Thursday, February 23, 2017

Executive Desk Makeover using General Finishes Queenstown Gray paint.

executive desk makeover before and after diy painted furniture cherry wood general finishes queenstown gray before and after
Welcome back my Beauties!
Time for another Furniture Makeover!

Today I am going to show you how I transformed this beat up old Executive desk with just a little bit of paint!

But before I can start the transformation I have to take care of this pesky veneer that is falling off.
It was splintered and really fragile and I tried to glue it back down but no amount of glue was gonna keep it down the way it was flaking so it I had to change my plan.

Than plan now consisted of ripping off the veneer in this one part. 
I knew I was going to paint the drawers so it was just a matter of using a scraper and pulling off the rest of the veneer.
It was so bad that it barely took any work at all to pop it off.
Once I did I lightly sanded it and got it ready to paint.
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Executive desk makeover before and after painted general finishes queenstown gray and cherry desk with copper hardware wood finish


I gave the drawers 2 coats of the gray and cleaned up the base of the desk which was in great condition.
I spray painted the old hardware with some copper spray paint
and this baby was ready to be put back together again.
general finishes queenstown gray paint executive desk painted makeover before and after diy

As long as I have been doing this I still am always in awe of how just a little bit of paint can change the whole look of a piece.
general finishes queenstown gray paint executive desk painted makeover before and after diy copper hardware
The gray brought out the richness of the wood along with the copper finish hardware.
diy queenstown gray general finishes executive bohemian desk makeove home decor boho chic before and after

Its now at my booth waiting for that special someone to take it home.
I hope you enjoyed this Makeover and 
hopefully inspired you to see how a little bit of paint can make a worn out piece Beautiful again!
Until next time,
Go make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Creating an Eating Nook with IKEA benches

Welcome back my Beauties!
Today I am going to show you how I created my Eating Nook with Ikea benches.

kitchen makeover boho home decor eclectic style diy painted

Last week I showed you my Kitchen Makeover that you can see HERE!
Now I will show you how I created that cute little  Eating Nook in that odd corner of my kitchen that has been the bane of my existence for almost 20 years.

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While working on my kitchen makeover, I was trying to figure out what I could do with the weird corner in my kitchen.
For almost 20 years I have put corner china cabinets or hutches there trying to just fill the space.
I could never figure out what else to put there.
I wanted to build a corner bench for the kids but knew I didn't want to do a full construction project incase I ever wanted to change up the kitchen again. (I know myself and I know how much I love to change things, so I try to do things that aren't PERMANENT so I don't have to worry about Commitment Issues with major construction issues :)) 
So one day I got on my computer and looked up simple benches. 
I came upon these
 IKEA Molger benches.
I linked to the ones they sell on Amazon if you don't have an IKEA near you. They are much cheaper at IKEA but I know not everyone has that option.
I spent a total of $75 on the two benches straight from Ikea. 

IKEA MOLGER benches dark walnut diy blogger breakfast nook kitchen makeover eclectic boho chic home decor

Once I got my benches I started assembling them.  You can see here I have one together and just starting on the second one. 
I got my Bistro table from World Market but only because it was on SUPER SALE and I had an awesome $10 gift card.
If I hadn't scored that I would have bought this one from AMAZON. 

ikea mogler benches turned corner breakfast eating nook home decor

Now you can see from this picture how that little space in the corner would have been left open. I knew if I left it open then stuff would just fall down and the kids would lay and put their feet on the wall. 

So I painted up this little square table that my sister in law had given me and sawed the legs down to just the right size to put in the corner.
corner gallery wall brash geometric shelf boho chic eclectic style home decor
Once I had my benches and tables in place I could start decorating.
I wanted a fun eclectic feel so I purchased some 
Embroidered Mandala throw pillows from a local home store.
For the walls I grabbed one of my canvas prints from our trip to IRELAND that you can see HERE.
I also put up this really cute geometric metal and glass wall ledge to put some decor on.
The other wall is where I hung my "Drink More Travel Often"

