Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poppy flowered Night stand

Here is another project that I decided that I want to put my own personal touch on.

My girlfriend gave me this nightstand that used to be her hubby's and it as is the usual with me; been sitting in my shed..:)  

Well, this weekend we got some BEAUTIFUL weather, so I painted a bunch of furniture. This is what it looked like, just painted.

Cute all on its own, but not good enough for me....:)
I LOVE poppy's...I don't know what it is about them...I just love I decided that I wanted this to have a poppy on it. I looked at tons of pictures online and got one I thought would work for this nightstand. This is not the type of picture you can "just transfer" This one had to be painted. So I got to drawing it on, and started painting.

Just so you know, artists don't always use fancy brushes and part of the center flower needed cute little perfect circles. Guess what I used for that????? A q-tip...that's right....this makes perfect little circles...:)
This is before I added more shading and distressing.....
and here she is all finished...I hope you like it....I had so much fun..listening to music and painting on this rainy windy cold day...
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!

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