Sunday, October 2, 2011


Well Hello everyone! I hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL weekend. I did, but it was a whirlwind!! Friday started off busy with working the walk and roll for my kids school, going to watch my nephew for a little bit and getting a call that pretty much most of my furniture sold at my booth for their big anniversary sale, so I better get my KEESTER up there and fill it back up for the rest of the sale. So I spent Friday afternoon hauling furniture up to the second floor. ( I was suppose to be cleaning my house and doing loads and loads of laundry that was piling up in the laundry room and spilling out into the kitchen) Well my husband was not so happy about that. He kept saying "Karin, you have got to get that done". I couldn't figure out what his DEAL was, I mean it wasn't like anyone was going to DIE if I didn't do it. We had a friend coming over that night so I thought that was why he was stressing.
About an hour before our friend was suppose to be coming over and me getting all the laundry folded and put upstairs, my husband kept asking me if I was gonna get dressed? I said, "I am, I am in my sweats". He said "but Pete is coming over" and I said.."Pete has seen me in my sweats before, whats the big deal" SOOO there I sat in my sweats and Pete came over and about 10 minutes later, someone was knocking on our slider window.......................................SURPRISE!!!!! My husband was throwing me a surprise Birthday party with our friends......Yeah!! I almost did DIE of embarrassment...I had on the pink piggy slippers and everything!! :) But I figured..they are my friends...and they have ALL seen me in my sweats and love me anyway...:)
So that was my Friday...Saturday was soccer games and then back up to my booth because I got a call they were cutting a doorway where the booth next to me used to be....AAACKK!! I had to go up right away and move all my stuff. CRAZY...was there pretty much all day redoing that. Then Sunday, more busy busy...SO as you can imagine I didn't have a ton of ME time. But I did manage to knock out this cute apron. I had gotten this brand new with the tag still on it from Goodwill. $1.99....went on over to the graphics fairy, and got this cute French Chocolate graphic. Followed the instructions on my iron on transfer paper and VOILA!!!!!

Here it is!! Isn't it fun!! Now for a relaxing week.......YEAH RIGHT!!!
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL week.
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Mary said...

Wouldn't have thought about blue. Very pretty indeed. Lovely.

Kindra-At Home With K said...

I love all your furniture Makeovers! Wonderful! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today!