Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Natures Paint Brush. Lake Michigan trail run

Hello my Beauties!
As I told you yesterday on Facebook  I
decided to break free from laundry and projects and painting
and refresh my brain.

One of my favorite places to do that is at one of my favorite trails along
Lake Michigan.
I decided to go for a trail run to refresh my mind and my inspiration.
It was gale force winds which made it all the more BEAUTIFUL
(even though I am still picking sand out of my eyeballs and teeth and other
UNMENTIONABLE areas..LOL) How does it get in there even when you are fully clothed. :)

Now I am betting you can see why I love this place so much.
I get refreshed and my mind just goes FREE when I am there.

I think about everything and I think about NOTHING.

Its funny how when I start running my mind is going, thinking about all the gorgeous
colors and how and where I am going to use them; and all the other things
on my mind, but yet somehow in the midst of all that,
all of the sudden I am thinking of NOTHING.....just like that.
It feels like a plane on the are coursing down
the runway and all of the sudden you are flying and you are free.

You come to the end and you can't believe its over.
Soaking up all the beauty and keeping it in your memory bank, for the long
COLD Michigan winter. Trying to take in Natures paintbrush and get the feeling
of all those colors together, and the feeling they create.

Walking back through the pine forest and  because the pine needles are falling so fast and hard you would just swear it was raining.  (there is me doing my best impersonation of Peter Pan with my shadow) :)

Thanks for joining me today and checking out my post.

I thought it was pretty funny that as I was going home the same road which I had taken there had this across it...(I said it was gale force winds)
and I thought much like life, obstacles get put in your way all the can choose to sit there and wait for someone else to take care of it or you can get in your DUKES OF HAZARD "GENERAL LEE" and Jump that sucker!!!!
I chose the "general lee"...(I actually drove around it, but in my mind I jumped it)  :)
I hope you go out and enjoy whats around you!

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