Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Be~YOU~tiful Link Party, Features and an ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Hello!!!  It's my turn to pick features this week, but before I get to that,  Karin and I have an announcement.  As of March 2, we will be joining a group of talented and creative bloggers for a new link party called Something To Talk About.  What does this mean for you?  Well, it means more exposure for your projects!  There are 7 bloggers joining forces for this link party, so it's sure to be a perfect place to share your work on a larger scale.  Check back here, or on my Facebook page, on Monday to start linking up all your amazing projects!
I have been working on projects and getting ready for SPRING even though
it feels nothing close like Spring Here.
But I figure I would paint this desk
a spring color to make it feel a bit more like it.
You can see the Makeover



NOW to the real stars of this show!!  This weeks features for our last Be~YOU~tiful Party!!

First up is this adorable and creative idea from Little House of Four for a laundry room tip jar.  How cute is this?  A great solution for all that change you find while doing the laundry!  Better yet, is how she took a jar she had on hand and repurposed it so perfectly!

Next up is this fun map coordinates pillow from Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}.  She added map coordinates for her town on an IKEA pillow cover.  What a cool idea!!  I've never thought to use map coordinates in my decor, but now I'm on the lookout for where to use them!

Then there's this beautiful IKEA computer cabinet turned craft cabinet from Dragonfly & Lily Pads.  I  am a sucker for skeleton keys and she did a gorgeous job adding them to her craft cabinet.  The colors she chose and how she layered the paint makes this boring IKEA cabinet look like a piece of art!

 A big thank you to everyone who has linked up over the past few months.  Make sure to stop by on Monday and link up your projects for even more exposure!  The new link party is called Something To Talk About and I can't wait to see what you've all been working on!


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THINK SPRING! Green Vintage Waterfall Desk Painted Makeover

Hello again my Beauties!
Since SPRING refuses to show us any sign here
I have decided to bring you some spring
in the form a furniture makeover.

I picked up this vintage waterfall desk at a thrift shop
and as you can see from the picture it was in pretty bad shape.
I paid more than I normally would have 
but Pickins is SLIM.
I know Waterfall style has been on the outs and people kept telling me how they
couldn't GIVE them away before but I am starting
to love the soft rounded yet angular shape of this style of furniture.
So I figured this was the best piece to use for a spring makeover.
I had no idea what I was going to do with this piece.
I sat and stared at it for a while and even asked it..
What do you want me to do with you.
It didn't answer me...OUT LOUD at least...:)
The top was the worst of the whole piece.
The finish was pretty terrible and had some weird bleached out stain.
While I waited to see what color it wanted to be I started sanding the top and
drawer fronts.
I took off the hardware, of which ONE pull was missing.
I didn't know what I wanted to do with that either.????

 After sanding and staining the drawer fronts and then on a whim Spray painting the hardware and finding enough pulls for the top drawer to spray paint I finally decided
with the warm wood town and the Gold hardware that it wanted to be a nice 
fun SPRINGY green.
I chose American Paint Companys NaNa's Cupboard.
I gave it a couple coats and
then waxed with clear wax.
I added a little light glaze after I buffed it to make the small details pop a little.
 and THIS is how she turned out!
I love how all colors work together!
I never thought the drawer fronts would turn out that nice.

 and I LOVE how the Gold worked with the wood tone and
and the bright spring green!
Now there is only ONE problem.
I can't decide if I want to sell it.
Its been sitting in my studio for over a week while I try to decide.
I have been having this problem a lot lately and I am
sure it has got to do with being stuck inside all winter.
I am sick of looking at the same furniture.
So Hopefully it warms up soon 
and the hubby can stop worrying about swapping out furniture.
Don't forget to come back for the LINK party either.
Until next time;
Go make someones day Beautiful!
Furniture Feature Fridays

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Simple Chair Makeover Themed Furniture Makeover

Hello again my Beauties.
I have a super simple makeover for you guys today.
I am part of a Themed Furniture Makeover Group
and this months Theme was "CHAIRS"

Luckily, since I have been so busy I had done a chair way back in the Fall
and NEVER had a chance to post about it.
I had grabbed this chair at a local thrift shop for a few bucks.
I loved the style of it but the legs were pretty beat up
and the fabric was can see...
It wasn't FABRIC...It was plastic.

I pulled off the PLASTIC cover and removed the seat and decided I was going 
to use a swatch of fabric that I had grabbed in a pile of scraps I bought.
My Creme De Menthe color from Maison Blanche was the
perfect match for the fabric I chose.
I recovered the seat and got to painting.

I painted the chair with two coats and a simple clear wax .
I buffed it up and she was ready for her seat to be put back on.

You can see the fabric here.
It cost me less than a dollar.
It was like it was made for this color.

I love how the soft blue green pulled out all the colors in the fabric.

It really rejuvenated the chair and gave 
it a fresh new look.
I miss seeing my patio....I looked back at these pics to start editing for the 
project and realized its been months since it hasn't been covered in snow.
I can truly say I am OVER winter...:)
But if you are like me and still coupled up you can be sure
to spend some time 
checking out the chair makeovers my friends have done!

