Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1st 2015 LAKE MICHIGAN style!

Late night post for you my Beauties!
You want to know how we bring in March here in Michigan.??
We head to the Lake...
The Frozen Lake.
Come along and see the gorgeous 
BEAUTY that is Lake Michigan.
In my 42 years living here I have NEVER seen the frozen water this blue.
Its different every year, but the blue color is usually something you see way up north.

 Trying to get into position for the perfect shot...
I can't wait to come back to this beach in the summer when it will be a little easier to put my toes in the sand.
This Ice wave cave sure is something though isn't it.?
Here is the blue frozen water I was telling you about.
The kids had a riot exploring the ice waves and caverns.

My baby girl checking out the frozen water.
Boogy boarding in the summer is much easier...:)

one of the many giant frozen ice waves.
Its so hard to capture the size.
 Hubby and the kids walking out to the blue ice.
It was so weird that none of these sheets of ice were frozen together...
They could be picked up and were just layers and layers of frozen sheets of ice.

The last shot of the day....looking from the jagged blue ice towards
Hollands Light house.

I hope you enjoyed this
look into Michigan in March.
Make sure you come back in the Morning for the LINK party!
GO have a BEAUTIFUL night!