Friday, July 3, 2015

champagne crate inspired table

One of my first posts I did way back when I first started Blogging.
I fell in love with it then and had to keep it.
I STILL have it and LOVE IT!
I haven't tired of it yet!

I still have this table and my feet are presently propped up on it while typing..:)

Good Morning my Beauties. I am just so psyched to tell you about this project. I don't know if you remember back this summer while I was camping with my Family up in Pentwater Michigan, my husband and I got a chance to go dumpster diving.  Above in the picture are just some of the things we got in the diving expedition.  :)  One of those items was this table. As you can see from the picture it was missing one of the edge pieces and it was very very wobbly and the top boards were popping up. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I mean, WHO would throw this away??????  :O
When we got home my husband found a scrap piece of wood and attached it and then used my wood burning tool to etch in some lines.  (I would have done it, I just think he was hoping if  he did this right away I would finish it right away)  YEAH RIGHT!!!

SOOOO it sat like this in the shed for almost 4 months waiting for inspiration!!

Well it never came until I pulled out a bunch of other furniture and decided to just paint a bunch at the same time.  Just like when I do a painting, sometimes the inspiration comes while you are working on it and SHAZAM!!  that's what happened with this one.

I decided I would only paint the legs and side of the table. I would let some of the spray get on the top but not too much.

When it was dry I sanded off a bunch of spots on the top and in the middle. It was at this point I decided that I wanted it to look like an old crate of some kind....BUT WHAT???  I had planned on going to the graphics fairy for an old label or something, but then I remembered taking a picture of an old wine crate a while back.

So I enlarged it and put it on the table...then to add more graphic I just used my word processor and made up Cateau grand vin....(I don't even know what it means...I think it means country house of grand wine....who cares....I loved how it looked)

This is where I used my carbon paper to transfer the image...(no freezer paper transfer for this...tooo big...:(  )

Then I got to painting in. When it was dry I sanded it down again to look worn. Then I went over with some wood stain. I only did it in certain spots though. I didn't want it to look uniform. I wanted it to look worn and old.

I am IN LOVE with how it turned out. It had started out as a project to sell in my booth at CHANGING THYMES and ended up as part of my family.

My husband (who I adore at his love for all my stuff..even if it isn't the greatest) came home from work and said.."YOU CAN'T SELL THIS" "IT'S TOO COOL"

My heart melted at that. So welcome to the family champagne table....I hope you like it here. Because you fit in with this family. A little bit worn and wobbly, but beautiful to those who love you.  Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend. We have bon-fires and kids stuff planned for the weekend so I might actually get a break.  :)             

Until Next time,
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blue Bar Makeover Using Gel Stain and Paint.

 Hello again my Beauties!
Its time for another Makeover, using a product I have never used before!

 I started with this fun little bar that I had purchased at a garage sale for $5
You can see that it had seen plenty of use and was a bit beat up.

 Recently I had purchased some General Finishes Java Gel Stain. 
I had never tried the Gel Stain before and was anxious to see how this would work out.
The top was pretty bad.
SO I had my fingers crossed that I would have to pull out my sander.

 I lightly sanded the top with a small piece of sand paper just to make sure there was no glue or boogers..(you know how often I get blessed with boogers on my thrift pieces...EWWW)
Once that was done I wiped it off with some windex, let it dry and put on my Gel Stain.
IT WAS SO EASY!! I wiped it on...let it dry and did another coat.
THAT was IT! No sanding and staining...just clean and wipe.
For the base I mixed up a custom color I like to call Blue Jean Blue and painted the base.
I waxed and distressed the base and she was ready to be photographed.

 Can you say LOVE!!!
Doesn't that look like wood grain.?!
That is just from me wiping and putting pressure in certain spots when wiping.
It gives it a faux grain look.

This was honestly one of the easiest makeovers I have done to date!
As for the Java Gel Stain!!! 2 thumbs up! 
I plan on using it again and again!

I hope you enjoyed the latest makeover!
Until next time...
Go Make someones day BEAUTIFUL!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Something to Talk About LINK Party and FEATURES!


Good Morning My Beauties!~

Its time to LINK up!

Come see who is Featured this week.


If you’re not familiar with the link party – this is how it works. Our party kicks-off at 6:00 AM Est. every Monday morning and runs until Thursday at 5:00 PM. Throughout the next few days, many bloggers will link up their favorite crafts, diy projects, recipes and more – you’ll get to see it all below, loads of inspiration at it’s BEST.  Just press the links and it will direct to that bloggers post. Be sure you come back again in a few days to see what everyone is sharing, as more posts get linked each day!
If you’re a blogger we are so excited for you to join us! It’s a great way to make some new friends and share your creative ideas throughout the week, and on Social Media too.
Lets get this party started!

