picture...LOL)

So I got out my Styrofoam insulation board that I got at Home Depot for 10 bucks...I almost flew away in the parking lot; that thing was like a sail and I kinda bopped another customer that was walking through the door in the back with it...but oh well...I digress!!!! I laid it out in the garage and sprayed it with some adhesive spray that I already had for some other projects. laid it on and used a rolling pin to get it flat then used a razor blade and a straight edge to cut around it. Here is a little tip...peel the plastic off the back before you cut it.....I learned that one the hard way....Just sayin!!!! :)

When it was all glued down I got out my acrylic paints (remember spray paint will eat Styrofoam) and painted around the edges. I chose to mix a black and gray to match the tones on the picture.

When it was dry I sprayed it with Spray Modge podge....pretty much the best thing since sliced bread and peanut butter.....:)

and there it hangs in my living room!! I am in love...Now to quick clean up the mess before the hubby gets home. I am such a messy worker. Have a BEAUTIFUL day! I know I will when I get to wake up to this every morning!!

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