Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Updating and Out of Date Cabinet with Milk Paint

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Updating and Out of Date Cabinet using General finishes Milk Paint
I hope this week finds you well.
We are in for ANOTHER snow storm and honestly I think I am starting to go a bit nutty. 
We are already at snow day 10 or 11..(I have lost count) and they are thinking possibly 1 or 2 more this week.
I am hoping that for once they are wrong about the snow and ice (normally they are only wrong about NICE weather...am I right...or am I right? ) 
ANYWHOOO...I am sick of Gray and Dark and Gloomy so I decided I needed to paint something bright cheery and HAPPY.
You know, a little FAUX sunshine feeling. 
using general finishes Milk Paint to makeover an outdated cabinet

Since I was going for that FAUX sunshine feeling I decided to paint this outdated little cabinet using some General Finishes
Milk Paint in Somerset Gold..(You know..what I think the sun might look like if we ever see it again here in Michigan) 
Since the top was in perfect condition I just cleaned that up.
For the base I lightly sanded the whole thing and then wiped it down with a damp cloth. 
Then I gave it a couple coats of the bright and sunny yellow and.....

Somerset Gold Cabinet makeover using General finishes Milk paint artisbeauty.net karin chudy
She looks happy and sunny and cheery!

Somerset Gold Outdated Cabinet makeover before and after
I don't often paint things yellow, but I felt like this piece was the perfect size to add just a little bit of happy to a room.
Not too much..Not too little.

It went from drab and dreary to happy and cheery.
And who couldn't use a little happy and cheery right now!

How to Update an Outdated Cabinet using General Finishes Milk Paint Somerset Gold
I could use BOATLOADS of happy and cheery and SUN..
So if you got any extra be sure to send it to Michigan.

Somerset Gold Cabinet makeover using General finishes Milk paint artisbeauty.net
I would be eternally grateful....:)
I hope you liked this happy and fun little makeover.
I am going to go back under my 400 blankets and cover my head and hope when I crawl out the storm will have passed 
and we will be headed towards spring!
Until then have a BEAUTIFUL day! 


Linda Flory said...

I love the yellow. If I had room for it, I would be making a bid on this.

Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

This cabinet looks so good painted a happy yellow! I hear you about winter. It's been in the -30C (-22F) range here for two weeks and no sign of letting up anytime soon. Brrrrrrr I need me some happy yellow!

Kathy said...

Lovely; it will be great for styling all year long--daffodils, sunflowers, fall leaves! The wooden top adds another layer of color to contrast whatever you put on the top.