Friday, August 28, 2015

Vintage "COLUMBIAS" Bicycle Dresser Makeover.

I am headed to the Randolph Street Market this morning for
our Midwest DIY Bloggers Meet up!
So I am Replay one of my favorite makeovers
for you to enjoy while I
am gone working!

Its Makeover Monday My Beauties!
I have been waiting to show you the latest makeover.
It was another one of those,
Kinda makeovers!

Sorta like this MCM desk makeover I did last week.
I knew I couldn't keep it, but it didn't stop me from TRYING to 
find a spot for it. :)

Anywhoooo, This is what we started with.
You can kind of see from the picture that the drawer edges had a little bit of damage but not too bad.
The only thing that really was a problem on this was the dang Plastic formica style top.

I had to give it a really good sanding so that the paint would be sure to adhere to it.

 Once I had done that it was time for painting.
I mixed up a custom chocolate black for the top. 
I gave it a couple of coats and let it dry.

 While the top dried I mixed up a custom green for the base.
I painted the drawers and the base with this green.

Now it was time for a decision.
Did I want to leave it as is.....or
add a little UMPH!
I think you know the answer to that.!
( This is a free graphic brought to you by THE GRAPHICS FAIRY)
Well that was done so I could use my stencil while I waited to find the right dresser to use it on.
THIS was the RIGHT dresser.
After putting on the stencil and letting it dry, 
I waxed and buffed the whole thing.
 I changed out the hardware to fit with the new look of the dresser.
 Now I think you understand why I wanted to keep it so bad.
BUT no room in the house for this piece,
so it is headed to the booth for sale.

Hopefully it will find its way to its forever home SOON!
I hope you enjoyed this makeover.
Be sure to come back tonight for the TWIRL and TAKE a BOW Link Party 
that starts at 8pm every Monday night!

Inspiration Monday

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Help you, Help ME ...Pretty Please. Favorite Projects of Summer

I normally have something to give away to you guys, but now I need my Beauties Help.
Now first let me say..
I had no idea there was going to be some sort of contest.
I generally do not sign on for these things because honestly
they make me a nervous wreck.
I am not kidding when I tell you,
when ever something of mine gets entered into a contest
I get this gunky feeling in ma belly 
and the nerves start churning.
I got an email last night from
one of the company's that I am a contributor for over
 They informed me that they decided to take all us DIY Home Expert Series bloggers 
So this is me...
Begging you...
to vote for my Desk Makeover.
Oh and to share the contest...and have your kids, your grandma, and Bob's your uncle
to vote for me.
Instead of having a picture of me BEGGING...PLEADING...and Crying I got my SMOOCH
to do some of the work for me.

You can see from her expression that she really could care less except for the fact
that if I win, she may get a few extra dog cookies at the end of the contest.

So if you could find it in your heart, I would be ever so grateful
for your vote..
and for the sake of SMOOCH.. :)
so she doesn't have to keep begging..
All you need to do is go to this LINK
Oh and  share...and share...and share...
I utterly and truthfully would 
be ever so grateful.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rescued wood turned Michigan "FALL" scrabble tiles.

 While I run around like a chicken with its head off 
getting ready for the Randolph Street Market
I thought I would replay a FALL
craft I did last year!
I hope you enjoy!

Good Morning my Beauties!
Well guess what?
It has been feeling like FALL lately here
(which means I have been freezing my tookus off)
That being did motivate me to create some Autumn Decor,
including decorating my mantle.

 While we were camping the summer (oh how I already miss summer :))
My Father in Law pulled a box of these wood squares out to burn in the campfire.
Now you all know me by now...
I looked at him and said...
"woa, woa, woa,......whatdayathinkyourdooingtherebuddy?"  :)
To which he replied.".Just getting ready to burn some kindling to start the fire."
I looked at him and said.."hang on"
I went next door to my camper and grabbed a bunch of kindling...and said..
"HERE....I am trading you"! 
He knew.....I couldn't let these perfect little square pieces of wood be burned.
He accepted my offer and I brought the wood home....
where it my garage....
My hubby was thrilled.......NOT!
He said.."what are going to do with those?"
I said..."Make scrabble tiles"
To which his reply came in the form of a NON VERBAL 
response that can only be heard by wives...
It was the sound of his eyes ROLLING into the back of his head with 
the classic "YEAH RIGHT" look on his face.  :)
 Well I took it as a challenge....I didn't know when I was going to make them.
But now I HAD to.
So one night while the hubby was teaching at the college
I stained up some of the squares to look like scrabble tiles.

Then I pulled out my Silhouette cutting machine 
and created scrabble letters out of vinyl
and for the "A" I used a state of Michigan graphic that I have 
used on other Projects. 
You can see those HERE.
Now this is the part where it almost turned into a FAIL...instead of FALL craft.
I laid out my vinyl on my squares...
as usual things were not going smoothly.
I got all the vinyl transferred to my wood blocks but they were
 not sticking for NOTHIN...
I thought...I will use some poly to spray over top of them...
Well, I didn't use the normal poly spray I normally do.
This stuff must have had some other alcohol or acetate chemical in it.
Where I sprayed over the letters it started to basically MELT..
Well, instead of scrapping them right away...I thought
I will wait this out...
I am glad I did.
I let it dry and where I had laid my vinyl there was a perfect impression
of my letters. a nice little raised edge.
So when it was all dry; I pulled off the vinyl and used 
a permanent paint pen to color the spots that were not covered in poly.
 I actually like how they turned out BETTER.
I don't have to worry about the letters peeling up.
and it fits in perfect with my Fall Mantle.
 So like I try to remember...
Be patient...sometimes just like Bob Ross says..
They are happy little accidents.

