Monday, July 24, 2017

Funky Farmhouse Rescued Table and Chairs Painted Makeover!

before free table and chair fixer upper makeover painted diy farmhouse style
Welcome back my Beauties! 
Sorry to be away so long but Summer is one of those times we 
suck the life out of. 
We enjoyed our hiking trip to Utah and have taken a few days to 
get back into our regular schedule.
I am still in the process of going through all of my projects from last year when we lost my Mom.
This was one of those big projects that I did and quick photographed and brought to my booth and never had a chance to post. 
You can see from the above picture it was pretty beat up.
I picked this up free on the side of the road.
Structurally it was in great shape but the finish was destroyed.
I decided to give it a face lift with some funky and fun paint colors for a Funky Farmhouse feel.

This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
wet blend gray painted table top diy farmhouse style bistro table makeover
I knew I wanted to go with a two tone just to play off the chairs from the table base.
For the top I used two different grays and wet blended them.
Working the two colors together while wet to give a slight layered finish. 

mineral painted custom color wet blend paint fixer upper diy farmhouse funky bar height table makeover

I used General Finishes custom color creator to mix up

funky farmhouse boho chic rescued table and chairs painted makeover diy bohemian

I think you will agree it transformed this beat up old roadside rescue high top table and chair set into a funky and fun Farmhouse Style set!
\roadside rescue free table and chairs custom painted makeover fixer upper diy farmhouse style
It's hard to believe it was the same set!
before and after eclectic bohemian rescued table and chairs painted makeover fixer upper farmhouse funky

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and I hope you are all having a BEAUTIFUL summer!
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Simple Stencilled Side table MAKEOVER

roadside rescue small stencilled side table makeover removing veneer stencilled diy project
Welcome back my Beauties! 
Sorry I have been so absent lately.
A year ago my Mom got sick and we lost her a few months later.
I basically have been kind of floating through the last few months trying to re navigate my life without her.
I feel like I am living in an alternate world sometimes.
Our lives have gone back to somewhat normal routine, yet something is always missing. 
What makes it hard is that I also have so many makeovers that I was working on when she got sick, so to sit down and start going through these projects is a little difficult.
It brings me back to when we were dealing with so much yet still trying to get my work done to sell at my booth.
I have to say seeing these projects is getting a little easier and I am finally ready to start showing what I was working on back then. 
Mostly because my momma LOVED a good project.
The worse it was in the beginning the better.
This is one of those projects.
removing damaged veneer simple stencilled side table makeover before and after
My father in law had picked this old sad table up out of someones trash. He wasn't sure I could do anything with it, but once he saw my face when he gave it to me, he knew it was a mistake to doubt me. :)
The veneer was in awful shape but I knew from experience it just needed a little elbow grease and that stuff would be gone in moments.
I started by prying off the loose veneer and then using the soaking method to loosen what was left.

simple stencilled side table makeover paisley mint green deco art americana decor paint
Once I got it all scraped off I could move on to making her pretty.
This post is a sponsored post or  uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
ROCKWELL RANDOM ORBITAL SANDER simple stencilled side table makeover paisley mint green deco art americana decor paint
I grabbed my 
and gave the top a good smooth sanding
rustoleum wood stain small sidetable stencilled paisley makeover before and after
Then I grabbed some 
and stained the top.
While the top was drying I painted the whole base of the table with

paisley stencil diy side table stencilled makeover before and after dumpster dive roadside rescue
Then for the fun part. I grabbed my 
PAISLEY STENCIL and using the same mint paint from the base I stencilled the top of the table.
I was in love with the dark and light contrast.
I spray sealed the whole piece when it was dry.
simple stencilled sidetable makeover paisley boho roadside rescue vintage makeover BOHEMIAN DECOR

I love how the stencil on top of the dark wood brought the whole piece together.
roadside rescue simple stencilled sidetable makeover paisley boho roadside rescue vintage makeover BOHEMIAN DECOR
I still can't believe this was the same table that someone had thrown in the trash.
simple stencilled sidetable makeover paisley boho roadside rescue vintage makeover
But as usual, those are always my favorite makeovers! 

