Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fairy tale Rescued Table and Chairs Makeover

Re Sharing one of my Favorite Makeovers for
Throwback Thursday today! :)

Good Morning my Beauties!  I have a doozie of a makeover for you
today. Let me tell you when I say FAIRY TALE, I mean as in wicked step sisters and humpty dumpty.

I didn't know if I was gonna be able to work my fairy Godmother magic on this one or not.
I honestly had thoughts of smashing it to bits and throwing her in the burn pile...I mean..ME of all people...almost didn't WANT to deal with this.. :)
You see a few months ago you may remember my uncle called me and said his Brother in Law was clearing out his basement and was going to pitch some furniture that needed some work (he had always intended on refinishing them) I of course said yes and we drove out and picked up this Federal style buffet and behind it you can see the table and chair set.
Well I had to got to work on the buffet right away and fell in love with it and couldn't part with her so she is now part of my basement..:)  You can see the whole Makeover HERE
 But the table and chairs...oh they sat...I knew they were gonna take a lot of work and
I needed time. First things first;  It had originally
 been a 6 chair set. Much like HUMPTY DUMPTY (see I told you fairy tales) I had to put them back together again.
She ended up being a 4 chair set, because I need parts from 2 of the chairs to fix 4 of the chairs.
They were in very very rough shape. So I put them together and stored them away in my garage, until I found the amount of energy it would take to Put into this makeover.

The table was in better shape than the chairs but she had also been rebuilt. I had to fix one leg and the top had tons of damage. So the first thing I did was sand the top down to get a smooth finish on the top.

The chairs..those are what I called the wicked step sisters...they MOCKED me...You can't paint us...:)

So while I worked out the chair mocking in my head..:) I got to painting the table. I did a mix of Virginia chestnut and vintage slate from Cece caldwells on the top. On the base I used Omaha Ochre.

with that coated, it was time for the chairs...This here is where I had to BELT SAND..(yes belt sand; not regular sand; the name NICK out of the chair..) You thought you bested me NICK; whomever you are, but you were NO MATCH for my belt sander...I got that smooth and some other spots; and got to painting the sisters.

While all of it was drying and getting waxed and buffed, it was time to change the worn tattered rags on the seats to something Befitting of Cinderella.....

and HERE she is...Much better don't you think..I have been hording the fabric since I got the table.
I knew it was the perfect choice for it. I just needed to find the resolve to do it.

I am not gonna lie..I am glad its done, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out..
I will never again DOUBT that something can be refurnished (until the next rescue) :)

Now all I have to do is load her up and bring her to the booth and hopefully instead of sitting rotting in a landfill she will find her forever home, with a family that will love her..:)
Have a Beautiful day!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quick Kitchen Backsplash Makeover using Smart Tiles.

Good Morning my Beauties!
I have a fun but NOT SO PERFECT post for you today.
Now its not the project that isn't perfect;
its my photos.
When I started this project I didn't know I was going to post about it,
but I was so excited I figured you guys could handle my iphone photos 
just to see the transformation.

As I have been showing in my Facebook page which you can Follow HERE,
you may or may not know I have been working on Making over 
my sisters condo.
This is what we started with.
Some very out of date wallpaper.
Not my sisters style at all.
We stripped all the wallpaper and she got to painting thew walls.
Once the paper was stripped we were trying to decide what we were going to do for the back splash.

In a moment of Serendipity we both at different times stumbled upon
this product called SMART TILES.
I had never seen or heard of them and neither had my sister until 
we started looking for an easy back splash solution.

I sanded and cleaned the back splash and got to work.
One of the great part of these tiles is they fit together much like a puzzle
and you only need a utility knife to cut them.

Now I told you the pictures are not the best (my niece shot this one with her iphone while I was installing)
The whole back splash took me just under 2 hours.
You can see here how I quickly made my way across the back of the wall.

and here is the finished product.
My sister and brother in law love it and
we got many compliments through out the day of mad people who had spent WAY to much on real tile when they could have had the look of tile without the Cost.
The great thing for you guys is I will be able to show you a better DIY of this product.
I loved it so much I am going to use it myself.
So stay tuned for another, better quality picture and detailed write up 
of this product.
I am so excited to start.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
Even if the pictures are kind of cruddy, I hope you can see what a change this made.
Until next time, go make someones day Beautiful!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Something to Talk About LINK party and FEATURES!

  Good Morning My Beauties!~

Its time to LINK up!

Come see who is Featured this week.


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Here is what I have been working on!
This week I showed off my IMPERIAL DRUM TABLE Makeover

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My PICKS for this week were


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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Imperial Drum Table Persian Blue Milk Paint Makeover

Good Morning my BEAUTIES! 
What an EXCITING week it has been here at ART IS BEAUTY.
I am also excited because Today is THEMED FURNITURE MAKEOVER day
This Months Theme is Small Tables.

This was the table I started with.
I am from Grand Rapids Michigan which was Furniture City.
We had tons of Furniture companies here one of which
was IMPERIAL  Furniture.

This table was great....except the top~ 
The veneer was beyond saving.
It just peeled right off.
So in order to work on it I peeled all the rest of the damaged veneer off
and then sanded the top smooth.
Once the top was done it was time to paint.
I had never used Milk Paint before.....EVER...
I finally got to try some in General FInishes PERSIAN BLUE
and I LOVED it.
I have to say I was quite smitten with it.
I painted the whole table and then used some Gold Metallic paint to add some 
PIZZAZ to the piece.
I just put a couple grain sack stripes down slightly off center to give it a little pop.

I loved how it turned out.
I am also happy to say that it SOLD right away and is now
enjoying its new rejuvenated life in someones home.
Hopefully making their day BEAUTIFUL!
Be sure to check out all my bloggy friends who are showing 
of their table makeovers too.