Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bruised and Battered DRESSER turned Blue Beauty, and How to replace Damage Veneer.

 Welcome back my Beauties.
We are working through the winter here and keeping busy to pass the long cold winter.
One of the projects I have been working was this beat up Duncan Phyfe 
Chest of drawers.
I picked it up at my local thrift shop and couldn't wait to get it home to 
start working on it.
First though, I had to take care of some major cosmetic flaws.

 The veneer was breaking off on parts of the drawers and a very big portion of the top.
Luckily I had come across this before.
You can see my post way back when I first started blogging 
of how to repair missing veneer HERE.

I will also give a quick run through for this post.

 Here you can see the biggest portion of the missing veneer.

 I always have rolls of  iron on veneer on hand for these small little fixes.
In order to make the repair you need to even up the veneer.
I simple use a straight edge to cut the old veneer in a straight line and line up my new veneer.
Once I have it lined up I simply use my Clothes Iron to iron the veneer on.

Normally I would use a cloth on top of the piece of furniture to protect the wood finish but as you can see there wasn't a lot of hope for this piece and wasn't worried about messing up the finish so I just ironed it straight onto the dresser, repeating the process for a couple of the drawer fronts. 
 Once the new veneer was in place and cooled I could take my orbital sander to the piece and prep the whole thing for painting
   Now it was finally time to paint.

 I gave the dresser 2 coats and then lightly distressed the piece.
I also gave it a slight glaze to give it a more old looking finish. 
Once that was dry I used General Finishes Satin finish to protect the piece.
While all that was drying to make the piece pop with a little detail I simply painted the 
original hardware with Gold Paint.
 I put all the hardware back on and the piece was ready to be photographed.

 I still can't believe this was the same piece from the beginning of this post.
It was a bit of work but I always enjoy making over a piece that was given up on.

I think you will agree it was worth the work.
I hope you guys enjoyed this makeover and I look forward
to more makeovers coming up soon.
Until next time,
Go Make someones day BEAUTIFUL!