Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am still here.:)

Just letting everyone know that I am still here. What a crazy week it has been already and its only Wednesday. The whole labor day weekend and getting the kids back to school, really slowed down the projects this week. Add to that the hubbies birthday and another night of not finishing up projects. I was even so busy that I skimped and BOUGHT a cake. I had plans to make him a key lime pie, but by the time I could get to it, it wouldn't have had time to set up for us to eat. Oh well, he didn't mind and neither did the kids...cake is cake...and they were happy.  Hopefully today I can get back into a groove. I have a commissioned project that I am working on right now and that is taking up my time. I am hoping to finish that today....HOPING...:)  I hope all of you are having a BEAUTIFUL week. ( I say this as I have to yell at my kids for fighting over who gets to spit their toothpaste in which sink upstairs)  LOL!