Thursday, September 8, 2011

commission project # 2

Here is a table that was begging to be prettied up.
My friend Rita had this table that had been passed down to her,
but she was not enjoying the fake painted on wood grain.
(I know, painted on fake wood grain on a wood table...I will never get that whole thing..:))

So here she is getting ready to get primed...

and here she is primed...I forgot to take the picture of her once I painted her, before
I started the graphics....:) oh well....

Here is the table getting ready for its graphic. I printed out a
graphic that I liked and started measuring.

and measuring some more..:)

then I used carbon paper to transfer the image.

and got to painting...and painting...and painting...:)

I then distressed her and glazed her and finished her off with some

Since the graphic was going to be on the front leaf and Rita is going to put pictures on the top I thought the corner
embellishments would be great for framing in the frames.
Hopefully this table has many many years of being passed down to other generations.
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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