Monday, October 23, 2017

Reviving a Mid Century Modern Dresser with Paint and TLC

Welcome back my BEAUTIES!
Did ya miss me?
I am still plugging away on furniture, and makeovers and crafts over here in my little world, but as usual the kids and life seems to keep me running in 4 different directions. 
I have been trying to figure out how to still show you makeovers but not have to spend the massive hours with posts.
So I finally bucked up and put down my REAL camera and started using my phone.
I realize that I am going backwards in blogger world going from great camera to phone but something had to GIVE and this was the easiest way I could kill two birds with one stone.
So using my phone I can quickly show you my makeover.
Hopefully this way I will be able to keep up a little bit more!
(in my head it sounds good, but we will see what happens :))
So here goes.
You can see in the above pictures my less than beautiful MCM dresser thrifted find.
I was trying to save as much of the wood as possible.
I even started sanding the top but that red ring you can see in the pic went all the way through. (It also had multiple spots with missing veneer around the bottom edge and deep gouges)  It would not be sanded out.
So I went to plan B.
Painting the base and restoring the drawers.

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First things first. 
I removed the awesome hardware.
Normally when I find pieces like this, ONE or more pieces of the original hardware is missing, but I lucked out this time.
All I needed to do was clean and spray paint them.
I used 
and gave them a quick little refresh.
While the hardware was drying, I simply wiped down the base and started painting it with
Since the drawers were actually in really decent condition I just used a little steel wool and 

mcm mid century mod driftwood gray general finishes milk paint makeover before and after diy bohochic
Once all the parts were dry I put it all back together again.
I love how the brass hardware made the wood drawers pop and how the gray paint framed it all.
I actually have yet to bring this into my booth as I am quietly considering switching out my husbands dresser.
I will let you know what I decide.

mid century mod mcm boho chic bohemain dresser makeover diy
I am happy to be able to bring you guys another makeover.
Slow and steady wins the race, right?

If you ever wonder what I am up to in between posts you can 
You can see all the REAL life stuff and see what makeovers will be coming up.
Well I have to go make dinner now, 
so until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Unknown said...

I have this excat dresser and a long dresser with a mirror..i was not sure how to redo it because of vaneer ...wasnt sure it was vaneer... yours is beautiful and any suggestions would be helpful