Friday, August 5, 2011


Here is the story of a plain ole mirror. I wanted to do something to "jazz" it up. So I had recently seen a couple posts about how to make the back look vintage. Do you think I could figure out where I saw that...?????  NO! So I had to figure it out myself.

                                 So first was to get the backing off of the mirror.

Now I am missing the part where I stripped the mirror so I will try to explain it to you.  (I tried so many things that by the time I figured it out, I forgot to take pictures....:))
I tried furniture stripper, which did not work. Then remember that my husband teaches Chemistry, I tried to think what he would tell me to use. I could here his voice saying "you need and acid"....So I thought and thought....Toilet bowl cleaner......So I got out my toilet bowl cleaner wiped some on the back of the mirror, and let it sit....Now be very careful, because it is an you don't want to get it in your eyes or even on your will burn. So after waiting awhile I used a plastic scraper...(you don't want to use metal, because it will scratch the glass) and push away the parts of the silver. Then you let it sit and dry. When it is dry you can wash the mirror with water, and then clean with windex.

When I was finished with my mirror, I added some paper from Hobby Lobby to the back of the mirror.
This is how she turned out. I was going to paint the frame, but it looked so good once the mirror and paper were back in, that I thought I better leave it alone.
I hope you like it. Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

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