Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a taste of ART PRIZE 2011

Well I spent the day yesterday having a garage sale, working on my roadside rescue and then when everyone got home from School, We headed on down to ART PRIZE. This is the 3rd year of the open art competition in Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan and the 3rd year that we have loaded up the van multiple times and walked around to see all the BEAUTIFUL art. Last year I went down 3 times and still did not see everything.

We got to see the hanging monkeys from the bridge. The kids really thought this one was fun.

A gorgeous sculpture inside the J.W. Marriot.

This sculpture was titled "talking to the inner me" Which was basically like talking to my daughter.."mini me"

This GORGEOUS sculpture came all the way from AUSTRALIA. I got to talk to the artist and I asked him how he got it here..He said Road, Sea and Air. The top piece was flown over the bottom came over by ship and then huge trucks hauled it here....AMAZING!

There were many RECYCLED artwork which I love!

Some copper salmons...:) (which I am kissing)

Another Favorite..."dumpster diving"..OHHH an artist after my own heart.....:)

We have this guy creating his art on the spot...(he was very into it)

This guy making tiny glass people for a gorgeous glass home he puts them in.

This is my favorite artist LAUREN TAYLOR

She creates these gorgeous paintings and puts their "stories" in their faces.. I just kept going back and being drawn to these.

See these painted leaves.....they made this gorgeous mural below...this was just a taste and I will be putting more up on my face book page for people to see who can't get to this amazing event. So if you want to check out more go to art is beauty

Now you know why I didn't get any projects done yesterday....can you blame me???
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

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