Thursday, September 22, 2011

MY new chairs.

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Good Morning everyone!!! These are four chairs that I got from my sweet neighbors garage sale; well actually I wouldn't pay what she was asking so when her garage sale was done, she asked me if I wanted them. I told her I would give her 5 bucks a piece and she said..."SOLD" :) They were quite beat up and had many layers of paint. I don't know what the original was. I had planned to paint these and put them with my French sewing table to sell at my booth. But as I started painting them I thought...These would look really great at my kitchen table. We have an oak table with oak chairs and oak floors...(catching a theme here). I will still keep two of the bigger oak chairs for the ends of the table, but these will be the kids chairs.

I sanded them down and wiped them down and went against the primer...They already had so many coats of paint...I wanted the green to come through more..not the white when I distressed.

Sooo I painted and painted and painted....and here is how they turned out all done and distressed.

They are now drying with some spray poly and I am hoping when they are all done drying I will be able to get a picture up with them at the kitchen table..(GREAT!!! Now I gotta clean my kitchen...AGAIN....I just did it like...a month ago..:)

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day....and thank you so much for stopping by.

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