diy eating nook using Ikea benches Bistro table corner booth bohemian decor eclectic style kitchen table reading nook travel wanderlust
And that, my Beauties,
was how easy it was to create this simple Eating Nook using Ikea Benches.
It was so fun and I love the FUNCTION that it added to our dining area.
No more wasted space just filling a cabinet to fill that corner.
My daughter sits and draws here, my son loves to eat his breakfast here, and I love to drink my coffee here.
Even though we have lived in our house for almost 20 years, it's so fun to change things up to make it feel different once in awhile.
No need to pack boxes and up our mortgage; just a few hours of work and the place feels NEW!
I hope you enjoyed this latest DIY project.
I seem to have been on a roll lately, but I think mostly it's from being trapped in the house during these dark and cold months.
Hopefully the sun will soon be shining and I will be back showing you furniture makeovers.
Until then,
Go make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover using the power of Paint!

budget kitchen makeover using power of paint pittsburgh paint diy makeover
Welcome back my Beauties!
I am finally ready to show you my kitchen makeover!

Now if you have been following me for a while you know I paint my house A LOT! 
I mean, I do it in stages but I love how easy it is to change the whole feel of a room with paint!
My kitchen has been made over probably at least 6 times since we have lived here the last 18 years.
The last makeover was when I painted my cabinets.

Click here Kitchen Makeover to see it.
You can see my walls were yellow.
While I loved the warm of the yellow in our almost sunless winters here in Michigan, I decided I wanted to brighten up the kitchen with a lighter color. 

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So I decided to give the kitchen a budget makeover with some paint!
For that I chose Pittsburgh Paints & Stains® Paramount™. 


Here you can see my hubby and the dog helping me prep the walls and take down all the decor. 
You can truly see here in the dark January winters how yellow the room looks when there is no outside light coming in.

Here it is all trimmed out getting ready to roll on the paint!

pittsburgh paint paramount ghost writer kitchen paint primer in one makeover

Now as I said above, I have PAINTED my house A LOT!
and I wouldn't be telling you about this paint if I didn't love it. 
I know it's weird for a person to get excited about paint,
but I do.
I have always loved paint...since as long as I can remember.
So when I find a great paint I don't mind telling you. 
I would recommend Pittsburgh Paints and Stains©  Paramount™ to anyone!
Paramount offers a paint and primer in one, which saved me a ton of time and still provided a beautiful finish with vibrant coverage.
The color I used was Ghost Writer MEN7135-3
This paint is available exclusively at MENARDS® stores.
after paint with pittsburgh paint paramount in ghost writer gray blue fixer upper style eclectic boho
Look how much brighter my kitchen looks already!

kitchen corner booth made from ikea benches boho style eclectic bohemian travle diy makeover kitchen booth

I changed up the corner that always had the china cabinet in it,
and I will be coming back with a post about that later.
painted kitchen makeover pittsburgh paints paramount ghost writer blue gray diy makeover before and after eclectic kitchen boho chic home decor
I love how it brightened up my kitchen and I really love how it looks with my Dark gray cabinets.
I should mention that while I change a lot of things in the house some things are hard to let go of.
You see those signs above the cupboards.
Those were one of my very FIRST blogging posts.
You can see them HERE.
So while I change a lot of things, I also keep things that have sentimental value! :)
Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover using the power of Paint pittsburgh paramount boho bohemian diy blogger eclectic kitchen
There you have it.
My Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover using the power of Paint!
The whole family is loving the brighter and lighter feel of the kitchen.
That is why I love paint so much. A color can change your whole attitude! 
Thank you to Pittsburgh Paints & Stains® for providing the paint for my post!
Until next time,
Go Make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

DIY Quote ART without a cutting machine

home decor Diy Large scale Quote art without a cutting machine BOHO CHIC drink well travel often wanderlust diy
Welcome back my Beauties!
I have been working on a Kitchen makeover (which I am not ready to show yet) and decorating a new space in it.
So today I am going to show you how to make the LARGE 
DIY Quote art without a Cutting machine!
Now be warned. This project takes patience; but if I (the least patient person in the world) can do it, so can you!
This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love

