Monday, December 16, 2013

The best Rescue Project I have ever done! :) Pet Rescue

There is a reason that I have NO post on furniture or art or crafts today.
It is because as is with my life and need to rescue, it is not just exclusive to Projects.
You see there was this story about a dog named SMOOCH (we call her Smooches)
  Smooch  is an 8-10 year old Collie/Shepherd who woke her family from sleeping because the house was on fire. After they got out they tied her near the remains and left. Neighbors kept her fed and watered but her owners never returned for her. 
In my mind and in my Children's mind we can not even FATHOM how any one could do that to an animal. We had to do something.
We were not in the market for a dog, but from the moment I saw her face something inside me
told me I had to save her. It was the look of her eyes. The sweet demeanor of her face..Who could do this to such a loyal creature.
So now SMOOCHES is part of our family.
The kids who have been BEGGING for a dog and we have been telling no (since we put down our 16 year old dog almost 2 years ago, because as adults we didn't think our hearts could go through that again) Now have their Christmas wish. 
(They are volunteer based so if you are still looking for a donate I am sure they would be thrilled)
We interviewed and met smooches and the foster mother
and we were lucky enough to be chosen to bring this "senior" dog 
into our home. 
She is a blessing to us.
You can see the video of us Surprising the kids HERE
It has been amazing thing to see how many people supported us in 
this behind the scenes. Who cared for her and wanted nothing but the best for her.
Thank you so much to all of you.
We couldn't be happier and
so is SMOOCHES!! :)
So until later in the week, when I am sure I will have a project for you
and more stories to share about Smooches;
have a BEAUTIFUL day.
I know me and my family will.

As an added little thing, our local press even did a story on her adoption story.
You can see that HERE

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