Friday, May 20, 2016

Antique Round Pedestal Table and Mismatched Chair Makeover.

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 Welcome back my Beauties!
I have a quick little makeover for you today.
I have been so busy with graduation stuff for my daughter,
but I managed to quick work a small project in. 
I am going to show you how I made over this  Antique Round Pedestal Table and Mismatched Chair.

I picked up this table at goodwill for about 40 bucks.
It was in pretty good shape but the legs that aren't showing had some significant damage.

I knew I wanted to keep the top just because I love the old wood and it was in great shape so I decided to pick a color that would compliment the wood color. 

 I chose General Finishes Charleton Blue for the base of the table and the chairs.
I had picked up this pretty fabric for another project and I just loved it and the color went with it perfectly.
I painted the base of  the table and the chairs and recovered the seats.

I can't believe what a difference painting those old beat up ugly chairs made.
They had been sitting in my garage for ages waiting for a makeover 

 After painting the base and the chairs it brought this miss matched set all together.

The table got to keep a bit of its character and age with the original top and the base got a nice clean coat of paint.  I love how it all came together.
I still can't believe this is the same set.
Now I have to get back to running around like a chicken with its head cut off as I get ready for my daughters graduation..Oh and did I mention all 4 of my kids have had STREP within the last week..???
Its been fun times here at the Art is Beauty house! 
But hopefully now they are all on the mend and we can get back to our NORMAL crazy :)
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Easy DIY "WILD & FREE" Graduation Tote gift bag ~Home Expert Series~

Welcome back my Beauties!
As you know I am in the midst of my first baby graduating and 
have a fun little project that you can make for the graduates in your life, 
or just gifts in general.
Come on over to
to see how I turned this 
plain canvas bag into a fun DIY 
WILD AND FREE gift Tote bag.
Jump on over HERE to see how easy it was and get started on your 
graduation gift giving!
See you there!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Modest Mint Mid Century Mod Dresser Makeover

This post uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love

 Welcome back my Beauties.
I am sorry I haven't been around much.
We are in the middle of soccer season for two kids,
Graduation for my oldest,
plus orchestra concerts for 3 kids and 
numerous other family activities that have been taking all my time.
Instead of killing myself trying to do EVERYTHING including my booth and my blog, I do what I normally do around this time and give myself to my family.
It doesn't mean that I am not working on makeovers or painting, its just that I am not taking the only down time at night to edit and write like I normally do. 
I am still photographing and painting; I am just putting all those photo's in storage until I can get to a time when I can post about them.
Lucky for you guys, my daughters practice was cancelled and we didn't have to run anyone else anywhere tonight so I could finally sit down and work while they all did homework.
You may remember this dresser I had picked up almost a month ago while out thrifting.
I scored this baby for twenty bucks.
I couldn't believe it.
The reason it was so cheap???
This missing back support piece for the base.
What you see there is the last hanging bit of veneer that came off the original base.
Lucky for me, I love to fix this stuff.
I cut a replacement board and used my Ryobi Airstrike nailer to attach it back to the dresser
I love that thing :)
Next up, the top of the dresser.
Now I am not a big fan of the blonde finish it had and with a little sanding I saw that the wood underneath that old finish was pretty nice.
So I decided to keep going and sand the whole top down.
Once it was all sanded and wiped down with tack cloths
I grabbed my Rust-oleum dark walnut stain
and Satin Polyurethane
and got to work on staining and finishing the top.

While the top was drying I removed the old hardware and cleaned it. I was in love with this hardware and the style of it,
but the finish was not good.
I grabbed my Rustoleum gold metallic finish spray paint and gave the old hardware a couple coats of new paint.

Once I had the hardware going I could get going on the best part.....
You know how much I love MINT and so I decided this piece would look great with Americana Decor's Chalky finish paint in Refreshing Mint 
I gave it a couple of coats and sealed it with their matte varnish. 

Once everything was dry I could put the hardware back on.
Oh I was in love with the mint and gold!
and here it is...all finished!
I love how the color and the stained top updated the whole look of the piece!
What a difference it made!
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover!
As soon as I get another free moment I will work on another post for you, I promise! 
Until next time,
go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Goodbye '70's, Hello Sage~Dresser Makeover ~Pursuit of Home edition

Welcome back my Beauties! 
Its time for another Pursuit of Home
I would love for you to POP on over there to see what special item I used to 
help me Makeover this outdated 70's dresser.
Just click HERE and you will be on your way!
I will see you there! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gray and Mint Ikat Stencilled Dresser Makeover

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Welcome back my Beauties!
I am so excited to be back with a new makeover.
Things have been pretty crazy here getting all the kids to 
all their school events and sports and getting ready 
for my OLDEST to graduate (how is this happening, I still feel like I just graduated :)) 
But during the day when I am not doing all that I have been 
making over furniture like crazy.
I finally got a few hours last night to put together this post.
So here it is!

This is what the dresser looked like before.
Just a plain old standard dresser.

 Luckily I had just got a bunch of goodies.
I had the Ikat Stencil and a bunch of Americana Decor Paints

I gave the dresser 2 coats of Americana's Relic Chalky Finish Paint

After the paint dried I used the IKAT stencil and the Americana color REFRESHING and stencilled on my pattern.

Once that was done I used the Americana Varnish to seal the piece.

And to give it that final POP, I added these JADEITE knobs.
They went perfectly with the paint and style of the piece. 

I just love how it all came together.
A totally different look than the original dresser.

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
I can't wait to start getting back into 
a schedule again where I can start sharing on a more regular pattern.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day

Monday, April 25, 2016

Not so PERFECT Vintage Desk and Free Vanity Bench Makeover

Hitting REPLAY on an old post.

Good Morning My Beauties! 
Last night I asked on FACEBOOK if you guys would like to see
You guys said yes...SO here is the first one.
Last night I explained that when I get super busy, I don't have time to 
set and photograph all the pieces.
Sometimes I have about 10 minutes before I have to bring some pieces in.
This set was one of them.

The desk started out like this.
Your typical wood and metal old school desk.

The bench started like this. 
My lovely sister gave it to me. 
Its an old vanity bench. it was in great condition but needed an update.
I grabbed some gold spray paint and started painting the legs.
I had no idea what I was going to do yet.
But once I started painting I got in the groove.
I painted the wood part of the base a nice mint green and then started
on the bench.
I painted the bench a cream color and found some cool coordinating 
fabric to pull it all together.
Now to the not so perfect addition. In my attempt to recover this bench
I learned how to do the special BACK covering. I thought it went pretty good but
the nail head trim went in a little crooked. 
But like I said this is a NOT so PERFECT post!

 Here it is. The finished set...
The not so perfect...
finished set.
I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thankfully someone else enjoyed this because it sold pretty quick
after I brought them into the booth.
Well that was the first of our 
NOT so PERFECT posts.
I hope you enjoyed.
Until next time.
Go make someones day Beautiful! Feature Fridays