First off, decide on what quote you want.
I loved "eat well travel often" but my husband has been a homebrewer for 20 years and he wanted "Drink Well Travel Often"
so I decided that would be a good quote too. 
Next, since it's LARGE Art, I chose a 
You can Order them or do like me and use your Coupon at the local craft and hobby store and get them CHEAP!
I think mine ended up being $18 with coupons.
Then you choose your stencils. I went with

Again, on sale and with coupon I think my stencils cost me $4
And last, you will need some cheap acrylic paint.
I had that at home but you can buy it for about a buck at the local craft store

That puts my project just under $25
Pretty cheap for some large scale art!

drink well travel often word art large scale diy canvas art boho home chic decor

Now here is where the patience is gonna be needed.
First lay out your stencil quote to decide on spacing.
I will tell you honestly,
I had planned on having the artwork be Portrait style,
but in my usual fashion, I changed my mind on what stencil I wanted as I was walking out the store not thinking about the fact that the new letters were bigger than the original ones I had and didn't measure those out in the store..
I got home and realized that but a quick fix was just to turn the canvas the long way...WHEW!

drink well travel often giant word art diy stencil canvas paint
Next step is for more patience.
I have been making signs for years and one of the biggest tricks is to start in the center. 
It's kind of like when you do tile work. You measure out from the middle. 
So just like ALL things in Life....Find your CENTER 
and work from there.
Since "DRINK" was a 5 letter word I knew the letter "I" would be the center. 
I put that in the center and painted that one on.
Then, since you are dealing with WET PAINT you have to wait for it to dry before you lay your next letter down so you don't smudge.
(I told you patience was KEY)
I will also tell you that I sped things along with a blow dryer.
I told you...I am not PATIENT! :)
So each letter goes on, gets dried and you work out from the middle.
drink well travel often BOHO WORD ART eclectic home decor do it yourself diy wall art

But the patience paid off.
I now have my LARGE DIY Quote Art 
hanging in my new space in my kitchen.
(I promise to be back SOON with that space)
I hope you like this DIY and I can't wait to see what you make!
Until next time,
Go make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!

Monday, January 30, 2017

EASY DIY Mandala Artwork

Boho Style easy diy mandala artwork canvas metallics gold and indigo

Welcome back my Beauties.
Last week I showed you my Budget Bohemian Bathroom Makeover and I promised to show you how I made the art work for my bathroom.

boho chic easy diy bohemian budget cheap bathroom makeover
This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
So here is how to make your SUPER Easy DIY Mandala Artwork.

thrifted frame deco art mandala stencil metallics and satin enamels paint boho chic eclectic decor
To start you will just need a few basic items.
You don't need to use the same colors I used and you can "FREE STYLE" all you like.
This is just a guideline.
For my bathroom I chose Deco Arts Satin Enamel in Denim
and Deco Arts Metallics in Gold.
I have had this thrifted frame sitting in my stash for years.
I also had my 16x20 canvas panels in my stash.
The PERFECT fit for my frame. Can you say CONVENIENT?
I wanted something fun and eclectic so I chose to use my 

boho chic decor diy easy mandala artwork canvas paint stencil

Now to cover your canvas you could really use any brush you wanted.
Since I was rushing and I wanted large texture for my background I actually just used my 
It's the same brush I use for furniture.
I simply dabbed my brush with some of my blue paint and made LARGE swirling brush strokes over the whole canvas.
I wanted it to have depth so I didn't fully cover my canvas. I wanted some of the white poking through behind giving it texture.

deco art easy diy stenciled chic boho style mandala canvas artwork

Once the canvas was dry I grabbed my Stencil
and decided where I wanted it.
I knew I wanted to cover almost 3/4s of my canvas so thats where I laid it.
Then I grabbed my metallic paint and a stencil brush
and brushed on my pattern.

This is what I had after the gold. Notice all the texture now that its dry.

