Monday, October 23, 2017

Reviving a Mid Century Modern Dresser with Paint and TLC

Welcome back my BEAUTIES!
Did ya miss me?
I am still plugging away on furniture, and makeovers and crafts over here in my little world, but as usual the kids and life seems to keep me running in 4 different directions. 
I have been trying to figure out how to still show you makeovers but not have to spend the massive hours with posts.
So I finally bucked up and put down my REAL camera and started using my phone.
I realize that I am going backwards in blogger world going from great camera to phone but something had to GIVE and this was the easiest way I could kill two birds with one stone.
So using my phone I can quickly show you my makeover.
Hopefully this way I will be able to keep up a little bit more!
(in my head it sounds good, but we will see what happens :))
So here goes.
You can see in the above pictures my less than beautiful MCM dresser thrifted find.
I was trying to save as much of the wood as possible.
I even started sanding the top but that red ring you can see in the pic went all the way through. (It also had multiple spots with missing veneer around the bottom edge and deep gouges)  It would not be sanded out.
So I went to plan B.
Painting the base and restoring the drawers.

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First things first. 
I removed the awesome hardware.
Normally when I find pieces like this, ONE or more pieces of the original hardware is missing, but I lucked out this time.
All I needed to do was clean and spray paint them.
I used 
and gave them a quick little refresh.
While the hardware was drying, I simply wiped down the base and started painting it with
Since the drawers were actually in really decent condition I just used a little steel wool and 

mcm mid century mod driftwood gray general finishes milk paint makeover before and after diy bohochic
Once all the parts were dry I put it all back together again.
I love how the brass hardware made the wood drawers pop and how the gray paint framed it all.
I actually have yet to bring this into my booth as I am quietly considering switching out my husbands dresser.
I will let you know what I decide.

mid century mod mcm boho chic bohemain dresser makeover diy
I am happy to be able to bring you guys another makeover.
Slow and steady wins the race, right?

If you ever wonder what I am up to in between posts you can 
You can see all the REAL life stuff and see what makeovers will be coming up.
Well I have to go make dinner now, 
so until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Monday, September 25, 2017


rolling kitchen cart farmhouse style makeover before and after using vintage effects paint deco art and mineral oil
Welcome back my Beauties!
Long time no see.
The kids are all back in school and we are finally starting to get back into our normal routine, slowly but surely.
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That means also getting back into my makeover routine.
Todays makeover is going to show you how I transformed this outdated 80's pine rolling kitchen cart into a farmhouse style cart using Deco Arts Vintage Effect wash paint and some mineral oil.
First things first. I had to take care of those nasty stains on the top of the cart.
For that I just used my Rockwell random orbital sander and some medium sandpaper.
I knew the stains were topical and weren't going to take much sanding so I didn't want to use low grit sandpaper and rip apart the wood on the top.
Once I had the top all cleaned up I could put the protective and food safe finish on the top.
After hours of research I found out the safest and cheapest way to 
seal a butcher block is with Mineral Oil.
Yup...simple mineral oil that you can get in the drug store for just a few bucks.
Now it was time to finish the base.
You can click on the pic for a little video example of how easy it was to use.
This is after the real quick wipe on with the cloth.
vintage rolling farmhouse style butcher block kitchen cart makever diy
I loved how easy it was to use and to transform the piece giving it a vintage feel.
refinished butcher block rolling farmhouse kitchen cart makeover before and after vintage effect paint wash
Even better it SOLD the first day at the booth!
farmhouse Rolling Kitchen Cart makeover vintage effects paint wash farmhouse style diy
What a difference a little mineral oil and some paint made.
farmhouse rolling kitchen cart makeover diy before and after vintage butcher block refinishing

Thanks for checking out the latest makeover, and hopefully with all of us getting back in routine, the same will go for my posts :)
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Updating the Legs of my DIY Build it Yourself FARMHOUSE Table

updating the legs of a DIY build it yourself Farmhouse TABLE painted makeover GENERAL FINISHES Karin Chudy
Welcome back my Beauties!
I have been meaning to show you this makeover for a while
but you know, LIFE HAPPENS!

DY build it yourself farmhouse table for under $100

but I wanted to give it a bit of an update. 