BEFORE AND AFTER roadside rescue side table stencilled makeover boho removing damaged veneer repair staining painting
simple stencilled sidetable makeover paisley boho roadside rescue vintage makeover

I still can't believe the difference.
I also find it funny that I have never seen another table like this before.
I have seen a lot of furniture in my day, but none like this.
If you have any idea what it was called I would love to know!
In the next few weeks I will be show a few more makeovers from last summer.
It takes me a little longer to go through the pictures to edit, but hopefully I am still making my momma proud.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Almost Forgotten Outdated Vanity Makover

Hitting Replay on a favorite Makeover and THANKFUL there is no SNOW in sight!
Welcome back my Beauties.
Now as you know I do a LOT Of makeovers.
I do so many makeovers that sometimes they get FORGOTTEN.
Kind of like this little number that I did and loved.
It sold in the first two days in the booth and I think because it sold so fast 
I forgot to show the makeover.
Plus I did this makeover back in JULY...of 2015!!! 
(you will notice the nice lush colors and green of everything; in stark contrast to our March 1st snow storm that we are experiencing right now in Michigan)

So this is how I bought it.
I thought it was just a nice light stained vanity upon buying it at the thrift shop.
I thought; maybe I will put some hardware on it and clean it up and it will be just fine.

But when I got it home in good lighting I discovered that this wasn't in fact stain, but brown paint finished to look like stain. You could see the paint flecking off the top here.

So I decided to update it with a coat of General Finishes Seagull Gray Milk Paint
After 2 coats I lightly distressed around the edges to give it a time worn look, and sealed it with General finishes Satin finish.
Plus since the piece was missing the drawer hardware I decided to add these Vintage green glass knobs to the drawer fronts.
I loved how the gray and the green went together.

I also left the original gold edging peeking through to add detail to the piece.

I loved how it turned out and I can't believe I almost forgot to show you guys.
I think all the snow is starting to pack between my ears.
I need some warm sunshine to melt that up!
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
Until next time have a hopefully WARM and Beautiful day!.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Cheap and Easy FAUX ShipLap fireplace Makeover DIY for under $30

 Hello Again my Beauties!
I have such a fun DIY project for you today.
As I have been mentioning on Facebook
I decided to do some FAUX know..
Let me start this project by Reminding you what the fireplace 
I was going to be making over looked like in the beginning.

Way back in my blogging career I made over this Goodwill Fireplace.
I loved scoring this electric fireplace and mantel for only $79
and making it the center point of my living room.
But as much as I loved it, I always felt that it felt DISCONNECTED
from the room.
I had gone back and forth on what I wanted to do
but could just never make a final decision.
I had toyed with faux brick but thought it would look weird only doing a small section above the fireplace.
Then after multiple episodes of Fixer Upper
I decided to do a simple shiplap style backing.

 So over the years, this is how it looked (all the decor had already been taken down before I remembered to take the picture)
I started with my blank slate to prepare for my shiplap.

 When trying to decide what materials to use I came upon this simple and easy
I loved that it had multiple different sections, giving it more detail.
The paneling only cost $15

 I knew I was going to want to trim around the edges so I found these simple pine lattice pieces
for $5.
I only needed 2 of them in order to trim around the outside and the top of the panel piece.

Before I cut the paneling I wanted to know how wide I needed it so I decided to cut my lattice first.
This way I could visualize how wide I wanted it.
I decide to keep the ends even with the columns of the fireplace on the bottom.

I temporarily taped up the lattice so I could measure how wide I wanted the paneling cut
since I was cutting it sideways instead of putting it straight up like normal paneling.

Once the paneling was cut we nailed up all the lattice an the sides, nailed up the paneling 
and then nailed up the top lattice piece. 
This was a nice way to lead into the crown molding giving it even more detail.

Once it was all up I could use paintable caulk to fill in any gaps and give it a couple coats of paint to match the rest of the trim and fireplace in the living room.
I also lightly used a light gray paint in the ridges to highlight the different planks.
I loved how it looked and it changed the whole look of the room.
Next it was time to decorate it.
I finally had a place again in my living room for my vintage round art deco mirror that was my dads.
I placed it in the center and decorated from there.

I added all my fall harvest decor and different color metallic accents.
I love how the different metals look together.

 The faux ship lap was  one of the EASIEST and CHEAPEST projects I have ever done
and for the time and money it made a huge impact on the room.

My fireplace FINALLY feels like part of the room instead of 
a portable fireplace.
$15 for paneling and
$10 for the lattice 
and a couple bucks for panel nails and 
I had transformed my fireplace.
I hope you enjoyed this latest DIY project.
I had so much fun and was thrilled at how little time it actually took.
I have lots more makeovers coming up so stay tuned
for more DIY in the coming weeks.
Until next time,