Also be sure to stop over to the Be~YOU~tiful LINK party 
and link up your Beautiful projects.
You can link up HERE
Until next time;

go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Be~YOU~tiful LINK party and FEATURES

Hello!!!  Welcome to another Be~YOU~tiful link party and features!
 I can't wait to see what Be~YOU~tiful things you guys are gonna 
bring to the party this week!

I myself have been working like a crazy person
but I finally finished our half bath makeover.

You can see the full Makeover HERE
and You can even see a video of me SINGING while I work. :)

But enough of that;

Lets get onto the FEATURES!

I am always so IMPRESSED with what you guys do..
Keep it coming and be sure to tell your friends!

 First up is this,

 Gorgeous Succulent wreath from Twelve O Eight

Next up.....

 "this is me" Mixed Media Canvas by Carmen Whitehead Designs

and as far as furniture makeovers go..
It was love at first sight
when I saw this

 Gorgeous Vintage Stanley Buffet Makeover by Urban Patina 
And last but not least...
what a perfect spot for this

Awesome Kitchen Chalkboard by White Tulip Designs


Now it's your turn!  Share what you've been working on.  I'm so inspired by your projects and look forward to seeing your work.

Get Ready to Link UP!

 Now lets see what you have been working on!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Finished Tiny Half Bathroom (powder room) Remodel.

 Good Morning my Beauties!
I am finally showing you the full Reveal of our Teeny Tiny Itsy Bitsy Half Bath Makeover.
If you don't recall the Before post is HERE
In the video you can see me not only GROUTING..but SINGING while I grout.
Please remember that I do not claim to have the best singing voice..or the best lyrics
but I do love working on projects and so I sing when I work! :)

When I left you last time
I was JUST getting to the grouting.
so it looked like THIS...

 That meant it was time to mix up the grout.
I read the instructions to get the proper consistency 
and started mixing.
 My daughter even wanted to get in on the "girl power" and helped 
me mix.
Its a really good arm workout.
Once the grout had set and stirred again it was time to finally start.
Here I am like in the video troweling on the grout.
You use the float to push the grout down into all the little spaces. The float has a tapered edge that you then use to scrape across the top of the tiles to make sure you don't waste too much grout on the top of the tiles. Since the bathroom is so tiny it only took about 45 minutes for me to grout the whole thing. After waiting the recommended time you then wipe the tiles with a damp...almost DRY sponge...You don't want a ton of water you are just trying to make sure the grout is good and down between and that you are getting the majority off of the top of the tiles.

Here you can see the above the sponge spot that had been WIPED and the below which had not.
After you are all done wiping and you look carefully that you didn't miss any spots you then have to be patient and WAIT. 
You can use a dry cloth to lightly buff the tiles to get any additional residue off the tiles 
but you need to stay off a couple days to let the grout cure.
You also have to let it cure for the sealer. 
Since this is a busy bathroom I wanted to make sure that it got a good sealer and did two coats.
It will help keep that grout cleaner; for longer.
Once that was done it was time to start putting the bathroom BACK together.
With some help from the HUBBY of course!
 Here he is putting up the new trim before we could install the new
toilet and sink.
Once the toilet and sink were in there would be no way to get trim back behind it.
He did an amazing job with the trim that I painted 
and then he could install the new low flow toilet and
sink vanity base.
Then it was on to the vessel sink and faucet.
The only hiccup we had at this part is that the faucet we purchased came with a Regular drain. 
Vessel sinks do not have overflows so those types of drains don't work.
We needed a vessel sink drain. 
So we had to run to the store mid project and buy a $15 vessel sink drain.
There always has to be ONE of those kind of issues when working on a project...:)
Once all the fixtures were installed and NO leaks it was time for me to put the finishing touches on the bathroom.
I had never realized that our biggest issue was going to be a mirror.
because the bathroom is so small and we have to have the sink close to the wall there
were only a few choices for a mirror above the sink that wouldn't look Weird.
We chose an oval mirror that could give us the height we wanted and also be centered over the sink.
What we also didn't think about with a vessel is???
I was freaking a little after all the planning I had done on this project
that something as little as soap would cause such a fit.
Hubby to the rescue.
We hit a local decor store and found a cute little shelf
for right under the mirror.
It was the exact width of the sink base and fit my eclectic style that 
I love. 
I didn't want the bathroom to be totally MODERN since the vanity and vessel sink 
lean that direction, so I had picked the faucet to soften that.
The oval beveled mirror and little shelf added to that.
It was finally becoming the bathroom I dreamed of.

So here it is...
I had a HECK of a time photographing this room since it is such a small space.
So I hope you can see the difference it made.

Every time I walk in this room I smile.
That tile makes me happy and the fact that its finally 
makes me even happier!
Until next time;
Go make someones day Beautiful!
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Be~YOU~tiful Link Party going on now!~
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