Friday, June 1, 2012

Finished Sunflower oil painting for the freshly painted kitchen

So as you all know, I have been working on my kitchen. I painted the bottom cupboards,
and painted the walls. Well then I needed to redecorate, and that meant I needed
a new painting for the kitchen.
So I woke up early this morning and started drawing out a painting
before the kids had even left for school.

It was raining AGAIN! That is when I decided I wanted SUNFLOWERS for my kitchen.

I laid down my thinned down oil paint for my impasto painting. Once I got that down
I could start painting.

Stuff and Nonsense
once I had my first layer down I could start my IMPASTO layer. I wanted
my background to be more blue, so this is where I got to put my blues down.

Now I get to have SUN all the time!  I have to be careful to not show too much of the kitchen, since
I am doing the reveal next week. :)

I hope you enjoyed a little walk through my oil painting and I hope
it makes you feel sunny and warm too.
Have a  BEAUTIFUL night.
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