Now to make the frame feel a little more FRESH and FUN
I just used the same blue paint and filled in the canvas part of the frame.
It went on darker because of the different material and I LOVED the richness it added.
Once everything was dry I popped it in the frame and it was ready for its close up.
easy diy mandala artwork boho chic painting canvas bohemian eclectic decor

I love having something fun and eclectic in the bathroom.
I also like having something that is one of kind.
easy diy mandala artwork boho chic painting canvas bohemian eclectic decor
See, I told you it was EASY!
I can't wait to see what you guys make!
Until next time,

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Budget Bohemian Bathroom Makeover ~ Before and After!


Welcome back my Beauties.
I have been working on multiple projects and pieces for the booth, but I have been itching to show you my Budget Bohemian Bathroom Makeover!
I tried to wait out the weather so I could get some nice natural light to photograph, but alas; I live in Michigan and LIGHT is not something we are in surplus of here. 
I could have brought in my photography lights, but being a bathroom there really was no where I could put them without them showing up in any of the mirrors in the room.
SO, in keeping the "KEEPIN REAL" theme I tend to lean towards ...Here it goes!
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master bathroom bath budget makeover before old 80s orange oak painted milk paint gray fixer upper boho style

Here is the BEFORE!
Now I know its not terrible, but we have lived in this house almost 20 years and this vanity is STRAIGHT OUT OF THE 80's.
That tell tale Golden Oak that was so popular.
Now I know from the pics it doesn't look too bad, but what you can't see are the deep grooves from our old dog trying to dig to China on one of the cupboards when she got scared during a thunderstorm.

Being a BUDGET makeover my goal was to keep as much stuff as I possibly could. The tile is still in great condition as well as all the fixtures. 
I didn't want to replace or spend money on anything I didn't have to.

The first goal of my makeover was to give the bathroom a little character. Our home is 70 years old but this bathroom at one time had been half the size and one of the previous owners knocked out the wall to a giant closet and doubled the size of the bathroom. That turned it into a big old square box shape. To give the room a little more fun and excitement I decided to use some Faux White Brick removable wallpaper.
I will tell you it took me 45 minutes to hang this one piece.
Seeing as our house it OLD..walls aren't completely straight and unlike regular wallpaper this stuff doesn't SLIDE around.
You have to make sure you have it positioned where you want it before press it down.
Once I got the first row down the rest went much faster.

driftwood gray general finishes milk paint painted bathroom cabinet vanity makeover diy before and after boho bathroom

Since I was working in a room the children need on a daily basis, I did things in steps.
You can see here once I had hung the wallpaper I put the medicine cabinets back up.
Now normally I would have painted before I put them back up but having all the stuff piled in the hallway wasn't really conducive to a functioning bathroom for the kids.
Now it was time to decide what color I wanted to paint the cupboards. I chose General Finishes Driftwood Gray.
Again I worked in stages to keep the bathroom functioning.
After I had my cupboard paint picked out I could choose wall color.
I had a color custom mixed to match the shading in the mortar of the wallpaper.

akeover painted vanity general finishes driftwood faux brick removable wallpaper diy artwork
And HERE is the AFTER!!!
I love how it all turned out.
My kids are pretty awesome and were oooohing and aahhhhing 
when I was done.

do it yourself mandala artwork eclectic boho chic budget bathroom makeover before and after

You can see here I kept the old towel bar and added some handmade art work above it. 
porcelain hand jewelry holder boho style chic eclectic bathroom decor makeover diy
For some of the decor I just grabbed stuff I have had around my house.
My sister gave me this porcelain hand when I was 13 years is now officially VINTAGE;
just like ME! :)
diy do it yourself hand painted stencil mandala artwork thrifted vintage frame bathroom boho budget makeover bohemian style eclectic
I will show you in another post how I made this simple piece of art work with a thrifted frame I have had for years and a Mandala Stencil  and Gold Metallic Paint
budget bohemian bathroom makeover before and after eclectic painted diy
Some thrifted items, handmade items, a gallon of paint and one roll of wallpaper made for a Budget Bohemian Bathroom Makeover.

bohemian budget bathroom makeover eclectic boho style painted vanity removable wallpaper diy artwork blogger before and after

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
I will be back soon with the DIY for the artwork and some other furniture pieces I have been working on.
Until next time,
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!