Tuesday, October 4, 2011

French label plant stand roadside rescue

Since it is my Mom and my birthday today, I will be gone all day with her celebrating down at Art prize one last time this year. But I didn't want to leave you without a little present..:) This is a bar stool that my husband grabbed for me out of someones trash.  He was so cute. He looked like a little kid when he brought this to me, so happy to have found something that he knew would make me happy.

Well what can you do with one bar stool you say???? Turn it into a plant stand!!! I gave it a coat of primer and a coat of antique white paint and let it dry.

I then found this old French label that I had a picture of. (I take pictures of weird things, I know) and I thought...this would be perfect to use for the FREEZER paper tutorial that I had done recently. So I printed it off in mirror image and placed it on top of my stool and VOILA!!!!
I had a cute little French plant stand that had been saved again from the land fill....Just that alone makes my heart sing!!!!!!

Well I am off to enjoy a BEAUTIFUL day with my Mom. I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day too!!!

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