Friday, July 29, 2011

Memo Cabinet...True Beauty

I forgot to take pictures of this cabinet before I
got so excited and started painting her..:)
She was a regular, ole medicine cabinet with a mirror in
the front. It was an light oak color and had been sitting on
the shelf at my local goodwill. I actually passed her up
and then had to go back the next day and hope she was still
there because I had remembered, (big surprise that I remembered something...hence the need
for the memo board)...:)
why I wanted it....

so I painted her a cheery orange, and I took, the mirror out and transferred to the inside.
I took the chip board that was inside and painted it with home made chalk board paint.
(which is just 1/2 cup of latex paint and a table spoon of unsanded grout)
 I thought it was a pretty clever saying if I do say so myself...and I do...:)
Look inside for true beauty...
and see....yourself....:)
BUT just don't look inside my GARAGE!!!

CAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL FIND!!!! A MESS!!!  This is me trying to price everything for my booth that I have to have done by Monday morning....UGH!!!!   Have a BEAUTIFUL day anyway...:)

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