I hope you enjoyed this little fun Autumn craft.

Until next time.
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Creative Life Magazine

Hello again my BEAUTIES.
I am so beyond thrilled to 
share with you 
some more exciting news here at 
the Art Is Beauty Home.
If you remember back a few months ago 
I made over my kids old playroom and turned it into my ART STUDIO.
Well a few months after that 
I was asked by KERRYANNE 
if I would like to be included 
in her Magazine
I calmly SCREAMED yes!
So without further ado..
I would be honored if you would
head on over and 
check out what a fabulous job
Kerryanne did 
writing up such a BEAUTIFUL
article about my
Art Studio.
I am beyond Grateful and Thankful!
Thanks for making my day BEAUTIFUL!

I have been blessed beyond Measure!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Something To Talk About LINK Party and FEATURES!

  There are so many fabulous features this week.

I can't wait to see what you bring this week!.

Good Morning My Beauties!~

Its time to LINK up!

Come see who is Featured this week.


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 What's been going on at Art is Beauty.
As you know I have been busy getting ready for my Demo at the Randolph Street Market
Midwest DIY Blogger Roundup.
I have been trying to also keep up with projects around here,
Last week I showed off my themed furniture makeover. I choose to do Constellation animals  that you can see HERE
and I also am giving away tickets to the Country Living Fair.
Head on over HERE for your chance to WIN a Pair 

My Feature Picks!
You know how I am a LOVER of all things REPURPOSED!

Well my two features are both fabulously REPURPOSED items..
Come see what these wonderful bloggers did!

The first is this Chicken Coop Coffee Table...
Come see how Scavenger Chic made this coop into a Beautiful coffee table.

 Next is this Fabulous Vintage Mechanics Cabinet
Transformed by FAYSHOUSE

Like I said..Fabulous Repurposing!
Now lets see what you got!
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beat up ANTIQUE Music Cabinet turned Hand Painted HAPPY HOPPY Homebrew Bar

Sometimes a reader reminds me about an old post.
This time a wonderful reader reminded me of this
Homebrew Bar I made.
I love looking back at the pieces I did and
this for sure was a favorite of mine!

Good Morning My BEAUTIES!
I told you I would be back this week with a MAKEOVER.
This my friends was the reason I couldn't get a post up on Monday.
I have been working on this project for the last couple days.
I have been Jone-sing to put some ARTWORK
on a piece for a while now, Like some of my Older pieces 
that you can see HERE, HERE, or HERE, just to show a few.

BUT,  I just hadn't found the right piece to put it on....UNTIL
I found this gorgeous piece...:)
I happened upon it at a half off estate sale on my way home from
the grocery store.

 I perused through the spider web and dust ridden basement not finding anything.. and as I
walked into the old laundry room I saw the details of the doors..and gasped..(mostly from all the 
dust I was choking on...:)
There it was HIDDEN in a back laundry room.
So covered in years of dust and forgotten-ness that I had assumed it must not have been 
for sale, or
 I had thought it would be out of my price range, seeing as these types of pieces around here
usually are. Even in the state of it I thought they might be asking too much...
 To my happy surprise the price was only $15...
The reason being as it was missing a back first of all
and the top looking as it did.
Plus since the workers were ELDERLY, I had to carry this beast upstairs by myself.
(Lord have Mercy, that I didn't drop this down the stairs on to someone or kill myself getting it up
but I am a determined woman...and I was determined to get it home.)
But I didn't care..I was in love.
NOW mind you I am guessing it was a sheet music storage cabinet.
You can see where it had multiple shelves at one time. Now gone, and the house was filled with
old record players. So that is how I came to that conclusion.

 Now for the missing back....I had rescued this old bookcase from someones trash a few months ago.
I kept MEANING to put a back on it and paint it...
But now this piece needed a back...and this piece could still be used to save another piece of furniture's lively hood... :)
 I dismantled the shelf and started cutting. 
(I love power tools...:))
 Once I got the back on I could start 
the fun of painting.
 I decided to use spray paint on the inside since it was quick
and I wanted to get started on the OUTSIDE.
 I again grabbed a power tool; my belt sander, and sanded 
down the top smooth.
Than took care of the I LOVE YOU heart and arrow carved in the top 
and the missing part of veneer.
 I wanted a multiple layer look so I started with American Paint companys
Peacock, and a top layer of Nanas cupboard
 After all that I got to have some FREE HAND FUN!
I drew a circle and a single hop cone and leaf.
We have been HOME BREWERS for over 16 years and had just come
home from a Home Brew competition where the hubby's beer took home a SILVER.
So needless to say I was inspired by BEER! :)
 I started painting over the next couple days.
 Here it is before the distressing.
I knew that my circle wouldn't have to be perfect with the distressing
so I tried not to stress to much about that.
and Here is the AFTER.
This was such a fun piece to do
and again, it will be another that
I will have a hard time letting go of.
When it was finished I could see my Hubby's brain spinning
trying to figure out where we could put this piece.
But I told him I would just make him a sign with this
on it, since it takes up less space..:)
 Here are some dried HOP cones from the hubby's Hop harvest last year,
Along with a very old MUSKEGON BREWING bottle that my 
father in law found for us.
I realize that this post was picture heavy and
I thank you for hanging with me. :)
That is if you made it this far............
I hope you enjoyed this furniture makeover
as much as I enjoyed painting it.
Hopefully this piece will be making some other
home brewers home a Happy Hoppy Home.
Until next time;
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL
Furniture Feature Fridays