Friday, February 17, 2012

Dumpster diving Bench Rescue Redo

I almost forgot about this little cutie. I finished her a few months ago and had put her in my booth and she had sold and that reminded me that I had never even posted on her...

This is what she looked like before. I got her on one of my many DUMPSTER DIVING rescue efforts.
You can see another piece from that same expedition HERE.
 Then I got to get out this awesome material that I had gotten at Goodwill for $3.99. I had no Idea what I was going to use it on at the time, I just knew that I loved the colors and design.
So I pulled off the old nasty cover that was on the old bench seat and recovered it and painted the legs with a light grayish brown. Sorry for the lack of pictures on that part...The kids were home while I was working on this project and they can be a tad bit distracting...(just a touch)  and I thought I took a picture of the in between process, but when I sat down with the computer...alas.....there were none!! So like I tell my kids...."use your imagination"  She turned out just beautiful and even sold before I could do a post. So double bonus!! I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!

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