Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Did you ever have one of those "AH--HA" moments.....
Well, I did and this was it.
as I was shopping in my local thrift store today I saw these
2 wall sconces.

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They are kind of outdated a little, but still very cute.
As I was looking at them and passing them over to look at other stuff,
something just "clicked" in my brain..
(believe me that doesn't happen very often)
So I went back to them and grabbed them at 99 cents a piece
and brought them home.

I took out the wire snips and the 16 gauge wire,
only 1.69 at home depot and started
wrapping the wire...
like this

and this was what I got...notice I also wrapped the two little arm things.
It looks so cute hanging out on my patio. Sorry I didn't take a pick with it lit, but
I was just to tired to stay up late tonight to get a shot.
Plus guess what its hanging from....
an old solar lantern hanger..the old lanterns had burned out
but I had convinced my husband to save the hanging things (sorry to tired to think of actual word) :)

And there you have it....
I still don't know if  I will spray paint it or not...I kind of like this rustic look..
we will see.....

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