Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Boho Style Green and Copper Feathered Dresser Makeover

Welcome back my Beauties.  I know I have been absent for a while but I know that you all know the reason for that.

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If you have been following me on Instagram 
then you know what emotions I have been going through the last few weeks and whats been occupying my time. 
But I have finished with closing up my mommas house and am now home and trying to finally get into my regular routine.
One of those routines is BLOGGING, so today I am finally back with a makeover.
You can see from the top picture one of many reasons this dresser needed a makeover.
airstrike nailer diy fix on an old missing drawer glide and scrap lumber
The most prominent being the missing drawer glide.
You can see by the picture how the drawer just DROPPED down into the space of the bottom drawer because it had nothing to stop it.
I knew I could fix it pretty easily so I grabbed from the thrift shop and brought it home.

diy fix for broken drawer ryobi airstrike brad nailer
My simple fix for this problem was a piece of scrap lumber and my Ryobi Airstrike Nailer

I cut a piece of scrap wood the size of the old glide and nailed it into place. Easy Peasy!

after drawer fix using scrap lumber and ryobi airstrike brad nailer diy repair
You can see here from the side view how the drawer now sits evenly supported in place.
Once I had the drawer fixed I could move on to the fun part of the makeover....Paint.
I didn't have the time to go out and get new hardware as I was finishing this project 2 days before I left for Florida.
I decided to use Copper Spray paint and just give the old hardware a new look with a new finish.
green and copper feather stenciled dresser makeover with copper hardware makeover
While that was drying, I gave the dresser a couple coats of  a custom green paint on the base and a dark chocolate on the top.
Since I wanted to give this a BOHO vibe I decided to add some copper feathers to the fronts.
I just used a Large Feather Stencil and some Copper craft paint to add the detail to the fronts.
I LOVED how it made the dresser fronts POP!
Green and Copper has always been one of my favorite color combos! 
boho chic bohemian style michigan pine green painted copper stencil feather dresser makeover before and after artistic furniture

I am so glad I was able to save this piece of furniture and that hopefully soon it is welcomed into someones home!
before and after broken dresser green painted copper finish feather makeover
Thank you so much for sticking with me for these last few months and I hope you will keep coming back to see what makeovers I have planned for the New Year!
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Friday, November 25, 2016

The DIY'ers DREAM gift guide! Naughty or NICE!

Need Gift Ideas for yourself...??
Have a spouse that always says
"you never tell me what you want"!
Family and friends wondering what a DIY'er would even NEED????
Send them this Post and have them Making a List and Checking it TWICE!
I have made your list for you!

This post contains affiliate links which will direct you back to the products I mention.  If you choose to purchase them, I will receive a small commission but it does not cost you anymore to purchase it through the link.


 Hello my Beauties!

I have a fun post for you guys today!

I have rounded up all of my MUST HAVES that I use 

constantly in my DIY life.

These are items that all have helped me save time and got the job done when I needed it.

SO start making your list and checking it TWICE!

 The first item is the

Silhouette Cameo

 I will admit I was nervous when I first bought mine. I worried if this was going to be worth the money.

I will tell you and anyone who has learned to use theirs will as well...YES! 

I use this to make signs, decor for my family

and to create stencils to use on furniture,

like my HOME BENCH

 and my MILK AND CREAM table makeover

That Silhouette Made short work and transformed 

these pieces into quick sellers.




 Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

You know how sometimes you need to quick cut something and you don't want to pull out the table saw or miter saw.
Yeah...this baby makes it so easy to zip a piece a wood in half.
I would show you a picture but I have another post coming up where I use this so I am gonna keep that baby on the back burner ...:)

I just used this on another big project that I can't show you yet, but I can show you my cute little Feather Table I did.

I literally took me about 2 minutes to spray the whole piece. See all those little round insets?
Do you know how long that would have taken to paint with a brush??  A lot longer.
 So my Homeright sprayer is a MUST HAVE.

Black & Decker LDX112C 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

I don't need to show you the projects I have used this on because pretty much in every post you will find this baby laying around the project.

I have owned a couple drills and this baby has been the one that outlasted them all.

I have the double battery pack so when one dies I just clip in the other. It also has a tiny light when you start drilling so you can see what you are doing.

You know when you are screwing in those ding dang teenie tiny screws and you can barely see them. This drill helps so that you can see what and where you are drilling.

Honestly I couldn't live without it.

I actually rant when I can't find it and have to use a different drill..(that might get me put on the naughty list ...:))

Next up on the must haves is my

Rockwell RK4246K Random Orbital Sander 2.8-Amp Cyclonic Dust/Air Separator and Carry Case

I have used other sanders before with the little bag on the end of them..that do NOTHING.... 

You know the ones that just basically filter the dust into the air....NOT THIS BABY..

I just used this the other day and as always was flabber gasted by what it collected in that little container.

For once I wasn't covered in dust!!   

 But if you don't have one please ALWAYS be sure to have a

Toxic Dust Respirator

I can't urge you enough!

I have worn mine for years!

It doesn't look this pretty anymore, but when ever I am making a mess the first thing that goes on is this and my safety glasses.

