Friday, May 18, 2012

Playing Hookie!! Beautiful Trail Run pics

This isn't your normal every day ART IS BEAUTY DIY...this is a LIFE D.I.Y.
Today after starting my normal morning routine of getting the kids ready to go to school, reffing
there morning battles before school, getting them ready for wacky hair day and for the MILLIONTH time LOOSING my coffee cup, I started on my stuff.
And then I just STOPPED. My brain decided it needed to stop. Just stop..
Its funny how my brain lets me know when I need a recharge, much like a personal computer that just overheats and turns off, so does my brain. I had been working my butt off all week and running around and working on projects...yada yada get the drift.  When I realized I
wasn't having fun at this moment. Now I am so grateful and blessed to have chosen a life
where I get to do what I love and be able to help out with the bills if even a little.
BUT at the moment I am not  enjoying it, I knew I needed a break.
So, I decided to go to a BEAUTIFUL park about 25 minutes from our home and on the Lake shore..
I needed a GOOD OLD FASHIONED trail run...So I tied on my shoes...loaded up my back pack and water and camera and took off.
up hill both ways....CRAP!!! :)   I forgot about that..both trail heads start up hill..

That's when I started to PONDER..much like kinda starts up hill :P
And then you get these gorgeous Flat areas where you can run free.

You just have to be careful not to trip on any sticks on the ground and keep your footing.

If you are lucky enough you get to fall in love...
I don't know who's initials these are, but it was just so stereotypical of the whole
heart carved into the tree how could I not take a picture.

Then you get more uphills...(you can't tell from this picture but those stairs NEVER end)

But once you get to the top get to see such Beauty..

and even in the rough overgrown, weedy poison ivy covered areas you get
this gorgeous Beauty shining through.

and that's what this DIY is about..

Don't stick on those uphills...think of all the good stuff there is instead..

I know I am feeling refreshed and inspired and even got to sit on the beach for a little bit.
I guess I was moved to write this as we go to see my husbands last living biological grandparent
today. He is very sick and we don't know how much time is left.
But in between his Alzheimer's and dementia he had a moment of clarity
and he said.."I am ready, and its gonna be better".......
Man I love that guy (I never had grand parents...they were gone before I was born)
What more can I ask for..I can't be sad for the rough patch that we will soon be going through, but happy at all the BEAUTY he brought...

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Janelle said...

What a beautiful post! I really like the metaphor, and your photos make me feel like I could be there.
It's always good to stop & be grateful for what we have and WHO we have in our lives!!

Unknown said...

This is awesome, I wanna do it! Where is this?