Tuesday, April 18, 2017

DIY Medallion Wall Art from an Old Shelf

Deco art chalky finish paint and old shelf used to make a medallion print wall art diy blogger boho chic

Welcome back my Beauties. 
I have been a painting fool, trying to build up a finished inventory again now that we are back from spring break.
One of the fun things is to find old pieces of scrap wood and make fun wall hangings and artwork.
So today I am going to show you how I took an old shelf from an entertainment center and created a fun bohemian fleur medallion artwork.
First things first was to give the old square shelf a quick coat of Deco Arts Chalky finish paint in Preservation

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Once the board was dried, I grabbed my Fleur Medallion Stencil and laid it on top of the board.
deco art chalky finish paint fleur medallion stencil diy artwork boho chic stencil brush paint
I used my stencil brush to lay down my chalky finish paint in Keepsake. I loved how the green POPPED on top of the deeper blue paint.
deco art americana acrylic sealer matte finish diy fleur medallion artwork stencil

Once the whole piece was dry I distressed it 
and used Americana's Sealer in Matte finish to seal the piece.
diy fleur medallion boho chic bohemain home decor wall art deco art americana
Once it was all dry I drilled a hole in each corner and fed some jute cord through and tied them off so if I wanted to I could hang the piece.
diy fleur medallion boho chic bohemain home decor wall art deco art americana
For picture purposes I chose to just set it on my mantle.

diy fleur medallion artwork from old shelf and paint and stencil boho chic bohemian decor
I love how easy it was to take this old beat up board that used to be part of discarded entertainment center, and turn it into a piece of art that was saved from the scrap pile.
I hope you enjoyed this latest upcycle makeover.
Hopefully soon I will have the furniture makeovers photographed and be able to show you their transformations.
Until next time,
have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Updating the Legs of my DIY Build it Yourself FARMHOUSE Table

updating the legs of a DIY build it yourself Farmhouse TABLE painted makeover GENERAL FINISHES Karin Chudy
Welcome back my Beauties!
I have been meaning to show you this makeover for a while
but you know, LIFE HAPPENS!

DY build it yourself farmhouse table for under $100

but I wanted to give it a bit of an update. 

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diy build your own farmhouse table makeover osbourne wood square farm dining table legs
I decided to update the table with some Osbourne Wood Products Square Farm Dining Table legs. 
I loved the square details that kept with the feeling of the farmhouse feel with a little more classic style.

removing and replacing and udating the legs of your build it yourself diy farmhouse table makeover
First things first. 
I would have to remove the legs.
Since I built the table I knew how to take it apart. 
I flipped the table over and laid it on a cloth to keep from scratching the top.
taking the apron off the old farmhouse table to replace legs diy build it yourself
Next, I took the apron off from the skirt around the the table top.
This is where all the hidden screws were that were holding the old legs on.
removing replacing and updating the legs of the diy build it yourself farmhouse table

I unscrewed the old screws and had to use a little muscle to break off where the wood glue had done a good job assisting the strength of the screws.
attaching the new square farmhouse table dining legs drill screws woodwork build it yourself do it yourself
I put the new legs in place keeping them square and rescrewed them back into the table top and re attached the skirt. 
general finishes DRIFTWOOD waterbased milk paint
Now I waited a few months before I actually got around to painting the legs, because as I said...LIFE HAPPENED!
But when I finally painted them I chose

This has become one of my favorite neutral grays. 
I love how the slight change in the shape of the leg and the gray color really gave the table some UMPH!!

DIY FARMHOUSE TABLE UPDATE general finishes seagull gray osbourne square farmhouse dining table legs diy

It flows with all the rest of my decor as well.
Just remember; its just paint!
Don't be afraid to try something fun and different!
Now go make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Roadside Rescue Free Russell Woodard MCM Patio Chair set Spray Painted Makeover

(hitting replay of one of my favorite makeovers that I kept) 

