Friday, April 5, 2013

Ready to go Home and say Goodbye

Good Morning my Beauties.
You may have noticed that I have been missing for a week.
I had planned on many DIY posts while we were gone on
vacation but it was not meant to be.
We lost a Beautiful member of our Family this past week.

A little boy who taught us everything.



and HOPE!
My sister wrote a BEAUTIFUL story about our Great Nephew
So I will let her tell the tale.
 Once upon a time there was a very special boy name Ethan Blake Woodhams. Now, this little boy wasn’t just special because I say so, you can ask anyone who ever met him, he was very special. Ethan wasn’t like other little boys, he couldn’t run or play ball, but he had fun and some days he had A LOT of fun. He didn’t speak words, but he was able to communicate his love. And he couldn’t see the faces of the people who loved him, but he heard their voices and always knew how very much he was loved.

Ethan had 3 boy cousins and 6 girl cousins. The boy cousins were just like any other boys, they liked running and swimming and playing games. They liked trucks and bikes, and the littlest boy loved robots. And they loved Ethan. They came to his house and swam in his pool, they showed him their toys and shared their hiking and biking adventures.

The girl cousins loved everything girly. They wore pretty dresses and played with dolls, and they like to read stories. One of those girls really liked to read stories to Ethan, and it made him so happy to hear her funny little voice, telling of princesses and fairies in faraway places.

One time, one of Ethan’s girl cousins got sick and she had to leave and go live with Jesus. This made everyone sad.

Many times in Ethan’s life, he became ill, but he was so strong that he could get better. The nurses took such good care of him so he could stay in his house with his mommy, daddy, meemaw and papa. His other grandma and grandpa lived very close so they could come and love on Ethan whenever they wanted. He had great-grandmas and great-grandpas, and lots of aunts and uncles too. Oh how everyone loved holding Ethan, playing with him and telling him stories. He loved listening to music, and the sillier the song, the better. But he liked his oldies too, especially the Beatles and Michael Jackson.

Ethan touched so many lives, even those of people he and his family didn’t know. One sunny Saturday, there was a woman that went to the hospital to have a baby. I don’t know her name or her story, but on that same Saturday, Ethan got sick and had to go to the hospital too. His family came and stayed with him while the doctors gave him medicine to try to make him feel better.

In this hospital, every time a new baby is born, music is played so everyone knows of this new life. So the woman that was getting ready to have a baby was getting very excited to meet her child, and hear that music. But God was looking for a special soul to give to this little one. He had a lot to choose from, but he knew this child would need to be strong and stubborn and silly.

And so, as Ethan was surrounded by so many who loved him, God asked him to come home to live with Jesus and his Bushia, and to come play with his cousin Marcy. And at the very moment that his family was sending him home to live in Heaven, the music of a new life played throughout the hospital. God had picked the perfect little soul for his new little angel on earth.

I love and miss you Ethan

Love, Aunt Chrissy

I couldn't have said it better myself.
So if you don't see me around for a couple more days, now you will know why.
We will be saying Goodbye to our special little boy.
In addition to that we lost my husbands cousin this week too.
While we had a great vacation it was a great reminder to how fragile and short life is.
Live it to the fullest EVERY BEAUTIFUL MOMENT!
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