Saturday, July 23, 2011

A little T.L.C. and you get a P.Y.T...

Remember the dumpster diving fun I had this week???
Well here is that mirror from the dive expedition...:) It had Patina...but
maybe a little TOO MUCH patina...:)
So I got to scrubbing and scrubbing and cleaning and attaching the back
a little better and look what she has become.
She is beautiful..
A little rough and damaged (aren't we all...:)) but with a little love
she just shines!!
Don't you agree????

Have a beautiful day!!!!!!
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Megan said...

what a great find!


Anita said...

She's simply gorgeous and yep, totally agree with the fact we all are a bit rough around the edges. You have a fabulous weekend too!

Janet said...

I love the shape of the mirror, what a great find!