Friday, February 24, 2012

My sisters kitchen BOOTH reveal

So here is where we are at with my sisters kitchen. My sister and her hubby bought my parents house years ago, and along with it, much of the DECOR...:)  Including some Killer wallpaper that took us about a month to remove. The house is over 60 years old so you run into many issues with this age house. We actually started removing the wallpaper last year...and it stayed like that for ....A WHILE..... then my sister got the motivation again, and we started painting her cupboards...all the while the walls sat waiting....and waiting....Well the cupboards got painted.....(mostly..) and then the walls and trim. So FINALLY it was the fun part. Now mind you, we have been "collecting" our finds this whole time.

me trying to wire the light
 One of the first things to go up was this BRAND NEW, from Goodwill ,Pendant light. It was perfect for the Retro style Kitchen my sister was going for. You see the kitchen has a BOOTH. We grew up not at a Kitchen table, but at a Kitchen Booth. I can't tell you how many of our friends would come over
when we were kids; see the booth and go......
"COOL, you have a BOOTH!!"  We thought
we were pretty awesome...:)
So being the impatient person I am, I decided that before we got to any of the decorating,
this was the first thing we needed to do...Directions said 15 minutes....?????
YEAH RIGHT.....and  monkeys might fly outta my butt!!!

So here I am taking down the old BEAUTIFUL  (I wish there was a  sarcasm font) light.
This in itself was a pain....but after everything else..this ended up being the easy part.  :)

Well after swearing in my head and under my breath and sweating like crazy, I decided to let my sister have a crack at it...The old bracket couldn't be used so we had to use the one from the new light, which of course did not fit with the fitting space that was allotted in the original light after trying and trying to make a bunch of things work, we finally managed to puncture some more plaster and get just enough out to get the new fitting in. I finally got back on the table and got it to work...

Here is me finally getting those DANG screws lined up so I can see if it even works now !!!!

TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yea Haw!!!!! it works!!!!!

Now on to decorating....we had found these really cool vintage plates at Goodwill for 99 cents a piece.
They still had the Woolworth stickers on them.  Don't they look great????  But don't get used to them...we only had them up temporarily and the flower plate on the left...(plastic by the way) fell and broke......WAHHHHH....No tears were shed, but we were both saddened...they looked perfect there...SOOOO If any of you know where we can find another plastic Woolworth Blue flower platter...I am sure my sister would love to talk to you..:)

We quickly got over our sorrow for the moment and got onto my sisters vinyl wall clock that we had gotten last year at Goodwill...These sold for 29 bucks originally and we got it for $9.99

So we got to putting up the numbers and all the other vinyl.....

and then "we put a bird on it"...:) 
Don't they look cute perched on top of the back of the bench and above the light switch...(the light switch is a homework project my sister is suppose to be working on., she is going to cover it with scrap book paper)
SO THERE YOU GO!!  That is what we have accomplished so far...Hopefully we will have more to show you soon when motivation hits us again..:)  I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

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Linda said...

Wow it all looks great but I'm really loving the clock and birds.

RitaD said...

It looks like so much fun. My Grandpa had a breakfast nook in his house so I have always loved booths/nooks. I think one would be great in my daughter and son-in-law's house. You might drop a hint in their direction. :-)

Art Is Beauty said...

oh Rita! you know how much your son in law loves taking advice from anyone...let alone me..LOL!!! :)

Blue Velvet Chair said...

Uh, don't you have a sister in Sweden that needs her dining room done?