Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentines decor faux mercury glass frames

While talking to some other bloggers about how to decorate for valentines day for my booth a couple of the ladies came up with some good ideas. Since this is not usually a Holiday I decorate for I was at a loss except for all the stuff the kids make at school.

Well thanks to their suggestions I came up with a fun little decoration. They had said to buy some vintage silver frames and put vintage decor in them. Well our thrift stores don't get than nice of frames in so I figured I would have to make some of my own. I got my Krylon mirror spray and some plain black frames and gave them a couple coats with it. I like how it didn't stick to all of the frame giving it a distressed vintage feel. I love how it made them look like the mercury glass style.

I then found these cute valentines printable's from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY and Miss Cutiepie Inspiration. I just printed them off and put them in the frames.

They turned out so cute and simple and gave a nice vintage Valentine feel to my mantle.

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