I know so many people who have worked around harsh chemicals and particulate that suffered later  in life including my grandfather who died of black lung from being a Furniture Rubber (it means he rubbed on the stain and finish) 

There was no safety back then, but there is now and there is no REASON not to wear one. 

I mean this baby is even CUTE..

So please...be on the NICE list and get one of 

these Particulate Respirator masks

Your family will thank you down the road.


The one thing every DIY'er can't live without..

a PURDY Brush

   Yes..there are other brushes..but once you use a PURDY you will know why people love them.
They are like the diamonds of the DIY world.
Coveted by brush lovers..
(this means you clean them right away and don't let them sit a bit like you do your old ratty brushes)
(see, I am getting on the naughty list again for not taking care of my stuff) :)
SO that is my MUST HAVES List.
I am sure I could have found more, but I know everyone is busy and want to know the basics.
So now you have them.
I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday 
Season and enjoy your DIY'ing time.
See you tomorrow with another DIY makeover!!


Graphics Fairy Sheet music wreath using OLD CD

Since I have been gone in Florida getting my moms place ready to sell, I haven't had a lot of crafting time. (You can follow me on INSTAGRAM to keep up with what I have been working on) so I thought I would share an Oldie but a Goodie!
Here is one of my favorites. My sheet music Christmas wreath.!

diy craft vintage sheet music turned christmas holiday wreath
Good Monday Morning my Beauties! Well Its official...
I have caught my kids CRUD. :(  Luckily
I had gotten this project I have been wanting to do done
before the wonderful virus set in.

I have a stock pile of old sheet music that I had gotten at a bag at a thrift shop for $1.
Some of its really old and I decided not to touch that stuff, but the rest is 70's and 80's classical.
So I thought I would use those to make my wreath. BUT I didn't have a wreath form. It hit me while
I was in my CRAP/CRAFT room that I have a bunch of old scratched Cd's in there.
They are round and sturdy and I thought an added bonus that a MUSIC wreath was going to be put on an old CD :)
(Bonus if you don't have sheet music you can go over to the Graphics Fairy and
she has vintage sheet music you can print off)

I started rolling my half sheets of sheet music and hot gluing them when they were rolled.
I then hot glued them to the CD working in a opposite pattern. (kinda like how you take the lug nuts off a tire..:))

I kept adding layers and then as I wanted it fuller I cut the half sheets in half again and made a middle smaller rolled section. When that was set I went over to the Graphics Fairy and got this cute little Vintage Angel

I added her to the middle using my hot glue gun and then used a piece of some silver sprigs that I had left over from Christmas Decorating.
copied vintage sheet music craft old cd hot glue gun graphics fairy christmas holiday wreath decoration
My Christmas Sheet music wreath now hangs on my front door.

I love the adorable little greeting that she is to people coming into our home.
Well, thats all I have for today..Hopefully by the time you read this
I am on my way to feeling MUCH better.
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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 The Graphics Fairy

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vintage French Postage Table Makeover ~Themed Furniture Makeover!

This post uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
Welcome back, my Beauties!
It's one of my favorite days of the month!
Themed Furniture Makeover Day! 

Our THEME this month is "WORDS"
I was wondering what I was going to do with this months theme until this little table from the thrift shop came around!


The last few months have been a blur with everything and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to participate this month.
I was trying to get stuff ready for my booth for the Holiday season,
and get ready to go to my Moms house in Florida to get it ready to sell. Needless to say I was stressed. 
But then as I was walking through the thrift shop I spied with my little eye, this adorable vintage parlor table.
I loved the oval shape of it and the fact that it had lived a good life!
I brought it home and grabbed my sander and started taking the old scratched and grooved finish off the top.

Next I grabbed some of my new favorite Deco art color stain.
Its self sealing so I don't have to worry about putting a top coat on it! I chose to do a lighter with a darker over the top for the second coat.

Once the stain was dry I could work on the WORDS part of my project.
I grabbed this cute French Postal stamp stencil and some pearl white acrylic craft paint and put down my WORDS.

French postage vintage stamp stencil table top makeover stain color paint artisbeauty diy furniture girls themed makeover

Once I had my stencil down it was time to paint my base.
americana decor chalky finish blue paint french stencil postage vintage parlor table makeover diy furniture girl

I chose Americana Decors Chalky finish in LEGACY.
It was the perfect Blue for this table and then I finished it off with a matte varnish.

I just LOVED how it all came together!
carte postale moulin rouge paris 15 cent stamp stencil parlor table makeover stain paint diy before and after
 The tiny bit of the pearlized paint off the wood with 

This post uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
the dark blue paint.
french vintage carte postal moulin rouge stencil table top makeover diy paint stain finish before and after karin chudy

 It looks like it was always meant to look like this.
legacy blue chalky finish paint parlor table makeover diy furniture girls frech carte postal pearlized acrylic paint stencil

diy french vintage postage stamp parlor table makeover before sanding staining diy
I hope you enjoyed my "WORDS" makeover
and I sure hope you hop on over to all my friends to see what they transformed with WORDS!
Until next time;
have a BEAUTIFUL day!