 Here is what I have been working on!

 This past week has been a busy one.
I converted an old Coffee Table into
an upholstered bench..You can see that
makeover HERE
I had my Post for
go can see that HERE
and I did a fun little makeover on
a Rustic Phone table that you can see HERE.

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My FEATURES for this Week are..
This GORGEOUS Industrial Farmhouse table
 BY Anderson and Grant

and this Beautiful Herringbone antique 
cabinet by REFRESH living

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Vicki and Jennifer from 2 Bees in a Pod || Facebook || Instagram |Pinterest || Twitter 
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I’m linking up to the Something to Talk About Link Party today.  Go on over and see all the fabulous diy, crafts, furniture makeovers and more.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Things happening at Art is Beauty!

Good Morning my Beauties!
Its been a busy week here at the Art Is Beauty home
so I thought I would do a quick post 
to catch you all up.
First of all
My NEW post for
is up. 
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to stop over and check it out.
You can see the Full POST HERE

 Also after years of putting it off,
I finally uploaded some of my paintings that people have been asking me about
My COVENTINA is the most asked about so I uploaded a canvas print you can see
You can now purchase Canvas artwork prints or even Posters and Pillows
of a few of them.
If you are interested you can see my featured products HERE.
Including this Pillow

So THAT is what has been going on here...oh and Braces appts....and birthdays and Camping..

Leave it to us Michiganders to suck every minute of life out of our Summers.
We know we won't see it again for another year!

Hopefully you guys are all caught up now.
I hope my Beauties are having a great summer so far.
Thanks for making my day BEAUTIFUL!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rustic Phone Table Makeover Themed Furniture Makeover

I am so excited today!
Its one of my favorite days of the MONTH!
and this months THEME is RUSTIC!
Now I believe this table is what you might call rustic!
A bit TOO rustic for me thanks!
While I wanted to keep a bit of the rustic, I also wanted to pretty it up...JUST A BIT! :)

I grabbed my general finishes Milk Paint in Persian Blue
and Java Gel stain and got to work.
The piece already had been sanded I think with the intent to refinish,
But the person who had it never got that far and it looks like they left it sitting outside in the rain. 
So I stained the drawer front and started painting the base.
I loved that the milk paint allows me to make it sleek or rustic.
Once I was done painting I just lightly distressed to go along with the RUSTIC theme and
added a RUSTIC little Bird Pull to the front of the drawer.
I loved the patina on it and thought it was the perfect match for this piece.

I think you will agree it looks much better than before, but still a bit RUSTIC!
Be sure to visit all my bloggy friends who are participating in the Themed Furniture Makeover!
They are sure to be great!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Old Coffee Table turned Upholstered Bench

Hello again my Beauties!
I have another fun makeover for you today.
I have had this coffee table sitting in my garage for 2 years...
Shhhh don't tell my hubby I admitted it.
He gets a bit perturbed when projects sit and I don't do anything to them for a while. 
This one had confounded me. You see, coffee tables are not HUGE sellers around here,
let alone, long 70s fake laminate top coffee tables.
Now I know I could have simply painted it and tried to sell it as a coffee table,
but I knew it had a better purpose.
I just had to figure out what it was.

Well;  INSPIRATION always seems to hit me when I have about 10 other projects going on
and this project was no different.
I was working on another (5) projects when I had a face palm moment.
(actually I was moving my craft stash and found my batting and thought DUH...
Lets make it a bench!
So I unscrewed the top of the table from the base and got to work.

Once I had the top off, I grabbed my fabric batting, cut it to size and started 
stapling it to the board.
Once I had my batting stapled with it curving around the edges to make it soft all the way around 
I got to upholstering my fun fabric that I had picked out.

For those that ask "HOW", I say its like wrapping a present.
I pull the one side and staple it down, making sure to keep it in line;
then do the opposite side pulling it taunt as I staple it.
Then you go to the others.
When you get to the corners you carefully fold it in being careful not to bunch
and lay it nice and flat then staple it. 
After I was done with that I went on to painting the base.
I chose a nice neutral gray to go with the fabric.
I think you will agree...
It looks much better as a Bench than it did as that dirty old coffee table.

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover!
Until next time...
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.