Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lots of "FIRSTs" Week!

Let me start by saying "GOOD MORNING"
Today will be my SECOND day of the school year with NO ONE at home..(not a first)
But we did have lots of FIRSTS this week so far and its only Wednesday.
First of all, My oldest started her FIRST year of High School.
My second oldest started her FIRST year of Junior High
and my Twins started their first year of 2nd grade, but separate.
(they have always been together in their classes)
So you can see why I called this my "lots of "firsts" week"

We also took the kids on their FIRST real train ride (not including amusement park train rides..:)

They were more than excited. We took them on their FIRST trip to Chicago.
My kids have been blessed to travel to lots of places but we have never taken them to a REAL
BIG CITY.  Coming out of the Train station on our Early Sunday Morning arrival
to Chicago they got to see the towering buildings; so tall they had "clouds" around them.

They got to see lots of fun buildings

and even Water Tower Place

It was also my babies FIRST time to an American Girl doll store...or any of us for that matter...:)

It was my sons 2nd trip to LEGO HEAVEN.....:)

They also had their FIRST experience with "Portillo's" in Downtown Chicago.

All in all, it was a BEAUTIFUL last day of SUMMER VACATION..(minus the whining about all the walking...I swear they can hike 4 miles in the Mountains, but make em walk in the city???)
I know there was not any DIY in this, but what the heck! I know I got lots of inspiration while I was there.
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day...and Lots and lots of Firsts!
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Marilyn said...

WOW, certainly lots of 1sts & love them all ;)) What a beautiful family.. Hope they are adjesting back to school perfectly.. *I featured you today* hope you can stop in and have a looksey. Thanks so much for linking last week to Pin'Inspirational Thursday.. Wishing you a beautiful week.. xoxo.. Marilyn

Bliss said...

I want a giant Hershey sign to hang in my house. Yeah, I noticed that.


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Awee. Look at your little kiddos- so cute! Wait, did you say High School! NOOO! You couldn't have! ;) Crazy amount of firsts in this post..wowzers- love your sons face in the lego photo!
Deep Breaths you got this mom!!

Shannon Fox said...

How exciting!! Lots of fun stuff. I bet they were in heaven! And hey, you can share whatever you like. It's YOUR blog. You are more then a furniture makeover, we know that :)))