Saturday, May 5, 2012

First EVER weekend Wrap up!

I have never done a wrap up before, So I thought today would be
the perfect day to try one. It is really fun to look back and see what I accomplished this
week and maybe inspire you to try one of these projects.
This week I painted my Late Summer tree. Since it is an oil painting it takes
a long time to dry so its still curing as we speak. You can see that post HERE.

For my Graphics Fairy Monday I did a fun Freezer Paper transfer on an old tray.
You can see that fun Tutorial HERE.

Since Last Saturday, we finally finished our stairs. I am still loving walking around the corner
and seeing the steps with their new runner. You can read all about that FUN time HERE.  :)

And last but not least. One of my favorites. My roadside rescue desk and chair. This whole set was FREE. My favorite 4 letter F word...:)  So I spent a little more on the finish by using Ce Ce Caldwell paints. I am so happy I did. Its such a happy little set. You can see that transformation HERE.

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL weekend. I don't see us getting much done around here since
our weekends are usually filled with lots of family and kids activities. So I look forward to seeing you next week. Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend.
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Unknown said...

Karin, I love how your stairs turned out! So frustrating yeah when it takes so much longer than you anticipate. Lining things up is an easy concept in our mind but the physical application of it always seems to be larger and more tedious than imagined. Regardless of that and the other obstacles you endured last week - they rock!!

Eclectically Vintage said...

I have got to try that freezer paper transfer - love the tray! And that stair runner rocks!

Shannon Fox said...

Love it. That way, I can make sure I didn't miss a post =) Still need to try my hand at that transfer technique. I am such a big chicken ;)