Hello again my Beauties!
(UPDATE...thanks to an awesome reader I found out these are Highly collectible
 Mid-Century Modern SPUN Fiberglass Russell Woodard Chairs....I am so glad I kept them) 
I have been meaning to show you this makeover for over a month now.
I was going through some pictures on my computer and realized I never showed you
this makeover.
 One night over a month ago on a walk we came across three of these chairs for free on the side of the road.
Well...as a SUCKER for FREE furniture you know I picked them up.
The one above went to my booth but the other 2 were going to be mine.
They just needed a little WORK.
 Here is a close up of the wicker and cushions before...
They were kinda....well...YUCK.
The cushions were dirty and out dated and the wicker had lost parts of its old paint job,
but the chairs themselves were oh so COMFY and I love the cool style!
I quickly gave the chairs a couple coats of Black Spray Paint and got to
work on the chairs.

 Now I tried to be FANCY with the cushions and use this fancy dancy special spray paint...
Well, as you can tell..NO, it didn't work.
The plastic mesh type material was no match for the expensive fabric spray paint.

So I went with my favorite standby!
I grabbed a couple cans of my favorite Rustoleum spray paint and gave the cushions 2 coats.
It worked perfectly.
I mean..why had I gone through all that trouble before I tried good old spray paint?

 The nice part about forgetting to post is that I can tell you..
the spray paint has held up FABULOUSLY. 
No flaking..No Peeling...They look as good as they did the first day.
I love them and we have been putting them to good use while
we FINALLY enjoy some nice weather here in Michigan!
Until next time;
go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Emerald Green Rescued Dresser Before and After

emerald green boho dresser makeover BEFORE roadside rescue Free makeover diy blogger
Welcome back my Beauties!
I have a bright and beautiful makeover for you today!
A couple weeks ago my husband was out taking the dog for a walk and saw our neighbor had this dresser out for the trash. He quickly walked home and asked me if I wanted it.
I gave him the "LOOK" that conveyed "of COURSE I do!" and "HURRY UP BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GRABS IT!" 
(normally I would have run out with him, but I had literally just stepped out of the shower)
The next thing you know I see him walking back up the road pushing this on my dolly...He didn't even mess around with the truck...he figured he took the dog for a walk, he might as well take the dresser for a walk! :)
It was in ok condition. It was a mix of particle board covered in "WOOD" looking stickers and solid wood.
The top was in almost perfect condition just needed to be cleaned up.
But the base...that needed some LOVIN!
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general finishes Emerald green water based milk paint dresser makeover artisbeauty karin chudy
I wanted this dresser to POP and show off a little after being left by the curb, so I chose

first coat of paint emerald green general finishes water based milk paint painted dresser makeover

Here you can see it after just one coat!
It was starting to transform before my very eyes.
Since the hardware was still in great shape, all I did was clean those up and spray them with some shiny gold paint.
Once it was all dry, she was ready for the BALL!
emerald green eclectic bohemian chic roadside rescue painted dresser makeover before and after

While I am always happy to score free furniture, 
sometimes I wish the people who got rid of them could see how a little bit of love transformed them.
(but I still want the free furniture 😊)
Emerald Green Gorgeous Bohemian Eclectic Rescued Dresser Before and after painted makeover general finishes

This will be another dresser that is hard to part with,
but I am happy knowing that I saved another piece from the landfill.

emerald green rescued dresser makeover before and after general finishes water based milk paint boho chic eclectic decor
boho chic Emerald Green roadside rescue dresser painted makeover before and after eclectic home decor artisbeauty.net

I hope I inspired you to try out some color in your life and see how much it can transform a piece!
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Gray and Gold Distressed HoneyComb Stencilled Dresser Makeover

beat up free dresser turned gray and gold honeycomb stencilled beauty bohochic home decor makeover before and after

Welcome back my BEAUTIES! 
Sorry I have been absent so far this week. 
Soccer season has started and that means lots of running around.
Not to mention the stress of try outs and waiting to see if my daughter would be making the team..
HAPPILY she made the Varsity team, and we basically started out of the GATE with double scrimmages on Saturdays and a game under our belt already! 
I'm not even playing and I am TIRED!!
Anywhoo...what I did manage to work on was this awesome free dresser that a sweet friend of mine gave me.