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diy build your own farmhouse table makeover osbourne wood square farm dining table legs
I decided to update the table with some Osbourne Wood Products Square Farm Dining Table legs. 
I loved the square details that kept with the feeling of the farmhouse feel with a little more classic style.

removing and replacing and udating the legs of your build it yourself diy farmhouse table makeover
First things first. 
I would have to remove the legs.
Since I built the table I knew how to take it apart. 
I flipped the table over and laid it on a cloth to keep from scratching the top.
taking the apron off the old farmhouse table to replace legs diy build it yourself
Next, I took the apron off from the skirt around the the table top.
This is where all the hidden screws were that were holding the old legs on.
removing replacing and updating the legs of the diy build it yourself farmhouse table

I unscrewed the old screws and had to use a little muscle to break off where the wood glue had done a good job assisting the strength of the screws.
attaching the new square farmhouse table dining legs drill screws woodwork build it yourself do it yourself
I put the new legs in place keeping them square and rescrewed them back into the table top and re attached the skirt. 
general finishes DRIFTWOOD waterbased milk paint
Now I waited a few months before I actually got around to painting the legs, because as I said...LIFE HAPPENED!
But when I finally painted them I chose

This has become one of my favorite neutral grays. 
I love how the slight change in the shape of the leg and the gray color really gave the table some UMPH!!

DIY FARMHOUSE TABLE UPDATE general finishes seagull gray osbourne square farmhouse dining table legs diy

It flows with all the rest of my decor as well.
Just remember; its just paint!
Don't be afraid to try something fun and different!
Now go make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

$8 garage sale Harlequin dresser makeover

Welcome Back my Beauties!
Sorry I have been neglecting you lately
but as you know I am working on my art studio.
I have LITERALLY been working night and day on it.
So much that I have not had much time to post furniture 
I finally had a little while to sit and edit some pictures
so I would put up a makeover for you!.

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This is what it started like.
The pictures actually make it look better than it did.
It was terribly beat up on the sides and the top.
This was the piece that I picked up when we were camping this summer
and my Hubby was oh so THRILLED to help me pack
in the suburban.
We had hit a church garage sale and there was NO WAY I was passing up
an $8 dresser.
He knew it was a lost cause so he just kept his mouth shut while we
crammed it in the truck. (my brother in law did not and actually sat laughing
and ribbing my hubby about us jamming a dresser into our truck)
Thanks GARY! :)
Anyway, I let this baby sit for a while in the garage and finally got motivated to work on it.

I had no idea what I was going to do with it,
just that I needed to fill some booth space so I had to get to work. 
I started by painting the whole thing a simple creamy yellow. 
Very light and very simple.
Well, You know me.
It wasn't ME... So I got to thinking.
What could I do to Beautify this??
I saw my harlequin stencil sitting on the workbench and the rest is history.
I grabbed some gold craft paint and got to work on the stencil.
I didn't want to overdo it and I also made sure that the stencil lined up all the way down the 
drawers as to not get to much of a dizzying effect.
When it was all dry I actually put the original hardware back on.
I loved the look of the classic hardware with the
classic harlequin pattern.
I waxed and buffed the whole thing and she was ready for her closeup!

I couldn't be HAPPIER with how she turned out.
Its not my normal style but it was fun to do something
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
I am soooooo close to being finished with my 
art studio but I don't want to do the full reveal 
until we get the lights up
and I can take PROPER pictures.
You can see the BEFORE Here!
and since I love ya 
I will show you a little Sneak Peek of 
the progression. :)

Hopefully I will be able to get the REAL photographs of the full reveal next week!
Until next time,
go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Outdated 80s Golden Oak Half Table Updated with Deco Art Vintage Effects Wash Paint

outdated 80s oak half round table updated deco art americana decor laurel wreath makeover
Welcome Back my Beauties.
We are in the final days before all the kiddos go back to school  ( and the hubby back to teaching high school and college) and I am in the push to start knocking out more projects before Soccer season starts. 
One of the projects I finished was this Outdated 80s Golden Oak Half Table Updated with Deco Art Vintage Effects Wash Paint.
You can see here in the before it was feeling tired in is 80s golden oak finish that was starting to wear through on the top.
I decided that since it was in great shape structurally that it just needed a little bit of paint to give it a new lease on life. 

