Monday, January 15, 2018

Roadside Rescue Eclectic Emerald Green Dresser Makeover

roadside rescued dresser chest of drawers makeover before veneer removal and repair
Welcome back my Beauties.
I have been waiting to show you this Roadside Rescued Eclectic Emerald Green Dresser for a while
and I am so happy to finally being able to get around to editing and posting it.
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It may look a bit familiar to you if you have been following me for a while. 
You can see the partner to the piece I did HERE
Both pieces were rescued at that same time and took almost the same amount of work to bring them back to functioning pieces of furniture.

wood veneer removal roadside rescued dresser makeover before and after repair boho chic
One of the first things that needed to be done with both pieces was to remove all the damaged veneer off of them.
This required a few days, some slivers and major tenacity.
As with the first piece the veneer did NOT want to come off.
Every method was tried again. You know....the Wet Towel to release the veneer. The heat gun to also try to release the glue holding the veneer. None of those worked. 
The only thing that did was to use a good ole paint scraper
I worked for hours to get every little bit I could off.
Once the veneer was removed I used my Belt Sander to get it to a nice smooth finish and remove all the little bits of veneer that were being stubborn :)

veneer removal sanding and finishing of roadside rescued dresser top finish

I mean, look at that wood underneath. 
I sometimes wonder why they laid the thin piece of wood over the solid slats of wood underneath. 
For the top I finished it off with the same finish as the previous piece.

general finishes emerald green water based milk paint roadside rescue dresser makeover before and after
But for the base I wanted a little more POP!
SO I chose General Finishes Emerald Green Milk Paint.
I gave the base 2 coats and cleaned up the original hardware and put those back on.

eclectic emerald green roadside rescued dresser before and after makeover veneer removal repair diy
I think you will agree that the green made it really POP!

general finishes emerald green  boho chic dresser makeover before and after roadside rescue water based milk paint
I actually tried to figure out a way to keep it for my own house, but as you know I can't keep everything.
So it went to my booth and it is now in someone else's home getting a second lease on life.before and after Roadside Rescued Dresser Makeover Emerald Green Eclectic Boho style

I think besides the green happy paint, the thought of keeping another piece out of the landfill makes me even happier.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
I am going to be a busy little bee
working on some more pieces
so be sure to check back to see what else I am working on.
If you are new here you can follow me over on 
I share a lot more of DIY in the moment stuff on there and would love to have you join me.
So until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Before and After Antique Library Table Makeover

before 6 leg spindle oval library table makeover eclectic diy do it yourself before and after general finishes
Welcome back my Beauties!
It feels good to be back in action again.
The Holidays were great but they really did cut into time I could work on projects.
I also have been waiting to get my new camera.
So this is my first post done with my
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I was nervous switching out brands of cameras but so far I am in love. 
Now onto the makeover! 
Now that the kids are all back in school, I have been able to get cracking.

library table makeover using gel stain finish and coastal blue general finishes milk paint
One of the projects I worked on was this cute little spindled library table.
I picked it up thrifting as it sat looking sad and lonely.
The top was scratched but nothing major and the legs were pretty beat up so I knew it would be perfect for a makeover.

six leg library table general finishes makeover before and after
You can see here how beat up the legs were.
To get started I just basically gave the table a good scrub down and got to work

coastal blue general finishes milk paint libary table makeover artisbeauty art studio

This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love

First things first, I started by painting the base with 
I had planned on mixing a custom color but I loved how this color looked as it was so I decided to keep it simple.
general finishes coastal  blue water based milk paint furniture makeover before and after do it yourself
You can see here how Deep and Rich the color is. I wasn't gonna mess with perfection on this one :)

general finishes brown mahogany gel stain library table makeover before and after do it yourself

For the top, I decided on 
I just wiped it on let it dry.

general finishes gel topcoat wipe on urethane satin finish library table makeover before and after

Then I used 

mahogany gel stain satin urethane finish coastal blue antique library table makeover before and after

This is after it dried....Would you look at that SHINE from that SATIN finish!!!
Just Gorgeous!

Coastal Blue antique library table makeover general finishes boho eclectic table before and after vintage brick wall ghost sign
I am so happy with how it turned out.
coastal blue general finishes milk paint antique library table makeover before and after mahogany gel stain finish
It feels good to get my hands dirty again after a few weeks off.
Hopefully you guys had a wonderful New Year.

before and after 6 leg library table makeover general finishes coastal blue and mahogany gel finish
Until Next time,
Have a Beautiful Day!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Favorite posts of 2017 from favorite posts of 2017 furniture makeover diy blogger before and after rustic before and after farmhouse bohemian eclectic decor
Happy New Year, my Beauties!
I wasn't going to do a "best of" but I am glad I finally got around to looking back over this past year.
I actually hadn't felt like I had accomplished much this year,
as I seem to be in a continual mode of trying to play CATCH UP with everything else going on. 
But once I started looking back it felt good to see how much I had accomplished over this last year.
I will show you a highlight below and all you have to do is click on the link for each picture if you want to see the full transformation.

