Thursday, July 7, 2011

French Label Dining Table

Do you ever find something and have an idea and get so "GEEKED"
you can hardly stand it?????
That was me with this project.

I found this table at my local Goodwill and knew what it was meant to look like
So I started sanding, and sanding, and sanding.
Notice in some spots I "super" sanded.???
I did this so that when I stained it the stain would really take to those spots

Then before I did anything more to the top, I flipped it over
and primed the heck out of it.

Then I stated painting the bottom with Heirloom White..
(notice my trigger for my spray paint.....Is it possible to love a piece of plastic this much?)

I then stained the top with a provincial stain, since I was going for a French Provincial look
and thanks to
I found a cool vintage label that I wanted for the top of my table.
Since I don't have any fancy machines like a
Silhouette or Circuit I have to do things free hand.

Luckily my coffee had worn off by then to let my hand be a little more steady.
This is what I ended up with.
Notice the dark spots of stain...It makes it look like an old distressed piece of wood.

Then I got to distressing the base

then finishing off with about a billion coats of Satin polly.
and this is how she turned out....
Isn't she lovely???

I think so....
Have a beautiful day!!!
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