Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mens Mid Century Mod Dresser Makeover

Good Morning My Beauties!
I have a fun Makeover for you guys today.

I picked up this MCM dresser quite a few months ago and let it sit in my garage for
a while. This is as close as a BEFORE pictures as you are gonna get.
Once I started working on it I totally forgot to take pictures.
You can KIND of see in the picture above that the base was really beat up.
I am talking chipped veneer and lots of scratches. The drawers on the other hand were in pretty good shape.
I decided that the drawers could be saved where the rest of the base couldn't

 I sand the base to even out the veneer and scratches as best I could and 
then sanded the drawers down to the bare wood.
 I stained them with a nice deep provincial stain to really make the 
grain pop.
I finished them off with a spray poly.
For the base I mixed up a custom blue green.
I painted the whole thing in 2 thin coats.
I then waxed and buffed the whole thing.
While that was curing I took the original dirty old hardware and
gave it a couple coats with some gold spray paint. 
I loved the style of the hardware
but you couldn't really notice them with how dirty they were.

This is how the hardware looked once it was painted. 
I love the style of them and how well they go with the colors and
the curved drawers.

I love how it ended up turning out!
I almost ended up keeping this one too..:)
I hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time;
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!