This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
I started with Deco Arts new Vintage effect wash in Black.
You can see the quick little Facebook video I made HERE 
showing how easy it is to use!

I used a sponge brush to put on a thin coat over the old oak finish. (I had just lightly sanded the top to prep it for the paint) 
It went on really easy and I loved how it was so quick to update the oak to the rich dark color, all while letting a little of the grain show through.

While the top was drying I decided to use Americana Decor's chalky finish paint in Vintage for the base. 

updated half round table using deco art vintage wash paint in black and chalky finish paint makeover before and after
Here you can see it drying after the top and the base were painted.

Once the top was dry I decided to use Americana Decors 
Winterberry Wreath Stencil, Centering half way off to help accentuate the half round shape of the top.

In order to protect the whole finish of the piece I used 
deco art winterberry wreath vintage wash painted table makeover before and after diy
I love how it added an even deeper finish to the vintage wash paint on the top. 
I also love how using half the stencil made the top stand out more.
Updated table using Vintage Effects wash paint by deco art americana decor winterberry stencil makeover before and after furniture
I can not wait to try the new wash paints on some other projects.
I already have a couple ideas spinning in my head after cleaning out my stash of furniture this weekend.

outdated to updated half round hall table makeover using deco art vintage wash effects paint and chalky finish with winterberry stencil

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and that you all have a Beautiful week! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Custom Gray Antique Dresser Makeover and a few words about my Blogging Anniversary

industrial style beat up antique vintage dresser dark wood makeover paint boho style
Welcome back my Beauties.
I know my posts have been few and far between lately, but I just seem to be in that stage of life. 
I still don't seem to be able to get into a normal routine and I am starting to accept that I may never get back into my normal schedule; at least for a few years. 
I heard the best quote the other day (said in an IRISH ACCENT it makes it sound so much more profound) "when you don't have a time table you can't be late, when you don't have a destination you can't get lost." It struck such a chord with me at this stage in my life. 44 still grieving my mother, 7 year blogging anniversary that I didn't even remember. I decided I was PUSHING against life to much..and now I am going to let LIFE do a little more of work now. I am going to see where Life leads me. It pushed me to be an artist and pull out my oil paints again and a blogger out of my comfort zone and sell in a shop. I don't know why I stopped and started pushing back against it; but I am finally starting to feel a little more excited to where life is going to take me. 
repairing and refinishing and painting a beat up antique vintage dresser to and industrial beauty
One thing that hasn't changed is my love for doing makeovers.
Even if I got out of the habit of writing posts about them.
So today I will show you one of the pieces I recently sold 
that I had fixed up.
I grabbed this baby at the local thrift shop.
It called to me because of its odd shape.
I knew from the bottom that it had at some point been cut down.
The legs were kind of MISSING but it still looked cool.
The only issue was the TOP was a mess.
So that's where I started.
This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
For the top I just used my Rockwell Orbital Sander to make short work of sanding the top and refinished antique dresser top stain finish makeover

I sanded it down to take out all the gouges and "STUFF" off the top to reveal it's beautiful grain. Since I loved the grain as it was I didn't even stain it. I just used
custome general finishes paint color emerald driftwood and somerset gold diy painted dresser makeover
For the base I created a custom color using General Finishes Milk Paint
Driftwood Gray as the base with a touch of Emerald green and Sommerset Gold to warm up the gray and give it an earthy and more mineral color.

rock geode mineral style knobs hardware dresser pulls diy painted furniture makeover
ceramic stone finish knobs
The reason I wanted to do a more earthy gray was to match to my 
Ceramic Stone finish Knobs that I bought just for the piece.
geode mineral antique dresser makeover boho chic bohemian decor makeover

I love how the new hardware helped to transform the whole piece. 
It gave it a bit more of an industrial feel!
custom gray antique dresser makeover with geo knobs boho chic bohemain diy painted furniture
It got lots of compliments at the store and I know part of that was the simple paint with the fun earthy knobs.

before and after custom earthy gray grey painted dresser makeover boho bohemian industrial style
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover,
and thanks for listening to me kind of spill my heart guts a little.
Now I am off to work on some more makeovers
and see what life has in store.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.