Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Graphite Black and Brass Custom Painted Kindel Dresser Makeover

Hello again my Beauties!
We are on Vacation in Maine right now so hopefully as
this is posting I am on some Beautiful Hiking trail somewhere or
This latest makeover is a project that I forgot to ever post about.
This was a custom job I did for a friend who had given me a bunch of furniture.
In return I offered to paint one of her pieces from her Grandma for her.

She had this old Beautiful Kindel dresser that had seen better days.
The top had some major issues and she wanted something that would go better with her style,
while still keeping her memories of her Grandma.

She had decided that she didn't want straight up BLACK, but that she also didn't want a light GRAY;
So I custom mixed up a graphite color.

In order to keep some of the memories, I decided to clean up the old original brass hardware and leave a little bit of patina on it.
I loved how the graphite black really made the vintage style brass pulls POP!
To finish off the dresser I used a satin finish Poly.
It keep the sleek feel that went along with the style of the dresser.

I had to admit, that at this point...I wanted to keep the dresser for myself! 
I am not normally a black furniture kind of person...Its just not my style..
but man oh man..was I in love with this dresser. It all went together so perfectly.
It is now in its proper home...Hopefully being loved and stirring up lots of old memories of Grandma!
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
Until next time,
Go make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!