The same friend that gave me this Beautiful Mid Century Mod dresser  that I made over!
They have been going through a lot also so if you have any good thoughts you could send their way I know they would appreciate it!
My friend is pretty awesome as well as her whole family, and when they had some furniture to unload they knew who would take it off their hands! :)
I love furniture donations!!! :)


This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
To get the piece started I gave it a good sanding and wipe down and then chose 
to cover the whole piece with.

general finishes seagull gray water based milk paint dresser makeover before and after
It was looking better already.
Now you know I can't leave a plain ole boxy dresser alone.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and then I remembered I had this awesome stencil!
I grabbed some gold paint and my brush and got to work.

General finishes seagull gray americana decor honeywire stencil in gold dresser makeover before and after

The dresser had some imperfections in it so I didn't want my gold paint to look to perfect or even. I stencilled on all the drawer fronts and then lightly sanded over it to give it a bit of a distressed feel. 
Once it was dry I but the original hardware that I spray painted gold back onto the dresser.
gray and gold distressed honeycomb stencilled dresser painted makeover deco art americana diy

And this is how it turned out.
I love the gray and gold color combination.
Its feels a bit classy, a bit bohemian, and mostly, FUN!

honeycomb geometic gray and gold dresser makeover bohochic distressed stencil diy before and after
When I look at it now it makes me smile.
honeycomb stencilled dresser makeover general finishes seagull gray paint deco art stencil before and after
Well that's it for this makeover!
I hope you liked the transformation.
I am going to try to squeeze in one more makeover before next weekend since we will be leaving for a fun spring break as a family.
We are needing the down time of no schedules and no ALARM clocks for a week!
Until next time,
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

MID CENTURY MOD Dresser Makeover MCM!

bassett mid century mod mcm bow front dresser makeover artisbeauty.net

Welcome back again my Beauties!
I am so excited to show you my latest makeover.
A Mid Century Mod Dresser MAKEOVER!
This makeover was more fun than usual for me because I knew this one was going to be a KEEPER before I even started. 
I have been wanting to replace my GIGANTIC Entertainment Center turned Clothing Armoire (you can see that makeover HERE) for a while now.
Over the years my room has evolved and I was wanting to go with a less shabby chic and a more modern feeling.
So when a friend who was moving offered me this beauty for FREE I knew I had found my new dresser.
While it had some issues (like this giant stain on the top, a large chunk of missing veneer on the front drawer and multiple deep scratches)
I just loved the overall shape of it and knew with a little elbow grease she could be a BEAUTY again.

This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
First thing I did was strip and sand the top.
Since these older dresser tend to have quite a bit of lacquer on the top I eventually had to pull out my Belt sander!
It made quick work of the top.
Then I just needed to sand the top with some fine grit sandpaper,
use some tac cloth to remove and residue and I could move on to re staining the top.

Since I loved the original color I decided to use Minwax wood finish in Ipswich Pine to bring the wood back to the original color.

Once it was dry I used a couple of coats of WIPE ON POLY to seal the top and the drawer front that I also sanded and stained.
general finishes seagull gray water based milk paint mcm mid century mod painted dresser makeover

Once all the wood finish was taken care of I could move on to painting.
Since I wanted to keep the dresser pretty neutral I went with a very light gray.
I used General finishes Seagull Gray Milk Paint to finish off the base and all the drawer fronts.
While those were drying I used gold spray paint to bring life back to the worn out but very mod hardware.
mcm mid century modern seagull gray general finishes dresser makeover eclectic bohemian
I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
Just changing this one piece of furniture changed the whole feel of our bedroom!
general finishes seagull gray painted mcm mid century mod curved front dresser makeover eclectic boho chic
The room feels bigger not having the huge armoire in there.
mid century mod basset bow front dresser mcm general finishes seagul gray painted makeover boho chic bohemain eclectic
And it gives me the perfect place to keep my jewelry on my vintage brass parrot jewelry holder that I got thrifting!
MCM Mid Century MOD Long Dresser basset makeover painted general finishes gray and brass
I am so Thankful that my friend thought of me when getting rid of this piece.
I hope I did it justice since had been in her family for a long time.
Until next time,
Go make something BEAUTIFUL!