Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Go forth..have fun..and try not to get kicked out of GOODWILL...:)#poppintags

Hello my BEAUTIES!!  This post has nothing to do with anything...but having fun.

Something us GROWN-UPs, sometimes get so busy that we forget to do...

So I thought I would show you some pictures of me and my sister having some fun..Or CLOWNING around....if you will...LOL
(he was getting a little fresh with me...but can't blame a guy for trying..:))

Now we did actually do some real thrifting, but there was SO MUCH good stuff...I mean besides the CLOWN CHAIR; how bout my sisters ROCKIN WOODEN SHOES!.. I made her walk around the store in them. She said they made her feel taller.

why yes..I will check out these braziers while shopping my local goodwill

As for me..I found an AWESOME..(don't even know what kinda material this is) fluffy robe...kinda smelled like cabbage, but hey...the good stuff always does...:P

And best of all (besides getting to hang out with my sister who waited to tell me a story until I was eating a scone so I would choke on it...LOVE YOU TOO)
We got to go out to Lunch and get these amazing POLENTA FRIES....I even got carded...LOL
I didn't think she was talking to me...OH HAPPY DAY!!
So remember kids...don't grow up too much and remember to have PLAY dates once in a while.
I will be back with regularly scheduled posts...but after the last couple of weeks, I thought.."the heck with it"  LETS PLAY!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

Made in a Day
Made in a Day


Unknown said...

Cute site and I love your Goodwill post! I added your buttom to my site. Thanks for the laugh!


Four Marrs and One Venus said... it!!!!!!!! Haha!!! You my girl are rockin! Too fun!

Tami Michel said...

Oh NO you DID NOT walk around in that robe!?! Funny. I SO WISH my sister would shop at Goodwill with me but she will not go near it. Oh well, her loss - more for me! Looks like you had a great day!

Cindy~ said...

I would love to go shopping with you! My kind of fun! Haven't gone Goodwill shopping in a few months...time to schedule that in! Looks like a fun day with your sister. <3

betsy said...

Now THAT looks like a fun excursion. Nobody can make ya laugh like your sister can.