Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Before and After Laundry Room Floor Makeover "the RUNWAY"

Good Morning again my BEAUTIES!
I have a fun and pretty quick little makeover project to show you this morning.
We just redid our laundry room/hallway floor that connects to the little powder room 
I did this winter.

You can see the Powder room makeover HERE
Well I know you think that BLOGGERS LOVE to do huge intricate difficult crazy high end
projects..BUT, man oh just got to go with Sticky Tiles..:)
You heard me.
Our latest project used sticky tiles.
 You see this part of the floor is what we like to call....THE RUNWAY!
It connects the garage to the kitchen. In it is the Main Floor Laundry (which the people who built this house in the early 1960s even had the for thought to think of since they also had a large family)
and the half bath. It contains one coat closet and the cleaning supplies closet.
It is a very very busy area.
When we had originally discussed the bath makeover we were planning on continuing on the tile from the bath into the hallway.
For those of you have done tile work,
you know how long the process takes.
You have your subfloor you have to lay..then you have to cement your tiles in..
then you have to grout the tile..then seal the tile and wait 3 days for the sealer to cure.
How long do you think we could go without using this hallway???
Are you catching my drift.
My hubby decided while we were doing the bath..that Tiling the hallway 
Having a family of six..he knew that just one day missing laundry to move the machines out was going to create an enormous back up of getting our front loaders in and out into the garage was really not a fun thing he wanted to think about so we had to go back to the drawing board.
Now when we had first moved into our house almost 20 years ago we had changed this floor.
Even back then we had used a very good sticky tile.
So good in fact it did NOT want to come up.
While starting this project we had to keep a row of the OLD tiles down in the middle so we could keep using the runway until we were ready to start laying tiles.
Now if you follow me on PERISCOPE (its a new live broadcasting app)
You were able to watch as we started this project
You can find me on periscope by searching Art is Beauty
and you can see more live broadcasts.
Once all the old tiles were up we were able to start laying the new tiles.
I should mention before we started we popped off all the shoe molding so that when we were done we could pop it back on and give a cleaner look to the tile.
We found the center of our floor and stared laying the tiles out from there.
Now we still had to move the washer and dryer, but instead of moving them all the way out of the house what we did was once the floor was mostly done in front of the machines we
covered the floor to protect it and just popped the machines forward..
we found SO MANY TREASURES behind them. :)
Things I had been going crazy looking for had mysteriously ended up behind the washing machine!
 This also gave us a great excuse to clean..:)
we cleaned out the dryer vent tube and all the other good stuff that likes to go behind appliances and got to work on the floor behind there.
Its so fun working in confined spaces...
finishing behind the dryer and getting ready to put the shoe molding back on.
Once behind the washer and dryer was done and the molding back on we could push them back,
finish the couple compound cuts that had to be made along the wall and we would have our runway back in RUNNING order.

Here is looking down the runway to the garage door.

and here is the view looking towards the kitchen and POWDER ROOM
I love how it turned out.
We just used a very thick high grade sticky tile from one of our local home stores.
It has the grout line built in but you can also choose to grout on top of that too.
We are sticking with this for now, but maybe in the future we will grout it.:)
 I am so happy with the difference and the fact that it really only took one full day to complete.
The only tools we needed were a very sharp utility knife, some scissors and a straight edge.
I hope you enjoyed this fun makeover and that you are having a fabulous summer.
Until next time,
Go make someones day Beautiful!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Something to Talk About LINK Party and FEATURES



Good Morning My Beauties!~

Its time to LINK up!

I am soooo excited for my featured picks this week.

They are absolutely stunning.

Come see who is Featured this week.


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  I have been working on multiple projects but last week I showcased my BUILD IT YOURSELF

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I have long been a huge fan of the Turquoise Iris so I am so excited to showcase this STUNNING 



I told you they were gorgeous.!


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Play room turned Art is Beauty Art Studio for under $200 REVEAL

Well my Beauties, its finally HERE!
The REVEAL of my finished Art Studio.
I know you have all been patiently waiting to see it
and now the time is finally here.

If you remember, this is the BEFORE.
It was suppose to be a quick project of ripping out carpet, 
painting and moving in and making it my studio,
but then we found water damage......
So you know what that meant....
You can see all of the first post HERE

You can see from this picture that I had gotten through with the hydraulic cement
and moved on to dry locking. 
That was fun!  NOT!!

Also I had sprayed my trusses.
I wanted to have and industrial feel in the room but still wanted the
white ceiling. This really lightened up the room,
but it was an ALL day process. That old pine soaked up the paint like water in the desert.
You can see on the wall where if my sprayer got clogged I would work spray graffiti on the wall
to make sure it was started back up. 
(hey when you are doing mind numbing work you need some entertainment) :)
Plus all the walls were going to be painted the same white as the ceiling :)

Now it was time for the FUN part.
I had never ever...ever never...never ever...painted  faux brick before.
But I didn't let that stop me.
Did I youtube it.?..NOPE...
Did I look on Pinterest.?...NOPE..
I just grabbed a bunch of paints and started working the wall..
I first put down a almost dark purple color.
I wanted to make sure my brick had depth.
Since real old brick has tons of different colors in it
I knew I had to have LAYERS.
I roller'ed on my purple paint not being too careful.
I wanted to make sure some other colors would show through in the end.
I then went over that with a Dirty gray.
That gave even more depth to the color.
After that I mixed up a custom Brick color that I wanted.
Not to red and not too orange. 

