Monday, August 8, 2011

"HAPPY HOUR" Rolling Bar cart

So, once again at my local Goodwill, I spotted this little number.
She is what I remember from a kid as being a rolling tea cart.
My mom, had a fancier one that she put her fancy tea cups on.......
that we never drank out of.

So when I saw this one, I decided it needed a little change up...

SOOOOO I got out my new 18th anniversary present....
EEEEEEKK!! so excited.

This is my
"are you feeling lucky, punk" look...:)

and I got to spraying....

and spraying.......I loved the finish on this..
and the paint was in the oops bin for only 2 bucks...HA!!!

Then I went over to the GRAPHICS FAIRY,
and printed off her corkscrew graphic.
Then I typed out "happy hour" on a piece of
paper and enlarged it.
I used transfer paper and got to painting.

Didn't it turn out great!!

I went and got my VINTAGE bar stuff and it works perfect.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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