Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gold Stencilled Round Table Makeover~Themed Furniture Makeover

Welcome back my Beauties!
I am excited to be back again to show off another makeover.
This Makeover is part of our Themed Furniture Makeover Group.

Every month a bunch of my bloggy friends and I 
all follow a theme and work on transforming pieces of furniture 
according to the months theme.
This months theme was SHADES OF WHITE.

Now those of you that have followed me over the years know that
I don't very often paint things white.
I am all about color so I tend to leave the white paint to other bloggers.
I will admit that this was fun because I don't normally DO WHITE.
Being that I love fun and color I tried to figure a way I could 
still have fun and be funky while painting something WHITE.
I picked up the simple and fun little beat up table at the thrift shop.
As you can see it was already white, but it needed to be refreshed.
Someone had previously LOVED this table a little bit.

I grabbed my Americana Decor Chalky Finish Everlasting White and got to giving it a couple fresh coats of paint.  Once the paint was dry I decided to grab my Americana harlequin stencil
and lay it on the top of the table using my stencil brush and some Gold Luster Craft paint.

I waited for each section to dry before laying the stencil back down to finish off the top.
After that I coated the edge in the same gold paint and the little bit at the top under the table base just 
to Jazz it up a little.

Just that little bit of gold changed the whole look of the piece.
So I got to paint something white, but still keep it fun and funky 
in my own style.

    I hope you enjoyed this makeover and I hope you 
pop on over to all my Blogger Friends pages too to see what 
they painted in Shades of White.
I am sure they will not disappoint.