Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hopefully as you are Reading this, we have made it through our Plane trip and have landed on our 20th anniversary Trip to Ireland (We actually LAND in IRELAND on OUR REAL anniversary, August 7)  and are hopefully celebrating with a lovely cupcake..:)  So with out further ado...
I introduce my fellow bloggy friend....NELLIE BELLIE!!!

Hi all! So, Karin asked if I would write a post while she went to Ireland. I was tempted to give her a fat, giant NO. Cause of jealousy. Plain, simple, old fashioned jealous tantrum fit. Then I grew up. kinda. Okay, that's a lie. I thought that she's not here. She's not watching what I'm doing. I'm supposed to be all furniture and paint stuff. And DIY. And oh gosh...did you know how to do that kind of advice? And give you tips and tricks. But, she's in Ireland. So. well. tough bananas. Nope. Let's talk about cupcakes instead. That's nothing like furniture.'s better? (I'm soooo in trouble when she gets back!! trouble. Like, if you don't hear from me in a month, come find me. I'll be in Karin's basement chained up. maybe she'll feed me cupcakes? gah! I'll stop.) I adore cupcakes. With frosting, without frosting (also called muffins. just sayin'). With filling, without filling. With sprinkles, without sprinkles. But, I will say one thing...they must be pretty. No ugly cupcakes for me. That may not be politically correct. But, it's the truth. Only pretty cupcakes in Nellie world. the end.
Now this is a pretty cupcake. One of my favorites. Homemade cake, homemade blackberry filling, homemade cream cheese frosting. Not homemade pearl things. One of the best cupcakes...ever! Seriously. You must add them to your list!
Yes, my blog used to be called Hating Martha (long story). And yes, I am too lazy to fix all the old images. Maybe if I can go to Ireland on vacation I'll feel more rested and able to tackle that....hmmm?
These Cupcakes have a hint of Root Beer, vanilla bean cake, and of course the cherry. Delicious, must try!
NellieBellie: Margarita Cupcakes
Can a cupcake be grown-up? These Maragarita Cupcakes are. You feel like you shouldn't eat too many or you'll wake up with a headache in the morning and need some coffee. Worth every bite, don't worry. But...these are grown-up cupcakes. For grown-ups. Yum!
Sometimes, even the most brilliant cupcake makers will fail. I attempted to make good for you strawberry cupcakes. Fail! Cupcakes can't be good for you. The definition of Cupcake is: delicious sweet goodness that makes your belly fat but you don't care because it tastes so good and looks so pretty. So, by definition...not good for you!
I love cupcakes so much that I made pretend cupcakes to sit on my table and not go bad. So, it looked like I had just baked a batch. These are just made with pool noodles, felt, hot glue, and sprinkles. Yum!
Coconut Lime is one of my favorite combos. And, although these aren't the prettiest cupcakes, they are my favorite. So tasty and refreshing!
My husband loves and adores banana cream pie. I get sick of it. So, I channeled my love for cupcakes and his love for banana cream pie into one place. This is a pretty darn great (he agrees!) cupcake!
Oh. my. gosh. These truly taste like blueberry pancakes!!! Truly. Like, stop what you are doing and make some...right now. Go!
The salted peanut frosting on these cupcakes is a must try. For everything. Eat it out of the bowl, eat it off the beater, carry some in a ziplock in your purse...that tasty!! Yes. believe it!
Okay, so now we've talked about cupcakes. You've heard my favorites. What are yours? What ones do I need to try?
And be sure to pop over to NellieBellie and see me! I'm sure if you like Karin you'll
love me , like me, tolerate me!

Thank you so much Nellie!!! You Rock and you Roll HUGE favor to ask!! I made the TOP TEN in a local competition for MISSION MAKEOVER....I NEED YOUR HELP...All I need you to do is to CLICK on the link and LIKE my FRENCH ARMOIRE.... The competition ends on the 10th while we are gone, and I would love your vote!!! Only a few more days till its over...I will consider it your anniversary present to me and the hubby...See  WIN WIN....:)

I will love you forever...Even though I already do....