I again used a sponge roller to put that on.
I used the sponge roller after a couple different things because if you didn't fill the roller it left 
little gaps and let the other colors show through, which exactly what I was going for.
After all the paint was dry I used a dark glaze to antique up the brick.
Concentrating on certain areas of the brick to make it look OLD.
At this point I was in LOVE.
But I had a vision from the very beginning.
This was one of those projects that I could see in my head before I even started.
I KNEW what I wanted this room to look like..
I just had no idea HOW I was going to do it.
My inspiration had been old new york apt.  Vintage brick with what are called "ghost signs" on the brick
Vintage advertising.
This was what my head had seen when it envisioned my studio.
thanks to my friend Shelly from Shizzle.
It was finally going to be a reality.
She gave me this overhead projector YEARS ago.
Like....that's how I met her...
I was saying how I NEEDED one..
she lived by me and said...I have can have it.
and we have been friends ever since.
And oh yeah...the projector has sat in my basement since then..
Hubby really LOVED that. 
He wanted to get rid of it and I said..NO...I know I am going to need it..
and I DID....
I used a graphic from "the graphics fairy"
and projected it on my wall.
I grabbed my brushes and paint and started laying it down.
While the paint was drying on the ad.
I started putting down my flooring.
We had gone back and forth on whether or not I was going to paint the floor.
But we had to rip out the tack strips from the cement and it left gouges and holes where
they had been. 
I found these cheap vinyl wood floor strips that are self stick at menards.
So far the only MONEY I had spent on the room was the drylock.
I had everything else on hand. 
I ended up doing the entire floor for $80 
and it was so easy.
We had it done in a day.

So now its time...
Time for the final reveal...
Here she is..
In all her glory!!!
The paneling was painted...
the trim was up..
and I could move my stuff in.
All my furniture
was from Garage sales and Goodwill.
The Easel and Everything.
The Mid Century Mod Italian Chair. I got for 6 bucks.
I looked it up and they are Rare and sell for over $150
I am so glad I hung onto it until I could use it in my studio.
The kids old playroom shelves now held my art supplies.

I used Gold stencil cream to stencil on one of my fave quotes right on the wall as you walk
in and then just framed it with a gold frame.

I put my antique school desk in and started hanging some of my paintings on my
gallery wall.
and my desk is filled with all things that make me happy.
Even these vintage water color pencils.
My father in law found them for me.
I had them when we were kids.
They were my favorite pencils.
He found them NEW in the box.
Some old art teacher was selling her stuff and
he thought of me.
He is pretty sweet :)

I honestly LOVE my new art studio!

It is my favorite room in my house now.
I find myself just sitting in here even when I am just drinking coffee.
It is truly "where I want to be"

It turned out exactly how I had envisioned it in my head.
I can't believe I finally have my own creative space.
A place to call my own and my refuge when I need some Me time.

I look back at the old pictures and I can't even believe it was the same room.
So from a quick makeover 
to a full on construction that ended up costing me under $200

Dry lock    $35
Vinyl floor $80
Trim           $50

That's a lot of transformation for not so much money!
I couldn't be more thrilled.
I hope you enjoyed the reveal.
If you wold like to keep up with 
what I am up to IN the MOMENT 
(many who follow me on instagram got to see previews of this room)
You can follow me on many of the platforms.
Just click on the links and you can just click follow.

I would LOVE to have you follow me.

Until next time,
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL
Creativity Unleashed Link Party
Weekend Bloggy Reading

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Custom Built DIY Industrial Table Using Rescued Materials

Hello again my BEAUTIES!
Its time for this months THEMED FURNITURE MAKEOVER!
This months THEME  is Industrial

Now if you remember back a bit, you may remember me building this.
Well While I was building that, my hubby in a frenzy to use up all the left over
rescued wood we had (including these legs) 
decided to build this little table.
Its basically the same sort of build as the above farm house table but on a much smaller level
and with no overhang on the apron.
Well when I was done I saw the table and what should I do to it.
This project just happened to coincide with me needing a project with our Themed Furniture Makeover I thought..HOW CAN I MAKE THIS INDUSTRIAL???
I painted the legs and stained the top all while trying to see what I would do next.
Well, again in my scrap/rescue pile I had these corner brackets. They had been sitting for a while and I thought..."how about I add them to the corners of the table to give it a more industrial look"
I screwed the brackets on all four corners, distressed the legs and waxed and buffed them
and then fell in love with how it all came together.
This little table made from a pile of scraps and leftovers
was now a fun and functional piece of furniture.
I brought it in to my booth and it sold the same day.
So hopefully someone else loved it just as much as I did. :)
I can't wait to see what my friends do.
Make sure you POP on over to see what they did with this months THEME!
Until next time,
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL