Wednesday, February 29, 2012

French flower market "Le Marche aux Fleurs"

Here was a fun project I did all the way back in OCTOBER...Hee hee...kinda forgot about it...:)  I usually upload a bunch of pics and then put them into drafts and this among a couple others kinda got lost in the shuffle.

I had gotten this old "holly hobby-ish" sign and I just loved the shape of it...but the painting was MEH!! 

So, I gave it a coat of gray paint and then distressed it, so that some of the wood was showing through. I had taken a picture of the yellow paint with the Elmer's glue all...but It disappeared...:)  You can see that original tutorial HERE

It really is quite fun, when you put the wet paint down you quickly brush Elmer's glue all over it and when the paint dries, it crackles...:)
So here you can see it is already crackled and I am working on transferring my "French Market" using carbon paper.

I then painted on the letters and then hand painted a quick little Rose on the bottom. I then gave her a nice staining and distressing.  I just love how she turned out and fits perfect in my house! I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and that you have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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