This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
One of my personal favorites was this 
Emerald Green Roadside Rescue Dresser Makeover
If you read the post you will see that my husband had actually been out on a walk when he spotted it out in some ones trash and quickly ran home to ask me if I wanted it.
You can guess what that answer was!
Next was this free dresser from a friend of mine that became MY new dresser for my bedroom. This
Mid Century Mod Dresser Makeover 
was done specifically for me to KEEP.
Next, was my Bohemian Budget Bathroom Makeover
We have lived in our home almost 20 years and after all that time I finally couldn't take the golden oak cabinet any longer. 
Also I could kind of trust the kids to maybe not decimate it now that they were older, LOL!

By far, my favorite makeover this year has been my corner area where I Created an Eating Nook with IKEA benches
As I said before, we have lived here almost 20 years and this corner has been a pain for me for just as long.
I was so excited to finally figure out a way to properly use this space.
I know from looking at this little table it doesn't seem like that big of a makeover but if you click on the link you will see what a little BEAST this free table was.
This Simple Stenciled Side table Makeover 
had me testing my nerve and even gave me a few splinters.
I really liked the transformation on this, because it took it from outdated to SOLD in about a day.
You will see what products I used to transform it when you click on the link for my
Farmhouse Rolling Kitchen Cart Makeover
and see how I even used a LAXATIVE for a great finish! :)
And last but not least,
even though I had many more furniture projects this year,
Farmhouse Table and Bench Makeover 
was one of my most recent, and I was thrilled with how easy it was able to go from orange and outdated to fresh and fun.

As always, I am so thankful for all of you that have been following me along all these years.
These last few years have been a little bumpy with my mom and all and recalculating and making more time for the things I want out of life, but I am always so incredibly grateful that I always have had all of you BEAUTIFUL people who encourage me every day with your kind words and interest in what I do.
May the new year bring many blessings to all of you,
and may you look back to see all the good things in your life!
As always, Have a BEAUTIFUL day and a wonderful NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Updating a Farmhouse Style Table and Bench with General Finishes

beat up old farmhouse table before update with general finishes gel stain and paint
Welcome back my Beauties.
I am finally back with a makeover.
A while back I picked up this orangey pine table and bench.
You can't see from the pic, but it was pretty scratched and dented on the top, and the legs had some nice chew marks from a dog.
It was in great shape structurally, just needed a little lovin!

This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love

general finishes antique walnut gel stain farmhouse table makeover update diy

I knew I didn't want to go full sand and stripping so I lightly sanded the top and cleaned it and pulled out my 
general finishes antique walnut gel stain farmhouse table update before and after diy makeover
You can see from the photo here, what a difference just one coat of the gel stain did. I did a second coat after it dried just to add more warmth.
general finishes high performance water based top coat flat finish farmhouse table and bench makeover diy before and after
Once that was dry I decided to protect the top with
general finishes milk paint driftwood and persian blue custom creation color farmhouse table makeover
While the top was finishing drying I mixed up a custom color of
It was 3 parts Persian Blue and 1 part Driftwood.
I just wanted to gray up the blue a little.
general finishes custom color milk paint farmhouse table makeover before and after diy

I love how the gray blue worked with the warm walnut color of the top.
I am also happy to say it sold in like 2 days.

antique scale vintage general finishes antique walnut gel stain farmhouse table makeover rustic before and after

I love how the gel stain, accented the little grooves and markings that had been left on the top.
general finishes Farmhouse table and bench makeover diy before and after antique walnut gel finishs and milk paint
Hopefully I will get some more furniture makeovers done before the snow flies...
Its coming, I can feel it.
So I better get moving.
General Finishes Farmhouse style table and bench painted and java gel update diy
Until next time,
Have a Beautiful day!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Graphics Fairy Sheet music wreath using OLD CD

I love resharing this wreath!
Come see how easy it is to create your own!
(You can follow me on INSTAGRAM to keep up with what I have been working on) so I thought I would share an Oldie but a Goodie!
Here is one of my favorites. My sheet music Christmas wreath.!

diy craft vintage sheet music turned christmas holiday wreath
Good Monday Morning my Beauties! Well Its official...
I have caught my kids CRUD. :(  Luckily
I had gotten this project I have been wanting to do done
before the wonderful virus set in.

I have a stock pile of old sheet music that I had gotten at a bag at a thrift shop for $1.
Some of its really old and I decided not to touch that stuff, but the rest is 70's and 80's classical.
So I thought I would use those to make my wreath. BUT I didn't have a wreath form. It hit me while
I was in my CRAP/CRAFT room that I have a bunch of old scratched Cd's in there.
They are round and sturdy and I thought an added bonus that a MUSIC wreath was going to be put on an old CD :)
(Bonus if you don't have sheet music you can go over to the Graphics Fairy and
she has vintage sheet music you can print off)

I started rolling my half sheets of sheet music and hot gluing them when they were rolled.
I then hot glued them to the CD working in a opposite pattern. (kinda like how you take the lug nuts off a tire..:))

I kept adding layers and then as I wanted it fuller I cut the half sheets in half again and made a middle smaller rolled section. When that was set I went over to the Graphics Fairy and got this cute little Vintage Angel

I added her to the middle using my hot glue gun and then used a piece of some silver sprigs that I had left over from Christmas Decorating.
copied vintage sheet music craft old cd hot glue gun graphics fairy christmas holiday wreath decoration
My Christmas Sheet music wreath now hangs on my front door.

I love the adorable little greeting that she is to people coming into our home.
Well, thats all I have for today..Hopefully by the time you read this
I am on my way to feeling MUCH better.
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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