Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Not JUST furniture. DIY mania at ART IS BEAUTY. Artwork and Photography and Graphic design

 Welcome back my BEAUTIES!
If you follow me on Facebook
you know that there has been a lot going on here
at the Art Is Beauty home.
 Yesterday the store where I sell my Art and Furniture,
It was pretty exciting to see my WHIMSY tree
and Moonlight Coventina show up on the television.
I had planned on selling the coventina, but was waiting until AFTER she needed it for 
the display.
If you are interested you can shoot out an email to me at

 Not only was I in the ArtPrize TV feature for the store,
But I was also asked to Photograph our Christmas display
for a spot in
Winter edition.
If you remember my Momma was in the hospital at this time and 
I was pretty frazzled, but I had already committed to doing the photo shoot,
and I am so glad I didn't back out.
I was nervous, but excited.
Even more nervous about creating the advertisement itself as well.
I love the owner and the store and really wanted to do a very
professional job.
I am happy to say she was thrilled with how it came out.

Now in ADDITION to ALL that,
I also am in charge of the Sale Graphics for the store.
We are celebrating our 5 YEAR anniversary on October 1,2, and 3.
So this was the Graphic I created.
 If you are from the area, we would love for you to come experience the Changing Thymes 
Store and Family.

I told you its been crazy here.
I am feeling much relief at these things being off my TO DO list.
I am also happy to say that my MOMMA is doing much better.
She is getting some of her Sass back, 
and that is a GOOD thing.
This weekend we are in for some more crazy,
with my two Oldest girls going to their Homecoming dance.
Hopefully I will have some pretty pictures of them to share too! 
If I don't say it enough,
I would love to THANK YOU.
All of YOU,
who come by week after week,
and read what I have to say,
and see what I have to create.
I would still be doing it even if you didn't but 
you guys just make it that much more enjoyable.
Thank you for always making my days,