Monday, March 28, 2016

DIY French Wine and Wine glass carrier made from Pallets.

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Hello my Beauties!
I am so excited to be back with you to share this great Pallet Project.

Being a connoisseur of FREE things, I love to be able to make something fun and functional with pallets!
Come see how I used this FREE Food Grade Pallet to make this Beautiful French DIY Wine carrier.

Here you can see my free food grade pallet.
( I like to use food grade because they don't have the harmful chemicals in them)

 To get the pieces I needed for my wine carrier I just used my Rockwell circular saw and cut off my pieces.

Once I had all my pieces cut I laid out my design to see how big I wanted it.
You can see here I brought out an old wine bottle and my glasses to make sure I gave myself room to get these in and out of the carrier.
Once I decided on my size I made a few small cuts to even things out and then used my Ryobi Airstrike nailer to shoot some nails into to quickly hold it together.
Knowing I was going to be tying some rope as the handle I just used my drill to drill two holes in the top standing boards.

Once I had it all prepped I could stain it using my favorite color, Rustoleums dark walnut stain
and tie a handle with my sisal rope.

To "FRENCH" it up I just used an old french stencil I had laying around and 
stenciled this on the front.
I just love how rustic yet charming it looks and functional as well.

And it was all made from free pallets. 
I hope you liked this latest project.
I had so much fun creating something from a pallet laying on the 
side of a building.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Until next time,
Go make someones day Beautiful!

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